Jesus or Peter: New Article

I have actually completed (gasp!) some new articles for my website.

The new articles are “Jesus or Paul: will you withstand the testing of the last days?” and two small pieces attached to that, one on the Greek translation of 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 (about the endtimes and rapture – you might be surprised or shocked!) and another short digression about the Restrainer.

That one needs more work so it’s only a note at present. I may continue to work on it.

Secondly, I’ve finally uploaded Craig’s excellent set of studies on Bill Johnson and Bethel, which were originally posted to his blog CrossWise. Thanks Craig! Visit his blog for even more articles.

The links are here:

I hope you will find time to browse all these new articles and perhaps you will find others on the site that you hadn’t known about previously.

2 thoughts on “Jesus or Peter: New Article

  1. Re: your article on the restrainer. At this point, I do believe that Michael is the restrainer. In my view, Rev 12:7-9 depicts a yet future event which ushers in the ‘Great Tribulation’. To my way of thinking, this means that Satan and his minions are thrown to the earth, having no more access to the heavenly realms at all as he “has been hurled down” [Rev 12:10] and “woe to the earth and the sea because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows his time is short” [Rev 12:12, NIV 1984]. See Job 1:6-12 and Eph 6:12 which indicate current access to ‘heavenly realms’.

    I can’t say my position is fully worked out, though.

    BTW, thanks for posting the CrossWise articles!


  2. Now THIS is what we’ve come to expect from your dear Tricia. (No pressure!) I am still touring with Sound the Alarm but can’t wait to really study your piece on the Greek 2Thess2 as faulty translation is my personal bugbear. Bless you dear sister! Deborah. ______________________________________ Sent from the NoteBook of Deborah Menelaws Bethel Communications Watchmen sound the alarm; communicate Truth



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