Why The First Seal CANNOT Be Antichrist


For many years, the classic evangelical interpretation of the first seal opened in Revelation – the Rider of the White Horse – is that it’s the Antichrist. It is said he comes at the beginning of a seven-year tribulation before which all the Church is taken out of the world by the Rapture.

This bedrock teaching has hardly ever been challenged in the modern day, except perhaps by those who see the first seal as Jesus Christ, or as a metaphor for a historic event.

Let’s deal with this first theory, which began to be taught from around 150 AD. The white horse rider cannot be Jesus Christ, because He is seen in Heaven when the four riders are sent forth (and the living creatures do not command Jesus Christ but the other way round.)

To say that the first rider is Jesus Christ is inconsistent with the nature of all four horsemen, who are spirit beings causing chaos on Earth. They cause a series of preparatory disasters and judgements, leading to mankind’s yearning for a new messiah.

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3 thoughts on “Why The First Seal CANNOT Be Antichrist

  1. Great articlle Tricia. I sent you a response the other day citing the USA as the white horse rider, as well as the USA being the end times restrainer. Even so, we see so many things the same – it’s exciting.
    I’ve had the USA as the white horse rider because the USA would come from the west just like the he goat of Dan 8, as well as the white chariot of Zech 6. In Zech 6, the chariots come out from between 2 bronze mountains (911).
    Anyway, I love your parallel of apostacy and deception. Fantastic! I enjoy your articles! Thanks so much Tricia! Criss


  2. I have prepared a study on this subject in which I show that The Beginning of Sorrows in Matthew 24 are the same events described as The Four Horsemen of The Apocolypse. Passages from Daniel are also paralled. I believe that history repeats itself, and prophecies have an ultimate fulfillment at the end of the age. I also believe the beast power plays twice.
    That being said, I believe the white horse rider is the USA, and I also believe the USA is the end times Restrainer.


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