Harold Camping responsible for massacre of Christians in Vietnam

NOTE: This slaughter is confirmed by reports from International Christian Concern (‘persecution.org’) and other sources. Harold Camping’s false prophecy from earlier this year caused hundreds of Hmong people to be slaughtered. Below is a new report from Jacob Prasch in the actual region describing how it happened:

-by Jacob Prasch.

As most of you are aware I am at this moment in North Vietnam helping the much persecuted Hmong people of the tribal mountain areas.

After listening to a translation of Camping’s prediction 7,000 of these people (known in The West as Montagnards) gathered on a mountain praising God – their suffering at the hands of the Communist regime was supposedly about to end because Jesus was returning that day in May to establish a new kingdom.

The police and military police slaughtered many of them at gunpoint beheading two pastors. Others were arrested. I am told by Hmong pastors that so many were shot dead that they were buried in mass graves bulldozed over in an episode that I read about in Britain but did not understand the magnitude of until I got here. I am now trying to clean up the mess at the request of local Hmong leaders.

I spoke to a secret convocation of Hmong pastors only yesterday who came to Hanoi, explaining to them about false prophets and false teachers.

Due to a combination of poverty, ignorance, and persecution these poor Christians don’t understand much so they believed Camping’s shortwave broadcast which is how most get their teaching in a certain village area with heavy persecution. Their families don’t know if their missing loved ones are among the many shot dead, among those arrested and imprisoned, or among those from the 7,000 hiding in the jungle.

I am not the nicest guy in the world let alone the best Christian and I can’t pretend to be. But anyone who had to deal with the confusion and devastation I am dealing with now due to Harold Camping would also blow their top. These people already suffering for their faith in Jesus had it bad enough. They are not like the undiscerning whackos in The West who should have known Camping was a crackpot and a proven false prophet & false teacher.
This is a persecuted church who just had no means to know any different. This is why I get angry at those who deceive the Body of Christ and why I warn so much about false teachers and false prophets. It may be an extreme case but these people, some of them children, were shot dead. Of course we can blame Satan and the communists but their blood is on the hands of Harold Camping and his Family radio. Women without husbands, children without parents, husbands without wives – thank you Family Radio; thank you Harold Camping.

Frankly, this has been a rough week for me. One of the worst I ever had. I am up to my eyeballs in muck trying to explain to tribal pastors how to explain to their people why their families were massacred needlessly and trying to advise them how to potect their flocks from such wolves in the future…

The anguish of the Hmong folk took my concentration off of my own problems… because their problems are so much greater after what they refer to as ‘the mountain massacre’ due to Harold Camping.

Please pray for these people and the work of Moriel Asia branch here among the Hmong. We are trying to get 5,000 outlawed Hmong Bibles printed or smuggled in via Laos.

Where does it end?  These people are suffering terribly while Camping is still in business in Oakland, California – as usual telling more lies…  Come Lord Jesus.

16 thoughts on “Harold Camping responsible for massacre of Christians in Vietnam

  1. Hi Roger,
    This blog is moderated and believe me, garbage is removed, but it’s a hard line to draw between reasoned debate, genuinely-held opinions and simple ignorant diatribes. I will not delete every message that disagrees or objects to what I post, because that would be control not moderation. (Also, the system is that once you have had one comment approved you can then freely comment, which perhaps is not the best method…) however, be that as it may, I decided to give Mark an opportunity to explain himself. But I won’t allow senseless disagreements and arguments to develop. I’ve been running forums long enough to know where that goes 🙂


  2. Brothers and sisters in Christ,

    Please do not try to reason with a fool. I am surprised that this blog is not monitored to remove such garbage. This is not the place for meaniingless debate. Let’s stay focused on how we can encourage and comfort one another as we seek to bring relief to the persecuted church in Jesus name.


    • Mark, what is your evidence for this story being a “lie” ? Are you saying that Jacob Prasch isn’t in Vietnam or that for some wierd reason he makes up stories to circulate? Especially about something so horrendous. This is quite a serious accusation of a Christian brother and minister so I think you ought to tell us what, other than your own feelings, you base this on.


  3. Barracuda, if someone sets off a fire alarm as a prank, that results in people getting injured, or killed in the ensuing panic, then they are accountable by law for their actions and the results. Even non-believers recognize this as morally correct, so yes, Harold Camping, along with any other false teacher/false prophet is absolutely responsible for the damage they do. Moreover, the Word of God makes it very clear, that those of us who are aware of such falseness and do nothing to warn people of the danger, are also responsible before God.
    Even the unbelievers charge people with negligence if they know of a potential danger, but do nothing about it, resulting in death or injury.
    This is not a strange concept really.


  4. Thank you for this information, I definitely had to share. Harold Camping’s false prophecies and teaching are more far reaching than we could have realized, and w/ much , greater devastation than the isolated incidents we read about here in the States, although all were truly heart-breaking. After his “failed doomsday prediction”, I would watch him continue to convince listeners that he made no mistake, just that GOD had not revealed everything to him., He had someone in his camp say that it was a spiritual shaking of the whole world. He jumped on that w/ great enthusiasm, and kept building on yet another false teaching. People were calling in, angry, sad, crying, and many still believing. He would always sit there in arrogance and fake humbleness, claiming GOD was opening his “spiritual eyes” slowly, and not all at once. GOD does NOT work in that manner, and never has. All I would do is just pray and pray for those callers, and that GOD would remove him, and have mercy on his soul. Although GOD may not have caused Harold Camping’s stroke, He surely did not prevent it. I sincerely hope and pray that this false teacher will use this time to repent, seek forgiveness, and return to the truth of GOD’s Word! I agree, “Come, LORD Jesus!!!!!!”


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  6. so let me understand this. the looney who made the claim is to be held responsible for the actions of the north vietnamese military police?? that makes as much sense as the original prophecy.


    • barracuda, I think you missed the point. Perhaps you didn’t realise that Christians in Vietnam have to be hidden and meet very secretly. Otherwise they would daily be suffering this kind of attack. The so-called prophecy brought them out into the open because they believed (wrongly) that they would be removed from harm. In the event they were not and had exposed themselves as secret believers all for nothing. THAT is what Camping is responsible for.


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  8. My prayers go out to Jacob Prasch at this time. Lord grant him your strength and health in what must be very difficult circumstances, and may these people be delivered from such false prophets as Harold Camping,and the lies they spread.


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