King in Waiting; will the Queen abdicate?

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Ever since I heard about the forthcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton I have been saying this: not long after the wedding the Queen will step down in favour of her grandson and his wife.

The current state visit to New Zealand and Australia by Prince William, on behalf of the Queen – plus some very popular walkabouts by the couple recently – have all added to my conviction about this.

In order to crown William as king, the Royal Family would have to find a way round one seemingly unsurmountable obstacle, Prince Charles, who is next in line for the throne.

But it does seem to me that the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh have picked up on both the public feeling about Camilla (Charles’s wife) and Charles’s own reluctance to rule. After all he is aged 63 and has settled into a contented and subdued lifestyle after the trauma of Diana’s turbulent life and death. That is to say nothing about public and insider worries over Charles’s new-age and interfaith beliefs.

The British public adored Diana, rightly or wrongly, and were never that keen on having a divorced second-best as Queen. Also, the malcontents fussed over her being divorced. Plus, what hope would there be of royal children from a pair in their sixties?

However, the brightest star to rise recently has been loveable, accessible William who is in touch with the 21st Century. The couple have definitely got the AWWWW factor judging by recent news footage. It’s as if they are being groomed for greater things and their popularity is being tested in advance.

I would guess that after the royal wedding there will be a pause to make sure a child is on the way swiftly followed by the Queen’s announcement. She and the Duke have visibly aged  – she will be 85 this April – and surely she cannot want to go on with her tiring public agenda for much longer.

So, if we have a new king by the end of the year remember…YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!  🙂


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