The Third Temple Could Be Built Immediately

I recently watched the video below, with some hesitation and skepticism. However, having seen it – and then researched the subject and read portions of Ernest Martin’s book (link below) I am convinced.

The original, biblical Temple was NOT situated on the Temple Mount but in the City of David alongside, by the spring Gihon.

The video – and even more so the articles and books – give verse after verse in the bible, as well as quotes from historians such as Josephus who knew the location of Herod’s Temple, to confirm the facts in the video.

This is exciting news for all bible students and endtime watchers, because it means there is NO impediment to the building of the third Temple. That is, if the authorities are willing to change their minds about the location, which is a huge issue.

Nonetheless, we KNOW from the Book of Revelation that there will be a third temple. This will not be God’s true temple, nor the The Millennial Temple of Ezekiel 40-48, but an offense to God, where ultimately the Antichrist will seat himself as God.

All the preparations are done. The garments, vessels and even the High Priest are ready. All that needs to be done now is obtain permission to begin building!

The Coming Temple

“Filmed in the Old City of Jerusalem, this ground-breaking documentary investigates the research of renowned Biblical archaeologists, Bob Cornuke, David Seilaff and Earnest L. Martin who claim that Solomon and Herod’s Temples never stood on the Haram al Sharif, also known as the Temple Mount. If they are right, then there is nothing to stop the Jewish people building their long awaited for Third Jewish Temple in the actual site where the Temples once stood. But is tradition too strong?”

Book: The Temples That Jerusalem Forgot, by Ernest I. Martin

His Introduction

I met Professor Mazar’s son, Ory, who was the first to recommend to me that the Temples of Solomon and Zerubbabel were located on the Ophel mound just to the north of the original Mount Zion on the southeast ridge. He said that his father was leaning in that direction at the time of his death. After a study of six months, in 1995 I wrote a preliminary report that suggested strongly that this theory was indeed correct for the two earlier Temples. … Mr. Bill Lavers in England in reading closely the texts in Josephus mentioned that Herod stated dogmatically that his Temple (though enlarged to be double in size of the former Temple) was still located in the same general area as that of the former Temples.

But then I noticed the eyewitness account of Eleazar who led the final contingent of Jewish resistance to the Romans at Masada. He stated that the Roman fortress which had long been in Jerusalem was the only structure left by 73 C.E. With this key in mind, I came to the conclusion in 1997 that all the Temples were indeed located on the Ophel mound over the area of the Gihon Spring. It then became clear that the dimensions of the Temple (with its unique shape and characteristics) was not the Haram esh-Sharif.

This book is a result of my concluding research that shows that the Temples of God in Jerusalem were indeed located over the Gihon Spring and not over the Dome of the Rock.

Much more information and updates here:

8 thoughts on “The Third Temple Could Be Built Immediately

  1. This will not be God’s true temple.

    So perhaps the genuine location of the original temple isn’t important, as long as enough people with authority can be convinced of an alternate “legitimate” site to build there would be no reason for them not to go ahead as soon as they are able.

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    • There’s no biblical reason. This is all down to the Jewish authorities making a choice, and their obvious choice is placing it where they think it’s always been, on the Temple Mount. If they could be made to see the original site wasn’t there, it opens up new possibilities for them.


  2. Occasionally, I run across the idea that the temple isn’t a literal temple at all, but, since after Christ’s resurrection WE are considered the temple of the Holy Spirit, the abomination that sets itself up in the temple is the New Age, worldwide “religion” that claims godhood within ourselves, in essence usurping the Holy Spirit’s role.


    • I’ve seen that belief too, but I don’t accept it. We are indeed the true Temple of God, but during the tribulation the Jews will build a physical temple in which a real person, the Antichrist, will seat himself and declare himself as God, and also a statue of him will be placed there. It’s not feasible or necessary to read all that as a mere allegory. These events will literally take place. Added to which, the Jews have already begun to rebuild by amassing all the vessels, garments and everything else needful.


      • I’ve seen teaching on this down these last few years and it’s definitely not on the Temple mount. The next one will be destroyed and scripture says that the Messiah will rule from Zion’s hill. Another thought, I was also taught that the words around the idea that we are the ‘Temple’ really mean the Holy of Holies. Even more precious.


  3. Hi Tricia, What are your thoughts on the identity of the whore of Babylon? For some time I’ve believed that scripture points to Jerusalem as the whore but I’m not sure.


    • This is a huge subject so I can’t reply in full, but the bible does identify her in part at least as “that great city in which our Lord died” – but in a wider sense the Harlot was once the covenanted wife of God who turned aside (thus the apostate Jews) but also the House of God and the promised Bride of Christ, some of whom in the last days “lose their love” and reject the true Messiah.


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