Christ’s Church Shaken??

Like everybody else, I’m shocked by the events in Christchurch New Zealand. Maybe I should just put it down to random disasters, having no spiritual significance, but somehow I cannot. New Zealand and also Australia seem to be suffering one disaster after another – can we forget the 29 miners who died underground in November last year? [Yet in Chile, 33 were rescued after a long battle to reach them.] This photo of the landmark Christchurch Cathedral in ruins seems to say something to us all – but exactly what?

Many have pointed out the coincidence of the city’s name: Christchurch. Is God finally saying “enough!”  to the goings-on inside many charismatic, pentecostal AND episcopalian churches? I know nothing about the condition of the churches of New Zealand, but I find it hard to believe they are in the right place with God. After all, Christchurch was shaken by an even larger earthquake in September 2010 but nobody was killed and the church buildings survived. Afterwards, Andrew Strom’s ministry tried to organise a public thanksgiving there with worship and praise to God for his mercy but despite the encouragement and support of the local councils, radio stations  and other secular bodies, the churches flatly refused to cooperate.

2 thoughts on “Christ’s Church Shaken??

  1. Tricia, you are spot on. I am an Aussie from Adelaide (a ‘sister city’ to Christchurch) and came home lunchtime of Feb 22nd (my wedding anniversary, so I will never forget!) to see on the TV the terrible destruction happening in Christchurch. As I sat dumbfounded I felt the Lord say very clearly that ‘Christ’s church is being shaken, so that only those things which cannot be shaken will remain (Hebrews 12:27).’ It is significant that in the Christchurch quake of September 2010, the CBD and church buildings were untouched, yet only a few months later, they are both ravaged. I believe this is a ‘sign of the times’ – a warning from the Lord not to trust in either the economic, or religious edifices of man. And of course, if we don’t get out of these ‘buildings’ we will suffer harm, possibly even (spiritual) death.

    This event more than any other signifies a warning from the Lord that the institutions we call ‘Church’ are now so infected with apostasy that there is no solid foundation left in them. They will fall, and cause spiritual death to all who are inside them.

    I have shared this with many Christians, all of whom ‘agree’ with me, and then turn around and continue within their institutions as if nothing has changed. Will the Lord’s people never learn? Do the lessons of ancient Israel mean nothing? Why, oh why can they not see that NOW is the time to come out of Babylon – for ‘later’ will be too late!


  2. I too am shocked and incredibly saddened by this terrible situation in Christchurch. Having lived there myself for 3 years I find the news particularly upsetting and am praying for the lovely Christian friends I have there and for all those who are going through so much grief, distress and hardship in the aftermath.

    I too am sure that such events are not insignificant spiritually. It was sad to read Andrew Strom’s message about the lack of response to his organising a public thanksgiving there last year.

    (BTW the photo you have used is the Catholic cathedral, not the iconic Anglican cathedral in the central Cathedral Square that lost it’s tall spire.)


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