Best Spam of the Week

This week things haven’t exactly been cheerful. I planned to write about the fake comet alerts and the Ides of March nonsense, but I got so bogged down in conspiracy theories of various kinds that I decided to go for something lighter.  I thought I’d share with you my selections of the funniest fake emails I’ve received for the past couple of weeks.

I might make this a regular feature of the blog, so please you spammers – make them hilarious! Many of them are already very funny, like the ones with all the spam text pasted into the subject line.  Or the ones that are sent out to  “Dear [NAME HERE]”. (If you’re going to become a spammer, at least learn how to do it properly).

Please contribute your own most hilarious fakes, but JUST the plain text please. Delete anything like web links and email addresses that would actually advertise their products for them.  Click on these to open them in a separate window:


One thought on “Best Spam of the Week

  1. Those are classics, but here is one i received today.

    !Compliments of the day to you.
    It is with sincere and profound happiness to write to you this day as i saw your profile, however am Cynthia by name, how are you hope you are fine, I did saw your profile at [chatroom] and took intersest in it,if you do not mind i will love to know you and if you are the kind of man am thinking about,please send me a mail on my private email included, so that i will tell you all you needs to know about me and a picture of myself.i do believe distance and colour will not be a barear between us, hoping to read from you as i wait for your mail ,thanks and God bless .
    Best Regard,

    (I can hardly contain my enthusiasm.)


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