From Impartation To Psychiatric Nightmare

Reblogged from “Waking Up From the NAR” (six parts)

From ‘impartation to psychiatric nightmare’ – a mother’s story:

A recent series of blog posts has come to light, where a mother of 9 children (and foster mother of 4) shares her experience of dealing with the demonic results of innocently exposing her family to great deception.

“How did we get from a bible study, to impartations, and now a son in psychiatric care?  How can something as simple as an impartation lead to this?  What had I gotten myself into?  Even more, how was I so easily deceived?”

My Uneasy Experience at House Fire Ministries- Part 1

I think it’s time to tell a story and it may be a long one.  However, if I stay silent then I know there is a chance that others could fall into the same trap.

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My Experience Waking Up From The New Apostolic Reformation Movement (Quick Links)

Here are the quick links to mine and my family’s story getting free from the new false movement that is catching on around the world.  I am posting about it to warn others.  I pray you read this knowing it does not come from accusation but wanting others to see the signs before falling into it as easily as I did.

  • My Uneasy Experience at House Fire Ministries- Part 1
  • What Happened After We Left House Fire Ministries? Part 2
  • How the New Apostolic Reformation Movement Affected My Son- Part 3
  • How The NAR Movement Almost Killed My Son- Part 4
  • From Impartation to a Psychiatric Nightmare- Part 5
  • Waking Up From Deception of NAR – Part 6
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2 thoughts on “From Impartation To Psychiatric Nightmare

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    I think it’s important to share testimonies of Christians who have managed, by God’s grace, to come out of the deceptions that are rife in our age of apostasy – the great falling away that the Bible warns of in the Last Days. My thanks to Tricia Tillin (Banner Ministries) for her re-blog.

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