Map of Unrest, Country by Country

I was struck today by this news report HERE which gives a summary of the recent unrest, country by country, and the map at the very top looks eerily like the map on my website in the section where I shared an old dream of world events. You can compare the two maps and the additional comment about the Yemen (now coming up as the next area of unrest) at THIS PAGE


8 thoughts on “Map of Unrest, Country by Country

  1. No i don’t mind, it’s a good read. The documents are not far fetched, backed up by historical facts, cultural analysis, current events, common sense, and of course biblical scripture.


  2. Hi Cary, I’m sure Jason wouldn’t mind you reposting his link but I can’t speak for him for certain – as for the Solar Eclipse article and link to my website, sure go ahead – many thanks!


  3. According to Joel Rosenberg former aide to Israel’s Prime Minister “Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is telling the people of Iran that the Twelfth Imam is managing the the revolution now underway in Egypt and in various parts of the Islamic world, and that “the final move has begun” to destroy America, Israel and the influence of the Western powers in the epicenter.


  4. The words “If you want freedom, you must use your freedom to fight for it” sound very much like the mantra coming from the middle east today don’t you think?


    • I think maybe you can take this (at least) two ways, because we also have the freedom to fight against oppression and the control of militant regimes; but it can be applied in a number of ways. Only time will tell exactly how it applies!


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