Can Politicians Bring About Biblical Morality?

I remember a moment, as clear as if it happened yesterday, although it was about 40 years ago (!) and it prepared me for what is happening today. Indeed, it was crucial, even though I did not know it at the time. Thank you Lord.

Fast-forward to today. I watched a short video [thanks to OnesimusFiles] that examined today’s political and religious events in America (America principally, but also affecting the rest of the world). That too recalled the truths I refer to above. Both roots sprang up together – because everything in our lives is ordered by God.

So what was my moment?

I sat outside in my garden of that time, and listened to a cassette tape of a preacher (I don’t know who) speak on this subject: Can a Christian Be a Politician?

In short, his answer was NO (at least not successfully or easily), and that was because the world and its affairs are not under the direction of the Church or Christians. We are called to reach people with the message of salvation, not change the world by making it better.

A Christian politician will have to compromise: either to adapt his faith to world events and the demands of Government, or compromise his political message by, in effect, lying about what grand intentions he has, but secretly taking the easier path of falling into line with the status quo.

Only God is the Lawmaker, and along with his commands, he provides the desire and ability to obey them. Ignore this at your peril.

Transforming the World, or Calling People Out of it?

When Jesus Christ returned to heaven, he left behind a small number of disciples in a fallen world. He specifically warned them not to go empire-building, or set themselves up as the lords and masters of mankind (nor of one another) but to continue his own work of reaching those who would hear.

He warned them not to focus on when the kingdom of God would come.

He appointed them to the continuing task of rescuing people one by one, by the gospel message of repentance and faith in Jesus as Saviour, only anticipating a full salvation at his eventual return as King and Lord.

Jesus has been appointed Judge of this world and he is the ONLY One who can truly judge, restore and rule!

Acts 17:31 “because He has fixed a day in which He will judge the world in righteousness through a Man whom He has appointed, having furnished proof to all men by raising Him from the dead.”

The Kingdom cannot come without the King! Rulership over the nations cannot come without the Ruler.

Ruled By Evil Powers

At present, mankind and the global system are still under the influence of “principalities and powers”, with their head and leader Lucifer as the “god of this world”. [2 Corinthians 4:4] That condition will prevail until they are overthrown (Revelation 12:9).

Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. 2 Cor 4:4

Those who belong to the Lord are saved out of that satanic influence, but although being “not of this world” they are still “in the world” until the Kingdom comes. The bible warns that, before the Judgement Day, the world will become increasingly satanic and sinful, throwing off all restraint, and eventually attempting to overthrow God himself.

This must happen, for all prophecy must be fulfilled. However, these essential truths became lost as the Church grew in size and influence.

Eventually it was the Roman and Greek Catholic [Universal] political and religious system of that day that prevailed, not the biblical Body of Christ as first conceived, and it believed itself to be the governing body of the world.

Intriguingly, this Church harnessed the power and influence of kings and emperors to do its bidding, so much so that many royal houses submitted themselves to the Vatican as being the superior authority on earth.

History records what became of that attempt at a global church rulership, and the damage of those empire-building years still resounds across the globe.

From Pre to Post

Religious belief at that time shifted from a missionary outreach to world transformation, inevitably resulting in religious dogma, legalism and merciless imperialism.

In eschatology, it shifted from PRE-millennialism to POST-millennialism, meaning that the Church would not be taken to the Lord “in the air” [1 Corinthians 15:51–52; 1 Thessalonians 4:16–17).] before the events of the End, but instead be present throughout the thousand years of the rule of Christ, in a perfected and redeemed New World Order!

Indeed, such was the alteration to biblical truth, that the Church believed not only would it be co-rulers with Christ in a transformed world, but that it was itself the agency of that transformation! As we all know from history, that never happened.

Then what? Then by the grace of God, and by the blood of the martyrs, came a blessed time of restoration and renewal to the gospel truths.

But despite that, the Church slipped back again into the age-old Catholic way of thinking [Apostolic rulership and world transformation/submission] from the 1970’s onwards, but this time pulling most of the Protestant denominations into the same way of thinking.

New Apostolic Reformation

The link takes you to an article that briefly outlines some hallmarks of the ‘new thought’ – apostles and prophets as leaders, taking dominion over the nations, global transformation by a worldwide revival with signs and wonders, and more.

I probably don’t need to tell you that the situation we have today is a Church rife with arrogant world-saving prophecies and visions that go far beyond what even the Roman Catholic empire dreamed of, for these world saviours believe they can “pull down the principalities and powers in the heavenlies” in order to establish the Kingdom of God on earth BEFORE the return of Christ.

It’s refreshing to know that some smaller churches (in this case a local one) can understand the dangers. This piece is well-written and timely.

Seven Mountains Mandate

The term apparently originated with Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ and Loren Cunningham of YWAM, but has been given a new twist by Lance Wallnau who cast the original vision in a fresh direction by describing the seven mountains as the peaks that the church was called upon to possess. What are these seven mountains?

  • Church
  • Family
  • Government
  • Business
  • Education
  • Media
  • Entertainment

According to Wallnau, the church is mandated to take possession of these different spheres of life and to occupy them until Christ returns. So instead of a movement solely or largely taken up with signs and wonders as the chief weapon to subdue the nations, there has more recently been a shift to subtlety and a more covert POLITICAL operation to work hand-in-hand with the miracles and healings.

The success of the efforts to scale the Government mountain can be gauged from the astonishing connections that are now being made with prominent political players on the American right. The attraction has been mutual. In a way perhaps less comprehensible to us in the UK, the NAR is an attractive proposition to vote-hungry politicians, offering large numbers of supporters plus a considerable potential network of loyal election workers.

While we have been sleeping, the NAR has steadily been growing in numbers, wealth and power. Coupled to the fact that it boasts a lot of young people on its books, the attraction of the NAR to the political right becomes only too comprehensible. In return, the access to politicians of undoubted clout is immensely attractive to the NAR as they seek to advance a covert agenda of dominion which works behind headline issues on which most Christians would agree, like anti-abortion and anti-homosexual practice.

One wonders if those who promote the Seven Mountains movement are aware that the Harlot of Revelation is the one seen seated upon the seven mountains! [Revelation 17:9]

John is amazed when he sees the woman, Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots and of The Abominations Of The Earth (Revelation 17:4-6). Then the angel said to John, “Why did you marvel? I will tell you the mystery of the woman and of the beast that carries her, which has the seven heads and the ten horns. (Revelation 17:7).
The woman is a one-world, idol worshipping religious system. The beast is a man that will arise in the last days. He will be an intellectual genius, outstanding speaker, master politician, military mastermind, and commercial genius with satanic supernatural power (Daniel 7, 8, 11).
The Antichrist will make Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, and other ungodly world leaders throughout world history look like choir boys. The beast carries (supports) the woman (the false religion) for a while, but he and his ten kings will destroy her because the beast (Antichrist) wants to be the only one people worship (Revelation 13:1-8). [Source]

Transformation by Political Decree?

Those words bring us full circle back to the original revelation I had back in the 70’s about the impossibility of harnessing church doctrine to political action, in the hopes that somehow sin could be overthrown on a nationwide basis by electing someone who would pass new laws to that effect.

We are to believe that – instead of convincing individuals of their sin and encouraging them to repent and accept the redemption won on the Cross – a nation can lay down and enforce moral laws that non-christians will somehow heed and obey, and it will have the same effect.

Such a thing has never been achieved!! Never! And it never will be.

All that is achieved is increasing resentment, and condemnation of a God that they now see are purely judgemental instead of merciful.

This is happening today across America where the Name of Jesus is brought into disrepute by a perceived hypocritical church [for all Christians are lumped together in the public consciousness] that seeks to enforce strict moral codes while unquestioningly endorsing an immoral, ungodly and narcissistic leader.

God’s holy name is slandered daily. He is portrayed in the public eye as condemning sin without providing a remedy for it. But alarmingly, God is becoming tarnished by what the general public call “evangelicals” who are often mired in greed, corruption, adultery, false prophecy, hypocrisy and above all their cynical use of the Presidency to achieve their own ends.

Thrones of Glory

The leaders of this new movement for world transformation have risen so far in their own estimation that they believe that, through Donald Trump and similar so-called “christian” men of influence, they can finally take their place as a Council of Apostles, seated on “thrones of glory” as (they believe) promised by the Lord:

Jesus said unto them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, that in the regeneration, when the Son of Man sits on the throne of His glory, you who have followed Me will also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.’” Matthew 19:27, 28

Correct biblical interpretation has the ‘Regeneration’ or renewal of this world AFTER the Second Coming, when “the Son of Man sits on the throne of His glory”.

However, the new interpretation (this varies from one group to another) is either that Jesus is ALREADY on his throne, therefore the Kingdom of God is here already and needs administration; or, that the Church as the Body of Christ is to manifest Jesus corporately on earth and rule in his absence, until such time as Jesus himself returns – and this event will not occur immediately but could be dozens or hundreds or even thousands of years in the future, leaving plenty of time to transform the earth!

Thus, also, this gives the New Apostles permission to award themselves the promise granted by Jesus, that they will be “seated on thrones of glory” not in the time to come, but right here and now.

For this reason, they have been looking for a man ‘chosen by God’ as an appointed Head to assert himself over the nation and then the world, bring in universal righteousness, and raise them to their thrones, from there to govern in power!

Whether or not they believe they have found their man in Trump, also varies, but the consensus of opinion amongst the new churches is that he is indeed God’s Cyrus, to restore the land and the dominion to “New Israel” – who of course in their eyes is the Church.

Allegorical Interpretation

You have to realise something important: the new preachers read the same bible text as we do, but they interpret it as allegory. They don’t read it as history, or in a straightforward literal sense. To them, the bible is all about the victory of the Church. Thus the raising up of the dry bones in Ezekiel 37, the coming of Joel’s Army, [See here and here] and the liberation from Babylon, the return of Israel to the Promised Land, the rebuilding of the Temple, even in some cases the physical return of the Lord Jesus are allegorised into events that must take place for, and by the agency of, the present-day Church.

American evangelicals have compared Trump to the Persian ruler Cyrus since the Republican primaries. (This claim even made an appearance in the recently released film, The Trump Prophecy – see below.) They argue that just as Cyrus, scarcely a devotee of YHWH the God of Israel, served as God’s agent by authorizing Jewish exiles in Babylon to return to the Promised Land, and to rebuild the temple to YHWH, so the narcissistic and morally flawed Trump can advance the causes of the evangelical community—and by extension, the country. {Source]

Now influential false prophet and nutcase Mark Taylor has ramped up the delusion by launching a movie about Trump’s supposed role as God’s Chosen One.

“The Trump Prophecy”.

More than a thousand cinemas across the States are screening this movie, reaching even more trusting hopefuls longing for change. (And we all long for change in this ever-degrading social nightmare, but we disagree on how that can be achieved.)

According to this man, America has a pivotal role in bringing the world to Christ before the Second Coming and Donald Trump is the man anointed to do it! He sees a great Army of God (Joel’s Army?) as conquering the world for Christ. As nice as it would be to believe it, there is NO indication in scripture that the world will return to God before his coming, in fact just the opposite, since “desolations are decreed

After this period of sixty-two sets of seven, the Anointed One will be killed, appearing to have accomplished nothing, and a ruler will arise whose armies will destroy the city and the Temple. The end will come with a flood, and war and its miseries are decreed from that time to the very end”. [Daniel 9:26 New English Translation]

And also, in His Olivet Discourse, Christ said that deception, sin and wickedness would INCREASE prior to his return, and: “because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold” (Matthew 24:12). He likened those days to the utter depravity and universal sin of the days of Noah, and Lot in Sodom.

In those two example, the people – apart from a handful – did NOT turn to God for salvation but were entirely unheeding and blind until the very last moment. There was no revival!

POTUS Shield (See Here)

I recently came across another piece of the puzzle, linking the new christian dominion strategy to the White House, in a desire to use politics to their own advantage, and to advance by a strong delusion (‘so as to deceive the very elect’) their claim to be God-appointed rulers establishing the Kingdom of God.

This is POTUS Shield. It is not as you would imagine, POTUS as in “President of the United States” but the “Prophetic Order of the United States”, a group of latter-day ‘prophets’ who are engaging in so-called spiritual warfare to shield Donald Trump from the attacks they believe are coming against this man of God!

God told Frank Amedia that with Donald Trump having been elected president, Amedia and his fellow Trump-supporting “apostles” and “prophets” had a new mission. Thus was born POTUS Shield, a network of Pentecostal leaders devoted to helping Trump bring about the reign of God in America and the world. Amedia described the divine origins of POTUS Shield during a gathering that spread over three days in March 2017 at the northeastern Ohio church he pastors. … Amedia and other POTUS Shield leaders put forth their vision for a Christian America and their plans to bring it to fruition through prayer, political engagement and organizing in all 50 states.

POTUS Shield’s leaders view politics as spiritual warfare, part of a great struggle between good and evil that is taking place continuously in “the heavenlies” and here on earth, where the righteous contend with demonic spirits that control people, institutions and geographic regions. They believe that Trump’s election has given the church in America an opportunity to spark a spiritual Great Awakening that will engulf the nation and world. And they believe that a triumphant church establishing the kingdom of God on earth will set the stage for Christ’s return. Amedia says that the “POTUS” in the group’s name does not refer only to the president of the United States, but also to a new “prophetic order of the United States” that God is establishing.

  • Continue to read about it here:

The Conclusion

Thus it was, after all the pieces of this vast puzzle over the years – including the piece about Christians and Politics that dropped into my lap in the 70’s – it finally gelled this morning with a historical overview of American politics found here:

This encapsulates the longings, desires, hopes and dreams of America Christians, who once saw the Church merely as an instrument of gospel preaching, but whose desire for a godly nation led them to transition into a political movement that would overthrow sin, and ultimately change the world.

From looking to God for help, in a climate of escalating sin, they desperately began to pin their hopes on political solutions, as if man could do what God would not.

The bitter choice (but the same choice that faced Jesus Christ in Gethsemane) was to submit to God’s will EVEN if it appeared to mean failure and defeat, persecution and loss, so that the greater plan of God could come to pass.

The alternative was defying the scriptures and God’s will to demand social righteousness, biblical morality, prosperity, peace and national restoration at whatever cost to biblical truth.

Hardly anyone could believe that enforcing (by rule of law) biblical morality, and godly laws, and the advance of Christianity, could actually NOT be God’s way at this time!

Perhaps the congregations who faithfully attended church services before the Reformation thought along the same lines? Church+State = Kingdom of God?

Thus, making the human choice appeared to be the best route, and Christians can perhaps be forgiven for wanting godliness, and liberty to preach and teach the bible. However, it entailed at the same time trusting that “things will get better” if we only elect a MAN to advance our noble cause.

Historical Precedent

The process (as the short Youtube video states) started out innocently enough in the 60’s when Jimmy Carter – a born-again Christian – promised to support the Christian agenda – even though he eventually achieved little of what he hoped for. However, the concept of electing a pro-christian president took root in the public consciousness.

The video goes on to explain the influence of Jerry Falwell’s son, head of the evangelical Liberty University and a staunch defender of President Donald Trump. Falwell was instrumental in delivering 81% of white Christian evangelical voters for Trump in 2016. [Source]

He recently went on record as saying that the bible and Jesus Christ are not his influence when it comes to politics, and Jesus never meant them to be. We just have to use our common sense for that.

“I don’t look to the teachings of Jesus for what my political beliefs should be” Jerry Falwell Jnr.

As my article here points out, in order to engage in the kind of political chicanery that the rest of the world has been obliged to witness for the past three years, one must – like Jerry Falwell Junior – sideline the will of God and the scriptures, and turn away from the commands of Jesus, to seek for a worldview that is altogether more pleasing to the human condition.

At this time, when election fever is set to grip the United States once again, and Brexit fever grips the UK, it would be good to examine biblical prophecy, and seek the will of God intently in order to know what is HIS will for the nations.

15 thoughts on “Can Politicians Bring About Biblical Morality?

  1. Scripture gives the example of Obadiah in 1 Kings 18.

    Hi Wayne,
    Obadiah, and the other examples you give from scripture, were not elected representatives needing to pander to the whims and desires of the citizens of a secular nation to attain and maintain their position.


  2. Thanks for an excellent article, Trish. Sometimes, many of us don’t know some of the newer developments and it is appreciated that one, like you, puts in the time and effort to make the rest of us aware of them.
    There is one issue I would like to address, however. While it is true that Christians will not bring in a Christian society – outside of masses coming to faith in Christ (and this has occured at times historically) – I don’t think it true that Christians should never get involved in politics.
    There are several Biblical points which I believe support this. First, we are called to be salt within this world. Salt, is sprinkled all over the food, with a grain landing here and a grain landing there. Likewise, God places His children in all areas of the world. Hence, it stands to reason that some are placed by Him within the political arena to be salt and light in that arena. I personally know of one (a Canadian MP – member of parliament) who is a solid disciple of Christ and serves God and his constituency with faithful integrity. He has absolutely no association or interest in the NAR as you’ve described. He is part of a group of Christian MPs who meet regularly for prayer and fellowship here in Canada. They pray for their country (as all Christians are commanded to do in Scripture),
    Second, we have a few examples of those, who were godly, who served within a godless government, such as Obadiah (1 Kings 18:3ff) who served God faithfullyunder godless Ahab.
    Thirdly, we are called to be good citizens of where we are living, under whatever government we are living. Because we live in a democracy, where each citizen gets a vote and the opportunity to serve within the government, I believe we should take the opportunity to again be salt and light by promoting righteousness – in principle and in action. I believe this entails voting for the candidate, who most supports and promotes righteousness. After all Proverbs 14:34 makes it clear that, “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” It is only decent sense to vote for one who is for righteousness than for one who is for evil.
    I am not suggesting for a moment that we supplant the great commission our Lord has given us – to preach the Gospel and make disciples of those who respond in faith. However, let us recognize that sometimes political avenues can be used to help achieve those ends.
    God bless.


    • I personally know of one (a Canadian MP – member of parliament) who is a solid disciple of Christ and serves God and his constituency with faithful integrity.

      Hi Wayne,
      In Australia our current Prime Minister is well-known as an active member of a large Pentecostal church.
      Unlike your own Canadian example, Scott Morrison’s record as a politician brings into question any idea that he is a solid disciple of Christ, or that he serves God in anyway.

      He and his church are based in a region of Sydney known as The Shire. While the Murdoch press has labelled him “The Messiah From the Shire”, he has been widely labelled the Liar from the Shire.

      His tenure as PM has brought about two notable responses that I’ve seen online related to his church involvement..
      1) Those that use his example as a means of denigrating Christianity.
      2) Those that question his association with Christianity because of his example.

      While it may be possible for a Christian to seek political office, and they may start the journey with the best of intentions. In reality the nature of secular politics makes political success, without compromise of witness, highly unlikely, if not impossible.

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      • Onesimus: Yes, sadly, as Christ declared, the way to eternal life is narrow and difficult and there are few who find it. There are millions in our world today, who claim Christianity and who live contrary to Him and Scripture. This includes many in leadership (wolves in sheep’s clothing??).
        However, there can be some (a few) who are called to serve Christ even in a godless government. Scripture gives the example of Obadiah in 1 Kings 18. Paul refers to those who serve Christ and yet were part of Caesar’s household in Philippians 4:22 (whether they were actually in politics it is impossible to know, but they certainly had influence for Christ in the highest of the political hierarchy).
        So, while it may be difficult and scarce, it is not impossible for Christians to serve faithfully within government. As with the office of a true prophet of God, it is not for everyone and they are generally rejected even by many in the church. However, there are those, who are called by God to serve Him within the government.
        As you have illustrated, there are many, who name Christ, but denigrate and disgrace Him and His kingdom.
        I grew up Pentecostal, starting in 1955, and I knew and experienced what true Pentecost and discipleship was. I weep as I see how far removed from their roots the modern Pentecostals have moved. I’m convinced most are not even truly born-again by water and spirit as Jesus described in John 3. I’m convinced that Christ is still building HIS church and is in the process of bringing about a new reformation, where no one but He will be the central figure; where buildings will not be the central edifaces; where the Body is involved in edifying one another at every gathering together; where disciples are led by the Word and the Spirit and not rote, form, and man-made traditions,
        Let us continue to pray for Christ’s will to be done by His people. God bless.


    • (Wayne, I hope ths reply is posting to your comment, as I intend.)

      That is the fraught question, i’n’t ? Can a Christian serve, and BE a Christian, in a secular government ? Nearly fifty years of pondering that question, and I’m not to a “yes” or “no” answer yet.

      In our current governments, there are heavy considerations against the affirmative: for me, that “demos kratia” (“people rule”), by its very name, positions itself fundamentally counter to “the kingdom of God.”

      On the other hand, the anti-government heart of current American “conservatism” is clearly ungodly: a blazing manifestation of satan’s original sin, rebellion/lawlessness; and counter to God’s characterization of human governments as HIS ministers for good, and against evil-doers (Romans 13:1-7). The take-away has to be that human government is not a sphere constitutionally unfit for Christian participation: and is indeed one that especially REQUIRES Christians’ discernment of good and evil, to fulfill its mandate from God.

      The problem is that those Christians must enter into that ministry with the knowledge that “governments of men” are never “the Kingdom of God,” and cannot be made so. The problem is also that Christians in that ministry are charged with handling power (itself a corruptive agent), in a system which operationally affirms that the kingdom, the power, and the glory belong to man.

      The way to BE an unwavering Christian in those circumstances is doubtless especially difficult. Looking on as outsiders, we’d probably have to say that few there are who find it.

      Maybe there’s a clue in Acts 22. After one sermon, Paul cited his Roman citizenship to be delivered from the fury of the mob, and from the punishment of Roman law. In that instance, his citizenship in the world’s empire could be said to have aided his preaching the gospel.

      But Paul began his sermon there by strongly emphasizing his identity as a Jew. It may be a useful distinction between the incidental of our worldly citizenship, and our essential “true identity.”

      The evils that current “Christian” politics, and governments, and nations perpetrate are good evidence their “true identity” is Christian whatever. Their desire is for worldly power, obtained by the world’s means and used in the world’s ways, for mans glory.

      It’s probably harder in this time than any other, except Nazi Germany, for a Christian to participate in our worldly governments…except by God’s direct call. For most of us, I have to think His call is “Come out of her, my people, so that you will not participate in her sins and receive of her plagues” (Revelation 18:4).

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      • Greetings, Steve. Thank you for your comments.
        I agree with much of what you say. However, I believe what you espouse pretty much applies to ANY workplace the disciple of Christ finds himself/herself in today.
        Here are a few other Scriptural principles I think we need to keep in mind:
        (1) Scripture does tell us quite plainly that God removes national leaders and puts them in place (Daniel 2:21 ESV).
        (2) 2 Corinthians 6:2 tells us that we are workers together with Him. So, it follows that HE uses us to do His will in this world – including the workings of government, Let us not forget that God used His people to work in and influence ungodly governments (e.g. Daniel, Obadian [1 Kings 18]).
        (4) There may also be evidence of that in Philippians 4:22 referring to those who served under Caesar.


  3. It’s a telling point you brought out, coupling the “Seven Mountains” teaching with Revelation’s Harlot seated on seven hills/mountains.

    Your mention of Matthew 24 also reminded me that in Jesus’ discourse there (in response to the disciples’ asking about “…the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age,” v. 3), He repeatedly warns us to NOT be deceived (vv. 4, 5, 11, 24): and twice specifies that “false prophets” will be major agents of deception (vv. 11, 24).

    Having recently seen a particularly-vile politician claim (with a dramatic glance at the sky) that he is “the chosen one,” we probably know what the “false Christs” Jesus warns against will look like.

    We can probably also recognize the “false prophets” in the toadying “religious-leaders” who back up his claim, telling Christians that that same politician is “God’s choice” as our ruler.

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    • It’s a telling point you brought out, coupling the “Seven Mountains” teaching with Revelation’s Harlot seated on seven hills/mountains.

      If any section of scripture offered sirens and flashing warning lights surely THAT “coincidence” should be a notable example.

      And yet…
      Hook, line and sinker – swallowed without a second thought.


    • Having recently seen a particularly-vile politician claim (with a dramatic glance at the sky) that he is “the chosen one,” we probably know what the “false Christs” Jesus warns against will look like.

      Hi Steve,
      I think that “vile politician” (and those like him) are conditioning people to be ready for the biblical man of lawlessness when he is revealed.

      With claims of being “the chosen one”, “the King of Israel” and the “second coming of God” being glibly associated with the US president, and jokey titles like “Messiah from the Shire” being given to the Australian PM by the Murdoch press, I think we have examples of those Christ-associated titles being diluted in the minds of the public.

      As for the way professing Christians can give their allegiance to ungodly politicians today, I have to wonder how much stronger appeal a politician like them would have when ” all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders” are added to the mix.

      There’s a common analogy that refers to frogs and boiling water.

      Drop a frog in boiling water and it will jump right out.
      Drop a frog in cool water and turn up the heat, and the frog remains until it’s boiled to death.

      Today there are a lot of “frogs” enjoying the slowly increasing temperature of what seems to them like a soothing hot bath.


    • Hi, Wayne, and thanks for your thoughts.

      Apologies too for omitting the single most important word in my comment: “The evils that current “Christian” politics, and governments, and nations perpetrate are good evidence their “true identity” is NOT Christian whatever.”

      (1) Agreed that our leaders are by GOD’s choice (not, contrary democracy’s key premise, man’s). There is, however, no scriptural basis for presuming His choice for us will be blessing. That’s the manifest error the false prophets of America’s current president fall into.

      There is no question God is “the One forming light and creating darkness, causing well-being and creating calamity; I am the Lord who does all these” (Isaiah 45:7). Sovereign even over “darkness” and “calamity,” there are times when God’s choice is to let His people experience those consequences of their turning from Him…to bring them to their senses and repentance. (A recurring fact of God’s history with Israel that today’s false prophets seem to have missed in their frantic search for Old Testament examples of His blessing Israel through ungodly kings…as if ordaining “wellbeing” for His people, and never “calamity,” MUST always be God’s response.)

      (2) and (4) It’s true there are Biblical examples, and historical examples since, of Godly men influencing secular rulers, governments, and cultures, toward Godliness. The question is if Christians could have any such influence in the current American government.

      Proverbs 29:12 says “If a ruler listens to falsehood, all his officials will be wicked.” Americans seem to have a ruler who manifests that truth, in aces. Is there any real hope that…excepting always a Christian whom God SPECIFICALLY calls and empowers for that ministry…America’s current president would let near himself, or listen to, anyone who spoke truth to his power, or witnessed righteousness against his unrighteousness ?

      Don’t the current “Christian leaders” whom God called and empowered to do those very ministries show that their call to speak God’s word has been entirely corrupted in the current governmental situation ?

      I’d agree too that we are all commanded to manifest Christ’s rule in every situation of our lives, including our workplace. There are, however, special considerations that obtain in a workplace established against Christ’s assertion of Kingship; and in which the “product” is power…solely God’s possession, according to Jesus’ prayer that He told us to pray…rather than widgets.

      On those special considerations, my own conclusion is that this may be the time God is calling us all to “come out of” the world’s power-structures.

      BLESSING to all here ! Steve


  4. headline issues on which most Christians would agree, like anti-abortion …

    I’ve come to see the issue of abortion in US politics as being like the bait within a trap. It seems to be the prime issue to sway Christian support for certain politicians – however, even though Christian support for allegedly anti-abortion politicians continues, no hoped for (promised?) changes have come about.

    While that support (and alleged anti-abortion stance) now leads Christians to support the GOP, they overlook the fact that Roe vs Wade came about during a Republican presidency with a majority republican appointed Supreme court.

    By appealing to Christians regarding the matter of abortion, politicians have not only shown that politics will not “Bring About Biblical Morality” – the continued unfulfilled expectation of moral change allows politicians to continually use issues lie abortion as bait to maintain their support from Christians.


      • Onesimus, while it is true that Roe v, Wade has not been repealed, under the Trump administration there have been major inroads into the abortion issue. A number of states are severely limiting abortion; Just the other week, the federal government declined Planned Parenthood $60 million they would use for abortions and the 9th Curcuit Court denied them their attempt to override the federal government. So, while Roe v. Wade is not yet repealed, the right is making inroads toward that end,


    • Thank you. We should be grateful for the “inroads” made regarding abortion, but there should be nothing less than complete abolition of abortion, as we abolished the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. There are those that take issue with the larger pro-life movement and its leaders; in their view, they are only “chipping away” with regulations that only further limit abortions, but don’t completely eliminate it. I’m not saying that restrictions are a bad thing, nor am I implying these organizations want to keep aborition legal, but the end goal should be complete abolition of abortion. PERIOD. Like curing cancer, if cancer were once and for all eradicated, there would no longer be a need for all the organizations engaging in endless fundraising. I’m just throwing this view out there, not saying I agree or disagree per se.

      The United States has lots of problems, but I see the Ba’al worship of abortion as being the most heinous. And it IS Ba’al worship. God WILL judge us, and I believe he already has. I’m not going to comment on this blog how I believe He is doing that, just that He is; there are consequences. Let’s just say that I believe God might be saying something like this: “You don’t want children? Fine. I won’t give you any. But I will [do something else] in its place.”

      Alongside abortion is human trafficking. According to Jaco Booyens (, it is “north of” 300,000 (yes, 300,000) children trafficked in the US. PER DAY. PER DAY. In Texas ALONE, according to Booyens, it is “north of” 75,000 children trafficked PER DAY. It is a very, very profitable business. And it is a business. There are men with disposable income who can purchase children e3 times a week. In fact, it is such a good business, that the “customer” can tailor his “preferences” when purchasing a child. Jaco Booyens is originally from South Africa. His sister was trafficked there for six years before they could rescue her. It started with an opportunity to get into a singing career…….

      I knew sex trafficking was bad, but I didn’t know how bad until I heard Jaco Booyens. And I guarantee that most Americans/Westerners have no idea, either. Jeffrey Epstein is a drop in the bucket.


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