Garden of Eden Re-Run

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You probably thought the decision that faced Adam and Eve, God’s children, in their perfect Garden of Eden was a one-off didn’t you?

Once having made the wrong decision, that’s it for ever; mankind and the earth are forever changed, even despite the sacrifice of Jesus (the Second Adam) which opened the door to a return of fellowship with the Father. No more going back to that horrible choice.

But I contend that we are on the brink of a re-run, a reprise of the scenario in Eden, with eternal consequences! Let me explain.

What Was the Sin of Adam?

Today we tend to think of “sin” as “evil” – doing wrong things that are murderous, corrupt, immoral, unlawful and blasphemous. But in the Garden, wrongdoing did not exist. Their sin was none of these things (although later it led to them all). Sin was a matter of God’s perfect will or something else. Anything else!

What caused the breakdown in relations between God and man wasn’t like the chaos and disorder you see around you today. Nobody died. There was no sexual assault, theft, adultery or idol worship. You might even feel sorry for Adam and Eve, seeing the nature of their offense, that “they just didn’t think this through“.

However, don’t let sympathy develop because that way leads to the situation we are experiencing right now!

red squareIn short, the sin of Eve and then Adam was to seek an alternative to God’s wisdom and knowledge.  However, their choice at the time seemed good, right, wise and sensible!

The opposite of godliness isn’t always “evil and wrong” it can be [or feel] GOOD and RIGHT! The sin lies in it being contrary to the will of God.

What Had God Said?

The fellowship between God and man was inexpressibly sweet and good, full and open, without a shadow between them. Nothing onerous or distasteful was demanded by God. Obeying the Father was good, right – and easy! They loved one another and knew nothing but provision and blessing.

There was only ONE thing forbidden: to eat of the tree in the midst of the Garden, the tree with the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. (Genesis 2:17)

Firstly, why was that tree forbidden? It was because understanding the difference between that which pleased God and that which displeased him was something Adam and Eve needed to learn by experience.

If they became “wise” before the time of maturity in knowing God, they would immediately be tempted to defy God and make their own choices.

Secondly, why did God even put the tree there, if it was forbidden? Because, in order to discover the truth of a person’s conviction and the purity of their heart, there NEEDS to be a CHOICE. How can a man freely choose God if there is no alternative?

Saying you love and honour God is one thing, but in the absence of any other alternative what does that prove?

Only when there are two plain choices can people demonstrate their choice by their actions.

And THAT is the point of this article – to show that the End is as the Beginning – God’s children being given a choice so as to expose their true hearts, either of allegiance to God in all things, or self-will leading to lawlessness.

What Was the Fruit of Good and Evil?

For a moment let’s see what was on offer in taking the fruit of the tree.

  1. It was “good for food” – an attraction to the physical flesh
  2. It was “pleasant to the eyes” – an attraction to the emotional soul
  3. It was “desirable to make one wise” – an attraction to the inner spirit

Every part of man was exposed to this temptation, body, mind and spirit. But most of all they trusted in the Seraph {see note} (who seems to have been a regular visitor to the Garden, so they had no reason NOT to trust what he told them) when he told them,

You will not die! God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil. [Gen 3:4-5]

What could possibly be wrong with knowing about good and evil, obedience and rebellion? The Snake-being seemed to have this knowledge and it’s obvious that God the Father had it too – so what could be so wrong in obtaining this knowledge?

Well, in one sense they were right – it WAS perfectly possible to know good and evil and yet to choose the good. Jesus Christ proved that! When he came to earth as a human baby, child and man he had this knowledge but always chose the WILL OF HIS FATHER in place of his own wishes and needs.

Indeed, Jesus was tempted in the very same way as Adam and Eve, yet triumphed over temptation. When the devil took Jesus into the desert at the beginning of his ministry he was tempted in the same three ways provided by Eden’s fruit:

  1. Create food to satisfy your hunger – the needs of the flesh (Matthew 4:3)
  2. Become a king in your own right – the desires of the soul  (Matthew  4:9)
  3. Test the powers of the Godhead – the defilement of spirit (Matthew 4:6)

In each case the response of Jesus was to quote the word of God, and thus to elevate God’s will over his OWN.

Nobody can deny that the wisdom, ability and spiritual power of Jesus Christ was indeed capable of doing all that the devil suggested. But just because a thing is possible, doesn’t mean it’s acceptable to God.

Gethsemane Was the Garden of Eden for Jesus

Once more at the end of his ministry, Jesus was tempted to the utmost in the Garden of Gethsemane. This was the ‘Second Adam’ faced with the same kind of choices as the first Adam. That is, to adopt his own methods in place of a horrific death, and bring about salvation in an easier way.

Can we deny that whatever method Jesus decided upon, even in his humanity, would have been good, powerful, effective – all that seemed desirable? YET it was not the WILL OF HIS FATHER.

Related imageJesus literally sweated blood while making these choices!

In the end, after facing the worst temptation possible, Jesus ended by saying “not MY WILL, but YOUR WILL be done, Father”. (Matthew 26:42) This is the exact opposite of what Adam and Eve chose to do.

Do you now see the true nature of sin?

What’s This Got to Do with the Endtimes?

The Body of Christ as a whole is the family and the children of God. In accepting the redemption that Jesus offered, each individual declared allegiance to God the Father. The Church is therefore somewhat in the position of Adam and Eve, albeit not in a perfect environment.

But each individual must also face a private Gethsemane before being taken to Heaven (just like Jesus) and in that sense the worldwide Church will undergo another temptation in the Garden akin to that of Adam and Jesus.

As then, the body, soul and spirit of each person will undergo testing.

For that to take place, there needs to be a CHOICE presented to believers (as well as the rest of mankind, but in a different way and for a different purpose.) A choice between the good and the godly, between self-will and God’s will, between what is desirable and dedication to God alone.

Remember the purpose of the tree of knowledge in the garden! It was there to present a visible and tangible choice. Until we are faced with a choice, how do we – and how does God – truly know the secrets of our hearts?

Christians today are being presented with a variety of choices. They follow ardently after a worldly ideal and argue that “these are good things!” Yes. So was the knowledge of good and evil, so was wisdom, so was human ability. ‘Good things’ that contradict God’s perfect will and lead to rebellion, spiritual blindness and eventual death.

Image result for the tree in the garden of edenPresented with the choice of obeying God in faith, or eating the fruit of the tree, would Adam and Eve remember the words of their God, and decide that HIS words above everything [even above their own heartfelt desires and needs] were the ultimate wisdom, since God is all-knowing?  OR would they “think outside the box” of God’s commands, trusting to their OWN understanding ?

We know the answer.

It is kind of incredible to think that upon their decision – which now seems so arbitrary and simple – hung the entire fate of the world. It would also lead to the Son of God hanging in agony on a cross, in order to set right their terrible wrong.

How We All Defy God

Almost every day, we children of God go the same way as Adam and Eve. Presented with God’s will or commands we argue back, think we know better, see another way, propose a modification here and there, and do all to suit ourselves.

I’m not talking about “evil” things, but ordinary every-day “good” decisions that crop up in our lives all the time.

However, which spirit rules?

Is it the Spirit of God – all wise and knowing, understanding the end from the beginning, and having foreknowledge of the future – or is it our own feeble and limited understanding? We think we know better! How foolish and wrong!

Image result for selfishnessThis self-serving arrogance is the path to disaster. Especially in these last days. If you cultivate it, if it becomes your Christian lifestyle, you are in direct opposition to God at the worst possible time to be so.

Before the Lord takes us, there will be a great time of TEMPTATION, in which self-preservation will seem the obvious choice. (Remember Jesus in Gethsemane?)

How that temptation comes is perhaps unique for each person. But also there will come a much wider and deeper temptation, globally, that puts our commitment under such stress that we are ready to take almost any way out.

What are the things you prize most? What would you sacrifice everything for? What are you unwilling to let go?

What is at the very top of your most essential desires? Is it the truth of God, or maybe your income, your house, your friends and family, national security, peace and prosperity, happiness and advancement in life and everything becoming “great” and staying that way?

Taking Dominion – the LIE of the Serpent!

It’s not always apparent when lies take hold because some of them sound really attractive.

There is a growing conviction and teaching today that says, we the Church are destined to become victorious and powerful, eventually to the extent of taking dominion over all areas of life, subduing all evils of society, banishing the devil, and creating a righteous environment to present to Jesus Christ when he returns.

This sounds like a really good plan, until you realise it’s completely contradictory to all that the bible teaches.

Nonetheless, it is what appeals to the flesh. It tickles the ears and gives [delusionary] joy and hope instead of having to believe in the great falling-away, and the ultimate reign over earth of the devil and his cohorts before Jesus returns!

Image result for jesus offered the nationsGiven the choice, our flesh rebels against suffering and judgment, and we do long to see the world transformed. But is that God’s way?

Jesus, too, was offered kingship and victory the EASY way by simply proclaiming himself ruler, taking dominion, and changing the world for the better – at the price of denying the Father’s will and setting himself above the plan of salvation! (Matthew 4:8-10)

World transformation outside of the plan of God is NOT going to work, can NEVER work, and in fact will lead to a dreadful outcome – that of the Church following the devil’s plan instead of God’s! (There are only TWO ways, no middle ground.)

What About You?

Where do you stand? You may not be part of the great drive towards ‘transformation’ and ‘taking dominion’ with all its political and social implications. But are you hoping for a similar result without actually adopting that doctrine?

And to what extent are you willing to abandon it for the sake of the pure gospel of God?

  • The bible doesn’t tell us of increasing righteousness towards the End, quite the opposite. [Matthew 24:12]
  • The bible does not say that society will throw off corruption and repeal unbiblical laws. [2 Thess 2]
  • The bible doesn’t speak of a return to godliness, or a greater awareness of God. [2 Timothy 3:1-5]
  • The bible doesn’t teach us to expect peace and prosperity in the last days, anything but. [Jeremiah 6:14 and Revelation 3:17]
  • The bible doesn’t tell us about Israel turning to God. Only a small remnant will turn to God and be rescued. Indeed the only person who will help and favour Israel in the last days is the DEVIL in disguise! For his own purposes. [Luke 21:20]

Jesus told us of an increase in sin and evil akin to the Days of Noah, a selfishness that thwarts the will of God, an abandonment of pure biblical doctrine, pressures inwardly and outwardly to deny the Lord, and persecution such as we have never seen before in the West.

If the FLESH is driving you, then you are woefully ill-prepared to face the pressures of the last days. For the temptations will not be to “do evil” but to “do good” that is outside of the will of God!

Are you hoping for advancement, greatness, national recovery, monetary blessings, and the overthrow of ungodly laws? Are you putting your trust in a time of stability?

Are you excited by the prospect of the Church and Israel being once again favoured, supported, honoured and helped?

Who could say that all these things are not “GOOD“?

But are they, at this time, the perfect will of God? Or a deception designed to draw out of you the secret intents of the heart?

God allowed the Tree in the Garden as a visible reminder of his commands, and as a demonstration of man’s commitment to them. Is God allowing similar choices right now, in this day and age? Is he not only permitting but presenting CHOICES between ‘good’ and ‘godly’ for the same purpose?

What will you choose?

Related image

Two Ways: they seem equally attractive! Only those who truly love God will ask for guidance.

Jesus told us exactly what conditions would be like just before his return, and the “birthpangs” of his coming were first of all a deadly deception, and then world instability and disasters, wars, persecution, hatred, all leading up to a devastating war against Israel. [Matthew 24, Luke 21]

Is Truth your Bedrock?

Is this your time of testing? Is this your own personal “fruit of the tree of knowledge” whereby you make choices based on your human understanding and needs regardless of what the bible plainly teaches about the last days?

Think about what is most important to you in life, and avoid the sin of Adam and Eve, who thought the blessings and way of life they had been given could not be affected by their choices in Eden. They were wrong! So terribly wrong.

God’s will ONLY, above ALL OTHER, no matter how attractive and desirable!

Note: Was the Serpent the Devil? Was it a Seraph?








4 thoughts on “Garden of Eden Re-Run

  1. Tricia, I’ve just found your website, not even sure how. I’ve been asking God to lead me to people who are likeminded, and it appears with stunning clarity you are one of them. For the past 9 years I’ve been posting what God gives me, and He’s focused on the apostasy of His people right now, as this is what He cares about. Your article here about the choice facing ever man or woman who says he or she is of Christ is the paramount choice and always has been. Thank you for teaching and prophesying Truth, which is Christ. Christ is our salvation, and all other things to us, or should be. Please visit my website blog, and post freely or use freely anything you read, or correct me if you believe I’m wrong in any way. Thousands read my postings around the world, but I post anonymously because of a stand God had required of me (it’s His restriction on me only, not others) against the celebrity worship within our societies. I pray now for you, that God will strengthen your hand. My wife and I have been humbled down over the past years, and are certainly not prosperous in the worldly sense, and are seeking God’s Way together, though we feel very alone at times. Our children are caught up in the worldly churches, receiving teaching that is contrary to Scripture, and we pray for them and hurt for them. Our grandchildren will inherit the fruit of such apostasy. Spoiled and rich, we fear for their souls. Please stay in touch. We need fellowship.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. These are good things to ponder, Tricia. How true that, although we aren’t dominionists doctrinally, yet we have to check ourselves from getting all worked up when things “appear” to improve.


  3. “The bible doesn’t tell us about Israel turning to God. Only small remnant will turn to God and be rescued.”

    Yes, it will be a remnant of Israel who turn to God, Those who survive the sifting (Amos 9:9), also described as refining (Zech 13:9) during the period known as Jacob’s Trouble (Jer 30:7), or the time of great tribulation (Matt 24). It is these survivors who will be the “all Israel” who will be saved (Rom 11:26).

    Regarding choice, note the choice made by those described here:

    …the kings of the earth, the great men, the rich men, the commanders, the mighty men, every slave and every free man, hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains, and said to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! For the great day of His wrath has come, and who is able to stand?” (Rev 6)

    They clearly recognise God. Recognise they have wronged God and face his wrath – and yet instead of turning to Him and seeking His mercy, they try to avoid Him by hiding – preferring to have rocks fall on them than to humble themselves and repent.

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