The Unnoticed Conspiracy: Food Faddism

Speaking about the last days of mankind, the bible says there will be at least two major signs – keeping people from marrying, and commanding people to abstain from certain types of food.

1 Tim 4:1-5 Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron, forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from foods which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth. For every creature of God is good, and nothing is to be refused if it is received with thanksgiving; for it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer.

As to hindering marriage, it’s a fact that in America marriage has sharply declined over the past 50 years, from 68% of 20+ being wed in 1960 versus only 26% of the same age group in 2008, according to a 2010 study from the Pew Research Center.

And in the UK less than half the population is married and one in six couples are cohabiting. Sixteen million Britons are “singletons” whether they have a casual partner or not. (We used to call this “sleeping around”.) A Office for National Statistics report said: One of the main reasons for the decrease in the married population and the increase in the single population is the growth of cohabitation by unmarried couples. (source)

Add to this the Government’s financial penalties for married couples, and their refusal to support the Married Couples’ Tax Allowance, plus the clear advantages of claiming single benefits as opposed to couples’ benefits, and the Government has officially authorised this decline in marriage. So, while marriage is still legal and not “forbidden” the reeducation of society has produced the same result that the bible predicts.

A Change in Diet

But how many realise, also, that the “forbidding of meats” has also taken place in a universal and dictatorial regime of dietary control that is causing devastating changes in the health of the world’s population?

In the decades following the social upheaval of the 60’s, at about the same time as many other profound changes, the dietary habits of this country were criticised a new regimen came in. Out went honest plain fare – meat and two veg dinners (with the fat left on), butter, full-fat milk, bacon and eggs, fish and chips fried in lard – the food that we and our families knew for generations (somehow miraculously managing to stay alive thereby!).

Slowly slowly, so as not to be too obvious, substitutes appeared like margarine, soya protein, tofu, aerosol spray-on cooking lubricants. and a range of artificial sweeteners.

Also, we saw the arrival (strongly promoted by doctors and health advisers) of skimmed milk, bran, low-fat spreads, bean sprouts, hummus and a whole range of wholegrain products. Previously unheard of grains like spelt and millett were introduced. Spelt is the new celebrity grain, and it has gone from curiosity to must-have ingredient in just five years. Spelt bread, cereals, biscuits and flour are piled high in health-food shops, and even supermarkets are catching on. Before, it was widely considered only good for animal feed.

Soy Beans: nutritious or deadly?

Soya too has become the food of the masses, and even if you are not disposed to drink soya milk or eat it raw, you cannot avoid its presence in almost all processed food these days. Yet the soy bean is not a natural health food! Studies have shown it to contain dangerous toxins that disrupt the body’s hormones, yet it now exists in 60 percent of what we eat!

After finding out about the disruptive plant oestrogens in soya, one researcher says, “My next thought was: what about children who are fed soya milk?” He calculated that babies fed exclusively on soya formula could receive the oestrogenic equivalent, based on body weight, of five birth control pills a day.

PLEASE read this Guardian Newspaper article on the subject:

Nobody Dares to Disagree

When the dietary changes were introduced, there seemed not one dissenting voice. Every illness and disability received the same universal advice: avoid coffee, do not eat red meat or dairy produce, and eat lots of fruit and vegetables, whole grains and pasta.

I saw this advice trotted out so often that I used to imagine it would be used for a broken neck as well.

Incorrect Causes

The official line for justifying all this was a supposed increase in heart disease. It had been concluded (wrongly as it turned out) that eating fat and cholesterol led to obesity and clogging of the arteries. So these ghastly substances became the demons we all had to forsake. (Conveniently forgetting the role of sugar in many diseases.)

Lurking behind this change however was a more sinister agenda that brooked no argument. In fact, it showed all the same rabid hallmarks as the politically-correct campaign towards world unity and equality (see my previous post). And it was just as aggressive in its opposition to rebels, as I was to discover.

My Own Story

I myself was caught up in these changes and obediently changed my diet, thinking I was doing the best for my health. Like many others, I found my health declining as a result, and eventually I developed gallstones and type 2 diabetes. These were not, as is commonly believed, a result of eating fat. On the contrary, they were actually the RESULT of following the new low-fat, high-sugar, high-carbohydrate guidelines!

The month of my diagnosis

For the first time in my life I began to put on weight, even though I ate the same number of calories (or possibly fewer). I started to feel tight round the middle, gassy and bloated, and frequently tired. I felt sluggish, and was always hungry. My digestion was always out of sorts. I had migraines.

In fact, my history of the new diet was almost exactly the same experience as John Nicholson who writes here of his change from a dedicated vegan, to a full-fat eater, with photographic proof of the result. (And not as you might suppose!)

The panic of being diagnosed as a diabetic at that time spurred me into action, and I needed advice. But the doctor at my surgery knew next to nothing about how to control my high blood sugar and when I asked the practice nurse what I should do, she shrugged her shoulders. Another told me “once you have diabetes it will just get worse. There’s nothing you can do.”

I was given a leaflet that told me that I should “eat healthily” and that meant – no prizes for guessing this – yes the same old low-fat, wholegrain, pasta and veggie regime that I’d been eating before. Advice to diabetics (to my astonishment) did not include eating less sugar. (It would have been difficult anyway, since low-fat processed foods added more sugar to make up for the change in taste.)

Not willing to sit idle, I then sourced the internet for help. After looking at all the official sites, I found a few that contradicted the advice I’d been given. These few rebellious researchers had looked into the so-called scientific data on which the new diet was based, and exposed much of it as biased or completely wrong!

Early Success

Many of them pointed out that a cardiologist in the 1970’s – himself alarmed at the increase in obesity and heart-disease – had devised a very effective way of eating that saw many saved from ill-health, and it was the exact opposite of what the media wanted us to hear. It recommended cutting back on sugar and starchy foods (which are a form of fast-food energy to the body) and actually increasing protein and fat!

After changing my diet

I followed this dietary advice and within two months, not only had I lost weight, but I was more energetic, slimmer round the waist and – more to the point – had lowered my blood sugar back to normal!!

So much for “you will not be able to do anything about it”.

That, however, is when I ran into the secret agenda. The unnoticed conspiracy. You’d think my doctor and diabetic nurse would be pleased wouldn’t you? Far from that, they reprimanded me, refused to believe me, and stuck to their guns in an almost aggressive standoff. The change in my condition was put down to “more exercise” or “less stress”, and I was hotly urged to follow the healthy-eating plan I’d been given, the one that had caused the problem in the first place.

Shortly after that, and by a godly coincidence, there was an upsurge in national interest in the Dr. Atkins low-carbohydrate way of eating. That was stage two of the opening of my dietary eyes! I saw the vicious response of officialdom in every guise to this choice of diet.

Given that Boots The Chemist gladly and prominently promoted racks of a hideous sugar-water “Slimfast” drink, and given that we had seen many extremely unhealthy diets (such as the cabbage soup diet, the grapefruit diet, the bran diet and others) freely promoted in the country without objection, you’d think the “Atkins Diet” would have been warmly accepted. But no such thing.

It caused a media storm and a division of opinion the like of which had only been seen before in national football matches or general elections! Every newspaper was full of statistics for and against (mostly against). The Health Services and Government Advisers urged us not to reduce our carb intake, and national TV programmes were aired to stop this horrible decline into full-fat milk and meat-eating! It was widespread panic in the ranks!

My Awakening Completed

I myself was now firmly on the side of Dr. Atkins of course, having proved the theory for myself. I had also joined a low-carb forum that gave me links to many reports, articles and books that opened my eyes to the low-fat scandal. These joined together not only Atkins devotees but people from many other disciplines, but all were united in their disgust of the national witch-hunt against poor Atkins dieters.

We began to feel like the underbelly of society, sneaking around trying to find low-carb equivalents to our favourite foods, posting messages about where to get Atkins bars and Slenda sweetener, and posting recipes for one another.

It reached a kind of peak of absurdity when we tried to buy Ketosis strips for checking urine (necessary to know when phase one of the elimination of excess glycogen has been completed)  See this Medical News page for an explanation, also a very useful heads-up to the importance of fats and the role of carbohydrates in obesity.


Anyone can buy Ketostix at Boots and other Chemists – or it used to be the case, before the great clamp-down in opposition to Atkins dieters!

At the height of the media frenzy, it became impossible to buy Ketostix without being interrogated in a most unfriendly way by a shop assistant demanding to know “what do you want them for” and if you were “on Atkins” you were sent out of the shop with your tail between your legs and a dressing down for being so foolish.

So much fear – and for what? So much banner-waving and tub-thumping from so many avid soya-heads! What did it all mean? Were we not free to deal with our own health problems in the way we saw fit? NO. Not if it meant reversing the advice to eliminate fats and eat more on carbs.

Lies, Rumours and More Lies

When Dr Atkins died aged 72 from a slip on the ice, rumours were circulated by a Vegan group that he was overweight and “died as a result of his own diet”. In the UK there was much gleeful gloating! One national newspaper triumphantly reported as front-page news that his weight was over 19 stone (however in hospital he was recorded as being around 12 stone) as if that actually mattered.

But yes, everything matters in this war against fat and meat!

(See this page for the true facts )

The typical “healthy eating food wheel” we see promoted everywhere shows a small slice of protein (preferably lean chicken and no red meat), and of course no fat.

Compared to this, the carbohydrate intake is enormous. Add to that the high-carb vegetables and high-sugar fruit and you end up with a promotion for diabetes and obesity. EXACTLY the problem this world faces after several decades of such “healthy eating”.

We have been told that those who eat a high-fat diet are the unhealthy nations. Yet the Innuit who exist on fat almost exclusively in the winter months have an extremely low incidence of heart disease and are not overweight. (Source)

Scientists studying the Inuit in the 1970s found that as a group, they suffered much less than their European counterparts from certain diseases, such as coronary heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes mellitus. Yet their diet was very high in fat from eating foods like whale, seal, and salmon. Discover Magazine called this the “Inuit Paradox”.

The cheese-eating fatty-food lovers, the French, also are low on the heart-disease scale. Conversely, The pasta and pizza-loving Italians eat less fat and consume more fruit and vegetables than the French yet die in greater numbers from heart disease. (Source)

Why should we be so gullible as to believe what the so-called “experts” tell us about healthy eating, when the facts are against them? We would not trust a car salesman whose cars were so unreliable.

Fat and Protein is NOT the Problem

A growing number of top nutritional scientists blame excessive carbohydrates – not fat – for America’s ills. They say cutting carbohydrates is the key to reversing obesity, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

“Fat is not the problem,” says Dr. Walter Willett, chairman of the department of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health. “If Americans could eliminate sugary beverages, potatoes, white bread, pasta, white rice and sugary snacks, we would wipe out almost all the problems we have with weight and diabetes and other metabolic diseases.”

You can read about it here. Unlike many journalists writing on this topic, this writer commendably went to the trouble of consulting a respected biochemist for her article and to correctly explain the role of carbohydrate in altering metabolism via its effect on insulin.

So why is there such a global surge in vegan diets and a hatred of red meat and fat? Is this really just a disinterested concern for our health? Behind the propaganda is a belief that mankind must forsake all animal produce before it can evolve to a higher spiritual condition.

This antipathy towards certain types of food is an Eastern religious trait that Western new-agers have promoted here. Vegetarianism and religion are strongly linked in a number of religions that originated in ancient India (Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism). In Jainism, vegetarianism is mandatory for everyone.

One website says this:

“Everything in life affects your spirituality. Your eating habit affects your spirituality, and certain choices align with spiritual evolution better than others. You can’t compartmentize spirituality and insist what you eat has nothing to do with your spirituality.”(Source)

“Spiritual evolution” is the goal for many of the new philosophies today and various lobby-groups dedicated to spiritual evolution have the ear of the health authorities and lawmakers.

Some believe that this evolution means passing beyond the physical or animal plane and becoming an ascended spirit being who does not need to eat or drink at all. The steps to attain this goal involve purifying the body of all animal matter, and even existing on nothing but air.

Breatharianism is a concept related to religious fasting, in which believers claim food and possibly water are not necessary, and that humans can be sustained solely by prana (the vital life force in Hinduism), or according to some, by the energy in sunlight (according to Ayurveda, sunlight is one of the main sources of prana). (See here.)

Religious devotees may do as they please, but they have no right to change society’s eating habits to suit their own beliefs. I would like to say that there has been little input from such groups, and that medical bodies and our Government know better than to issue advice based on pseudo-religious claptrap, but the evidence is there.

The Current Anti-Obesity Panic

There is a mounting pressure to (supposedly) tackle obesity, with leaflet campaigns, healthy-eating advice all over TV and surgeries, and even teachers checking up on what pupils are eating.

A list of instructions from one Primary School in Cambridgeshire says that not only will the contents of pupils’ lunchboxes be monitored but “treats” such as “snacks other than fruit and vegetables” can be eaten only on Fridays and “Birthdays, and special events such a Christmas party in class are also times [when] foods other than fruit or vegetables may be offered.” (But only as a one-off treat.) (Source)

One startling piece of recent news towards this end is that FASTING for one or two days a week is now being recommended “as a way to lose weight”.

This is so ludicrous that I wonder how people can swallow it.  (Or NOT swallow it – ho ho)

Fasting only prompts the metabolism to shut down, resulting in binge-eating afterwards and the kind of yo-yo dieting effect that we were previously warned against. It also results in uncomfortably low blood-sugar, tiredness, dizziness, headaches and possible vitamin deficiencies. It’s very unlikely to result in weight loss, but it does promote yet another religious ritual on the road to ascension.

In all of this we have to remember that the world is not a godly nor a Christian one, and doesn’t follow biblical wisdom. The bible says nothing about avoiding meat, indeed meat and fat were two special requirements in sacrifice to the Lord in the Old Testament. (Num 18:17-18) God respected the sacrifice of Abel who brought “the firstborn of his flock and of their fat” (Gen 4:4)

We recall that the feast provided to the much-loved prodigal son in the parable of Luke 15:23-24 was of the “fatted calf” showing how valued fat was, and how acceptable to God. “And bring the fatted calf here and kill it, and let us eat and be merry”.

Don’t cut back on fat!

Fat is vital to the formation and correct function of the human brain; fat is harder to digest so it causes fewer sugar-spikes and provides longer-lasting satisfaction. Plus, it’s almost impossible to over-eat fats when not combining them with carbohydrates such as bread and pastry. How many of us could eat a half-pound of butter?

Fat became demonised because of the mythology that “eating fat makes you fat”. This mythology was extended into “eating cholesterol gives you high cholesterol” which is unscientific nonsense!

Eating fats is not unhealthy, but becomes a problem ONLY when combined with eating high levels of sugary and starchy foods. The simple reason is that the body can create fast energy out of the latter two, so if its needs are immediately and quickly satisfied it will lay down the harder-to-digest fats in the body cells for future use. With less exercise, we never get to use those fat layers, hence we get obese.

However, the solution is NOT to eat MORE sugars and carbs, but to eat LESS. In this way the body is forced to consume the fats instead, firstly from food and then from its own warehouse of the body’s excess fat layers. Weight loss follows as night follows day. This is so simple that even a child could grasp it, yet we are being urged to do the exact opposite.

As to cholesterol, hardly anyone knows what it is, but everyone is afraid of it!

QUOTE: “Cholesterol is essential for the development of our hormones and brain function, providing the stabilization of neurotransmitters. Depression, agitation and irritability can occur when your body doesn’t get enough cholesterol. Insulin is the major hormone directing the overproduction of cholesterol in the body. High-insulin levels are caused by consuming a diet that is insufficient in proteins and fats, while eating excess carbohydrates. … Cholesterol is so necessary to bodily functions that regardless of dietary intake, the body produces about 1,000 mg of cholesterol daily. Our body actually accelerates cholesterol production if we don’t eat enough of it. Not only are cholesterol and fat essential to life, but if you don’t eat these in your diet, you will be on the accelerated metabolic aging track toward disease and an earlier death, say Diana Schwarzbein, MD and Nancy Deville.”Source

The idea that you “eat cholesterols” and they float around in your blood clogging up your arteries is sheer invention and fantasy! Your body actually needs this blood fat, and even if you ate none it would produce its own.

The truth about cholesterol needs to be heard, but again the exact opposite is preached, often through ignorance. I do realise that the great majority of medical professionals simply regurgitate the information they are given, instead ofg studying it for themselves. But when they rely on supposedly unbiased scientific studies they often do not realise there is a hidden agenda.

In the case of the great scare about cholesterols, we have seen one of the biggest money-making scams ever known, called the STATIN scandal. At least that’s what I call it.

Drug companies who make billions out of selling cholesterol-lowering statins have simultaneously pushed this drug as the cure-all for every modern-day disease, AND managed to get the clinical level at which people need them reduced to the point that almost everyone in the country is urged to take statins.

I worry that eventually they will put them in the water or make them compulsory.

Yet they are proven to have horrible side-effects. Go to just one site here to see some facts that may astound you: (HERE)

QUOTE: “Why don’t doctors, surgeons, hospitals, drug companies – or anyone else in the medical profession – tell you the shocking truth about statins? Why wouldn’t they want you to know that these cholesterol-lowering drugs come with a huge list of side-effects – including kidney failure! Simple: Because when you don’t take their drugs . . . or when you prevent disease or heal yourself naturally… they don’t make a red cent!

One in three people over the age of 45 in the UK currently takes statins – that’s a staggering 7 million people. It costs the National Health Service £450 million per year to fulfill these prescriptions…which goes straight into the pockets of the drug companies and their consultants in the medical establishment.

Pharmaceutical companies also don’t want you to know that statins seriously deplete your body of Coenzyme-Q10 (CoQ10) – the vital heart nutrient that naturally PREVENTS heart attacks and strokes. CoQ10 stops cholesterol from blocking arteries, it helps lower blood pressure and rejuvenates heart cells…

Yet statins destroy this essential ‘life spark’… diminishing it to such an extent that it reaches dangerously low levels. This increases your risk of serious side-effects like muscle wastage and pain, confusion, forgetfulness, disorientation, fatigue, liver damage, migraines, nausea and diarrhoea, to name but a few…”

If you are on statins, and are suffering exhaustion, muscle pains and any of the listed side-effects, why not consider taking extra CoQ10 as a supplement, or even stopping the statins for a while to see if that makes a difference.


However, as you see from the title to this post, I believe there’s an agenda to steer us into a new way of eating.

Medical practitioners are often not the change agents, but they are instructed by other groups more hidden from public view who do know what they are aiming at.

The fact is though, current medical advice on healthy eating is misguided. It may be largely well-meaning – I believe it is – but we don’t have to accept and act upon that advice if it’s incorrect. We have to think for ourselves and do the research, just as with apostasy, or environmentalism. Failure to stand back and consider the cost might be fatal.

Take the time to search out some low-carb websites, and other places that expose this modern diet. Educate yourself on the real facts, and on the dangers. When I did it, it was not only an astonishing eye-openeer, but it gave me a much-needed heads up to a biblical prophecy being fulfilled in my own lifetime.

6 thoughts on “The Unnoticed Conspiracy: Food Faddism

  1. Greetings,
    I am writing this comment from across the pond, out of Pasadena California, USA. I’ve often wondered about the Low Fat vs Low Carbohydrate phenomenon. By body has always responded opposite of what our USDA food pyramid ( much like your food circle ) teaches us.
    Nice little article you have here on your website/blog. Glad you are doing well. You not only look better but I suspect you feel better as well.
    Take Care,
    Troy A. Fike


  2. Tricia this could be my own story. Have you read Jenny Rhul’s book ‘Bloodsugar 101’. Also another big revelation is to be found in Dr William Davis book ‘The Wheat Belly Diet.’ Wheat we eat today is certainly not the same as 100 years ago and this book is an eye-opener if you care what goes into your body. Your article is SO relevant for today and a subject I have been reading about and applying like yourself for a good few years. Incidently my diabetes has not progressed at all and my HBA1c is in the normal range too.


  3. Bravo! Bravo! This article speaks to me in such a timely way. I was just diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. The doctor also wrote a script for statins. After I researched the statins I dumped them in the toilet. I have been taking my blood glucose readings and according to what’s considered high and low I am slightly high in both categories (2 hours after eating and after waking up from sleep). I have been a potatoe lover all my life (I am 60). I eat them in all thier forms several times a day. I am 5’10” tall and weigh 260. Its mostly around my waist. I am miserable, cloths don’t fit. I am ashamed of my appearance and my feet hust all the time. I am desperate to lose weight but lack disclipline (yes, I am a committed Christian as should not have a disciplne problem). This article has given me hope. I believe what Tricia says here completely. I get a peace in my spirit when reading it and I fully believe that the medical community is motivated by profit. Thank you Tricia for sharing your research with us. Ever since my diagnosis (one week ago) I have been down in my spirit but now I feel motivated to learn about low carb foods and fat. I would love to read about the various food choices people are eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the results they get. I think this blog would be a great place to share that information and encouragement in Jesus name. Bless everyone who discovers this truth and gains health and loses weight.


    • I’m glad doctors are beginning to wake up to this and are willing to advise you to cut back on carb intake, but of course no doctor would ask you to *abstain* from carbs. (At the time of the interest in Atkins, I was frequently accused – even by the medical professionals who ought to know better – of “eliminating carbohydrates from my diet” which is just more porpaganda circulated by the food-faddists. But if anybody is willing to look into it, that has NEVER been suggested by any low-carb way of eating.)

      So no, this doesn’t fall into the category of forbidding to eat certain foods. Nobody has suggested that carbohydrates are forbidden, even though it’s physically possible to do without them.


  4. I share your concerns about the new “dietary advice” being dished out by medical professionals, and agree with your conclusions. As a pharmacist I have seen the demand for Statins shoot up considerably over the past few years. In 2010 I was alarmed to discover that Simvastatin was the most prescribed drug in the UK during 2009. (I presume this trend has continued but I haven’t seen the recent data). Yet GPs were setting target levels for cholesterol ever lower. And I too was concerned that diabetics did not seem to be told to reduce their carbohydrates, but just received ever increasing medication to lower their blood sugar. None of this has sat right with me.

    I too do not see cholesterol as the baddie. Cholesterol is important for our immune system and for production of essential hormones etc, so reducing it down to extremely low levels can’t be healthy, surely?

    Diabetes often goes hand in hand with high cholesterol levels – levels that I have noticed are often more of a concern to GPs than a person’s continued elevated blood sugar level. And doctors fail to make the connection between high blood sugar and consequent high insulin and cholesterol levels, so their advice then always seems to be to get a person to reduce their fat intake, as if fat were the culprit, and not eat real butter, eggs etc. despite much evidence to the contrary.

    I agree that so many calorie reducing diets are too low in fat and contain too many carbs, so are counter-productive. Not that I am advocating eating too much fat, as that means extra calories that hinders weight loss (and weight loss does help improve blood sugar), but some real butter is fine! Fat in a meal helps slows down the rate sugar enters the blood from any carbohydrates eaten at the meal. Protein is excellent for keeping us feeling full longer (so we eat fewer calories) and also helps to stablise blood sugar levels from any carbohydrates. Fibre from vegetables also helps slow down rise in blood sugar levels. So eating some fat, a decent portion of protein and lots of veg at mealtimes helps avoid blood sugar peaks. Yet so few diabetics are told to eat protein at every meal and they are told to avoid fat, so they eat a carb based meal instead – one that causes a high blood sugar level fairly quickly after.

    I am concerned that people are being misled by much misinformation and try to redress it when I can, so it was good to read that someone else is keen to redress this. You have provided alot of helpful information here.


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