False Apostles Approved By State

NAR Founder C. Peter Wagner Honored by Delaware Legislature

C. Peter Wagner, founder of the New Apostolic Reformation, sent out an email yesterday announcing that he had recently been in Delaware for the commissioning of several new apostles.  Wagner wrote that, when he arrived, he was surprised to learn that “a good bit of field work had been done to assure the approval of the State of Delaware.”

In fact, Wagner reports that he was given a commendation and the key to the city of Seaford by its mayor and even received a tribute from the city council, the state Senate, and the state House that was personally read by the local state representative:

As part of the ceremony, I was officially welcomed as an apostle and authorized to help commission apostles to the state. The mayor of Seaford (a committed believer) read the Commendation from his office and presented me with the key to the city. This was followed by a Tribute complete with the seal of the Sussex County Council, a Tribute with the seal of the Senate of the State of Delaware, and a Tribute from the House of Representatives of the State of Delaware read personally by the representative of the district.

I could not help but feel that this event, held in our first state, could well have been historic. For the record, I feel I should transcribe the document from the House, elegantly inscribed on 8 1/2″ x 14″ parchment-type paper and encased in a folder:

State of Delaware House of Representatives. Tribute. Be it known to all that the House of Representatives recognizes Dr. C. Peter Wagner As an Apostle For the Occasion of Commissioning Apostles in the State of Delaware. On this special day of the Commissioning Service, we honor Dr. C. Peter Wagner for his many years of faithful service to the Lord of Heaven and Earth, and the advancement of His Kingdom. ‘These things says He who is holy, He who is true, He who has the key of David, He who opens and no one shuts, and shuts and no one opens: I know your works. See I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it.” Rev. 3:7.’ The House of Representatives extends its sincere congratulations and directs this tribute to be presented on this 19th day of January 2012. (Signed) Robert F. Gilligan, Speaker of the House; Richard L. Puffer, Chief Clerk of the House, Representative Daniel B. Short, Sponsor.

UPDATE: The Delaware House Democratic Caucus has sent me an email clarifying the status of this “tribute”, explaining that they are done solely at the discretion of individual members and therefore do NOT represent an endorsement by the Delaware House of Representatives:


The Delaware House of Representatives has become aware of a misunderstanding surrounding a tribute recently sponsored by a member of the Minority Caucus and presented to Dr. C. Peter Wagner, a leader in the New Apostolic Reformation.

The following is a joint statement from House Speaker Robert F. Gilligan, House Majority Leader Peter C. Schwartzkopf and House Majority Whip Valerie Longhurst:

House and Senate tributes were established more than 15 years ago as a more cost-efficient and less time-consuming way to honor individuals and groups for various accomplishments. Prior to this process, each chamber had to vote on each individual resolution.

The tribute process was devised to handle items that do not require the vote of the full House or Senate. These topics include but are not limited to:

deaths, attaining the rank of Eagle Scout, 50th wedding anniversaries, 100th birthdays, congratulating local sports teams and recognizing the accomplishments and milestones of individual members of the community, nonprofit groups and civic associations.

More than 1,000 tributes are requested each year by the 41 members of the House.

Under the House tribute process, each individual Representative is responsible for making a request on behalf of his or her constituency.

Discretion for what constitutes an acceptable request is left to each individual Representative rather than subjecting each tribute to a review that could be interpreted as partisan or vindictive. The Speaker of the House is elected by the entire House and his signature appears on each tribute.

That signature is a formality and is electronically applied.

To be clear, in no way does a tribute represent nor should it be interpreted as an endorsement by the Delaware House of Representatives. The House does not vote on tributes. They are requested and sponsored by a specific Representative or Representatives.

Unfortunately, Dr. Wagner seemingly has mischaracterized the intent of this tribute to be an endorsement by the Delaware House of Representatives. We want to be absolutely clear that the House of Representatives does not endorse Dr. Wagner or his organization.

Additionally, the Delaware House of Representatives does not endorse any religion or present one above another. It is not uncommon for individual Representatives to request tributes to honor members of the religious community much in the same way that nonprofit and civic groups are recognized. Multiple faiths have been recognized through these tributes throughout the years.

Any questions regarding this specific tribute should be directed to the Representative who requested the tribute, Rep. Danny Short, and the House Minority Caucus at (302) 744-4184.

5 thoughts on “False Apostles Approved By State

  1. It truly is hard to be believe that a state in the USA would endorse these self-appointed (as opposed to God-ordained) false apostles [II Cor 11:1-15]. But this appears to be more evidence of the outworking of the eventual fulfillment of Rev 13:16 – with a global government being an obvious prerequisite.


  2. This is so embarrassing. I live 4 miles from Seaford. We are usually fairly isolated from the smelly swamps of bad theology here on Delmarva (not that we don’t have any at all) , but how Wagner got this close to us, I have no idea.

    Very embarrassing.


  3. Thanks for posting this . Around the states, here in America, this is what is transpiring. Dutch Sheets, Cindy Jacobs, Chuck Pierce , Peter and his wife Doris Wagnor, just to name a “few” of the main players of this, have literally infiltrated not just a few, or even a few hundred. There are more and more big named ministries that are on the “list” w/ these people that are “known members” that belong to their cult club. It used to just be a few and somehow that few snowballed and now they have mingled and mixed w/ one another and then taken / (after observing someone for months ) they have “knighted” a couple, usually older, but not always, to be spiritual mothers and fathers. It can be a couple or just a person that has lost their spouse. They take these people, groom them, “personal prophecy over them” and tell them grandeosa things , most lies, but then they (the NAR/Dominionists folks) bring them on as guest speakers to these conferences, these group meetings and they are now the “spiritual leaders ” that have “all the answers that the dominionists tell them to say. I have watched not just a few but dozens being scooped up like this. Most of the time they (these now spiritual fathers and mothers) are well known in their city or area and they are willing to have a 24/7 prayer intercessory group in their building or home area. They have meetings that literally use combattive marching but they call it (praising the Lord and warring for the Lord) bringing in the troops (groups) They sometimes use drumming , and then I have watched as they literally march in place to the drumming and the so called dancing for the end times and the frontline warriors.

    The music is sometimes played by a band that has been “prophecied over” there are testimonies, there are healing ceremonies and lots of laying on of hands and more prophecying and end times battle to come. There is also like a pep rally w/ these spiritual leaders and ministry leaders and then there is repetitive music and words said over and over again not just for a few moments, but more like 10-20 minutes w/ refrains of the battle portion. As I have watched and come away from all of this, it is now what we know as “contemplative prayer” new age style w/ a twist of enough bible in it to make it look like a “christian event” In reality it is a lure and even a hypnotic gesture of false and deceptive acts and man is leading it though they make it look like it is Holy Spirit and the Lord Jesus Christ. —–

    BEWARE IT IS NOT!!!!!!!

    Too many “behind the scenes” is happening and churches and groups are getting more and more into this , under the guise of bringing everyone into harmony , unity and love one another and we must pray for one another. But there is no repentance, no rebuking no asking for forgiveness of their sins, and it is all about “we must save America” and “repent” But the problem is they are looking for a gathering of repentance NOT a personal repentance. Repentance is not something that you can do for others , the one in sin has to be the one to repent and ask for Forgiveness to those they have sinned against and especially to our Lord. AND THEN THE REAL TEST is that you renounce it all and do NOT fall back into the habits and truly that is TURNING AWAY from it all. But they do not do this. And this is all about THEM and WHAT THEY ARE DOING for GOD TO BRING in THE LORD JESUS. THAT IS NOT BIBLICAL. —- There is mixture of New Age, Emergent, Contemplative , and dominionism , all mixed up and they are truly merging together. And bringing guest speakers into the churches, (that always sound good) that do a wonderful motivational speech and then people think this is the way it is to be, because then the leaders are rubbing shoulders w/ these folks behind the scenes and there is more mixture , because then they go to the conferences etc.etc.

    God help those that truly want to SEE HIM, NOT what these folks are peddling. Our hearts and minds must be upon our LORD as the days truly are darker and though this has been going on for decades, it spreads because of the electronic (internet etc.etc.) boost. More and more are getting deceived and many think that it is the Truth .

    Thanks Tricia for posting this.


  4. Jesus said, “Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets.” Luke 6:26 (KJV)
    It must please Wagner that he now has legislative authority to do his work. I wonder if he has the same standing with God concerning His work.


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