Andrew Strom in Hospital with Malaria

Andrew Strom, respected Christian blogger and minister, has contracted malaria while travelling abroad. Please pray for his recovery from this life-threatening disease. This report was given by his wife Jaqui:

Andrew recently visited Papua New Guinea where he had a wonderful and encouraging time. God was moving and many were baptised and received the Holy Spirit. Milne Bay Province, where Andrew was ministering, is the seat of witchcraft in PNG.

Less than two weeks after his return to Melbourne, Andrew began to experience fevers and chills. This continued for about six days.  Although we had visited the Doctor and been advised to wait a while, it began to increasingly trouble us that Andrew was not recovering, as he is hardly ever sick.

As the situation worsened, we felt he should have blood tests done at the hospital. Sadly, it was discovered that Andrew has Malaria which, as you probably know, is a serious illness. Andrew will remain in hospital for a number of days.

We would greatly appreciate your prayers for a speedy recovery!

God bless you,
Jacqui Strom
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