No, the Beast is NOT Here: A Response to Celeste Solum

Commentary from E5-11 Ministry: One of the main points I was making in my “What’s Really Coming” series was that the New World Order is NOT the Beast of Revelation 13, and that what the conspiracy community had been talking about and exposing for decades was not the beast kingdom but rather a counterfeit.

The destruction of this counterfeit NWO (if that were possible) would lead to a FALSE peace, a faked renaissance; in actual fact it would be the time of “peace and security” that the apostle Paul said would come just before the “sudden destruction” – falling upon a unsuspecting world that had unwittingly embraced and worshiped the beast (1 Thess. 5:3).

I theorized that the NWO being the beast would be central to the coming great deception – THE great deception that the Christian community had been so worried about for decades.

Escalation in 2020

This year we have seen this deception reach a chilling level of maturity with widespread fears of the “mark of the beast” and related subjects.

Discerning Christians can see the effects that this simple, yet brilliantly deceptive, idea has had on masses of people. If people think the present-day NWO/deep state/elite is the beast of Revelation 13, they will be too focused on the fake to see the real beast coming.

As I say in my book, “The False Apocalypse”, “In order to pull off his trick, the magician must divert the audience’s attention. In our case, the New World Order is the diversion, and Satan the great magician.” And the way Satan diverts the audience’s attention is by simply using the right words in the wrong way.

Satan knows the scriptures. He knows that the books of Daniel and Revelation refer to the kingdom of the antichrist as a great beast. So, it’s really not all the difficult for Satan to simply slap the “beast” label on something else to get humanity’s eyes fixated on the wrong thing.

Distraction is the Plan

If people think the beast has already risen, they won’t see the real beast when he/it finally does rise. Similarly, if people think they’ve already rejected the ‘mark of the beast’, in whatever form it’s being presented to them, they are perfectly set up to accept the REAL one, because their fears about the mark have already been alleviated.

This is the purpose of people like Celeste Solum, who feed this deception that the beast and his mark have already emerged.

In one of her latest videos, titled “The BEAST is HERE!”, Celeste links her version of the “beast” with what she calls “fallen angel technology and witchcraft,” the latter being some kind of “obedience spell” that the elites are casting over humanity.

And for those who are familiar with my ministry, this would fall on the “black magic” side of an occult war between “the light and the dark.”

Knowing the Real from the False

I believe the true Antichrist system emerges from the white magic side, not the black magic side. Eventually, believers in Christ will be linked with the “black magic” agenda, which will be used as the primary justification for their beheadings by the Antichrist.

This is the Gnostic spirituality behind conspiracy theory, the leaders of which blame Yahweh (the true Lord God) for the black magic New World Order control system. It has deceptively been painted as the beast of Revelation 13. But apparently not much deception is required. Thousands just take it for granted. Again, it boils down to a simple use of words, which is apparently enough to throw people off the tracks.

Bayesian Evolution Bunkum

According to Solum, there is a research project linked with this “beast system” called Bayesian Evolutionary Analysis Sampling Trees, which spells out the suspiciously (and quite frankly, comically) obvious acronym, BEAST. A solid understanding of the Scriptures informs us that only the discernment of the Holy Spirit can help us recognize the true beast and his satanic “father.” []

But no one needs God-given discernment to see that “BEAST” in all caps. This is a trap for the spiritually naive.

Solum’s videos are promoted right along with those of David Icke and other Gnostic-conspiracy theorists, because their fundamental messages align with one another.

They all feed into the New Age view of the end times. Using words and phrases like “fallen angels,” “Tower of Babel,” “Satan,” and “the saving blood of Jesus Christ,” Solum deceives professing Christians into believing that she’s one of them. But make no mistake: she, no less than David Icke, is assisting in the New Age “divine plan” of exposing the “darkness” to usher in the “light.”

Neo-Gnostic Beliefs

Solum’s language reveals her New Age-Gnostic allegiance. The back of her book “7 Thunders Revealed” (the title alone of which is problematic) reads: “Every culture and religion agree that this is the last cycle of time. Persecution and extinction are written in the very fiber of our DNA recollection. Our consciousness may not remember, but our cells do.”

Her references to the laws of nature, cycles, collective memory (“DNA recollection”), and consciousness reek of an Alice Bailey-esque view of reality, which is to say nothing of her implied endorsement of other “cultures and religions” and their apparent “agreement” regarding the end times.

Even the name of Celeste’s broadcast, “The Celestial Report,” hints at a New Age obsession with the universe and creation in general, in contrast to a biblically-based love for the true Creator.

As Paul says in Romans 1:25, they “exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator.”

One of Solum’s main points in her videos and articles is the DNA alteration that not only the vaccine, but mere coronavirus testing, will supposedly bring about.

She claims that by simply being tested, your “eternal destiny” will be changed because you will have accepted fallen angel DNA, bought into the beast system, and joined Satan’s kingdom, the implication being that you are now eternally damned to hell because you had a swab inserted into your nasal cavity.

Fearmongers Thrive

These claims are Gnostic nonsense – shall we say, “Gnon-sense” – meant to deceive people into thinking that the beast has already risen and engender rebellion worldwide.

It’s also worth noting that she believes humanity’s DNA has already been altered in the past, and that most humans living today have altered DNA, an idea I’ve heard over and over again in the New Age – that we have “reptilian” DNA. This, of course, completely contradicts her fears of COVID testing or vaccination altering our DNA, because if our DNA has already been altered, what’s the issue with further alteration?

The Days of Noah

Solum’s warning about the elites’ desire to “alter our DNA” plays on the “days of Noah” fears that I believe have been taken way too far by the Christian prophecy community.

While I am not suggesting there is no Genesis Six correlation with the end times whatsoever (and I do believe in the “angels” interpretation of “sons of God”), I am very concerned about the extremity to which many take Christ’s warning about the last days being like the days of Noah. The extreme degree of this correlation has been inspired in large part by the elevation of the Book of Enoch to the level of honorary “canonization” by leading Christian prophecy researchers.

In Matthew 24:38-39, Christ says:
“For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and did not know until the flood came and took them all away, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.”

Judging by the biblical text only, Christ seems to be merely saying that the main correlation to draw between the days of Noah and the last days is humanity’s utter obliviousness to the coming destruction.

The Lord Himself gives no indication that these two time periods would be identical in nearly every way. And He certainly does not point to the idea of the world being overrun by Nephilim hybrids in the last days, an idea that has been heavily embraced by the conspiracy community, something which should give discerning Christians pause.

This is not to say that no “hybrids” will be on the earth at all. But I think it’s important to recognize that Christ makes no direct mention of it.

Artificial intelligence

Solum’s focus on artificial intelligence behind the “beast system” plays into the Gnostic conception of the end times perpetuated by the likes of Alex Jones and David Icke, a concept popularized by the Matrix films, which themselves portray a Gnostic view of reality.

In her article that expands upon the video, Solum claims that “an army of robot scientists” seek to control us, echoing the imagery of David Icke’s book “The Robots’ Rebellion,” which urges that we must rebel against this AI agenda.

Icke links the AI agenda with the “archons,” who themselves are supposedly “artificial” beings. This is why the New Age largely rejects transhumanism – despite many leading Christian prophecy researchers’ suggestion to the contrary – because for the “divine human” to mix with any technology would be a “spiritual downgrade,” hence the characters in the Matrix resisting the AI controllers of their reality, “awakening” their power within, and becoming more powerful than the machines.

Everything about Solum’s version of the beast system is about fear and coercion, yet another characteristic that doesn’t line up with the Bible’s portrayal of the beast.

Painting it as a mechanism of control, she calls the beast system a “web of spells,” echoing David Icke’s metaphor for the New World Order as a giant “spider’s web.”

The World is Not Forced to Accept the Mark

Naturally, she perpetuates the widespread misconception that the mark of the beast will be FORCED on humanity. But a proper understanding of the Scriptures indicates that humanity will not be coerced to accept the beast’s true mark when it finally does come.

As John is clear to state in Revelation, the world marvels at and worships him, and humanity willingly takes his mark in response to the satanic persuasion of the false prophet.

One of the reasons for this willingness to take the mark is that beast rises after a LEGITIMATE world crisis that leaves BILLIONS dead (the red, black, and pale horses of Rev. 6), and humanity at that point will be clamoring for a savior.

And many of these people clamoring for a savior will have already bought into the lie that the beast and antichrist system have already come, and are about to be overthrown, perfectly setting up the true Antichrist to be worshiped as Jesus Christ coming to destroy the beast system.

Here we can see the purpose and power of this current deception, that says the beast has already risen.


According to Solum, even the masks are about making us “bow to the god of social justice,” feeding the idea that by rejecting the mask and everything else that goes along with it, the good Christian is refusing to worship the beast and thus getting one step closer to fully entering the Kingdom of God.

Solum’s propaganda is undoubtedly intended by Satan to “awaken” the Promethean spark of rebellion within people, a spark which will eventually lead to the burning of a “divine fire” within millions and millions of human hearts and the global initiation into the New Age.

An integral part of this initiation process is the confrontation with “darkness” and “fear,” which I believe Satan has cranked up to the nth degree in 2020. The growing rejection of this “system of fear” is merely a part of the process in humanity’s initiation into the New Age of “light and love,” which is where the foundation of the true beast kingdom is being laid.

After having passed through the “darkness” of NWO tyranny, the world will begin seeing and entering the “light” of New Age freedom.

Celeste Solum is not calling for her listeners to reject the mark of the beast. She’s calling for them to rebel against the “control matrix” of the archons, pushing the Gnostic propaganda that we live in a matrix from which we must unplug or escape in order to be truly free.


We do NOT live in a matrix. No true freedom comes by rejecting a mask or a COVID-19 test, nor does it come by “standing up for your rights.” True and complete freedom comes only by blood of Christ, through accepting Him as Lord and Savior. There is no other freedom to be found anywhere.

I believe that what Celeste and her New Age-Gnostic cohorts are “exposing” is not the agenda of the beast but that of the great harlot of Babylon, who rides the beast until she is finally destroyed by the beast’s ten horns (Rev. 17:16).

For decades, Satan has been painting the harlot as a counterfeit “beast” to help build a global rebellion against her. What we are witnessing is a prelude to the harlot’s destruction by the beast, then to be followed by the ACTUAL beast’s destruction by the ACTUAL Jesus Christ, Who comes on the clouds.

Contrary to what Celeste Solum and her cohorts preach, the Beast is NOT here.

Neither the Antichrist nor his system have risen yet. Their way is being prepared, yes – but they are still yet to fully rise. And I urge Christians to be cautious of any teachers, preachers, ministries, or YouTube channels who perpetuate this idea. They are either deceived, or part of the deception itself.

Despite her deceit, I will admit that Solum is correct to call confusion a “signature of Satan.” But what she doesn’t tell you – perhaps because she’s not aware of it herself – is that SHE herself is one of these tools of confusion.

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Original Video by Celeste Solum – “The BEAST is Here!” – 7/13/20

7 thoughts on “No, the Beast is NOT Here: A Response to Celeste Solum

  1. Thank you Trish. This is a very informative & enlightning discussion that relates current world activities & developments to the Word which has gone out & will not return void to the one true Creator.


  2. Matthew 24:6-8 is the Messiah’s warning re false beginnings and false endings, indicating
    believers’ chronological confusions. You say: “Since the mark of the beast is universally believed to be given only after the midpoint of the seven year period…” referencing Daniel 9:27 universally-misunderstood “middle of the week”.
    It’s far too technical to explain herein but the english translation “week” should be rendered ‘cycle’ referencing a Jubilee cycle of 49 [+1 overlapping] years’ duration. eg., 2020 C.E. being the midpoint of the final 120th.cycle of 1996 to 2045 C.E. which marks the gradual destruction of the current global system.


    • As a Biblical Hebrew scholar I have to wonder where you get the information that “week” should be translated “cycle.” There certainly is no legitimacy to this translation from the Hebrew, the Scripture, nor the Jewish culture. The word used in the Hebrew is ‏שָׁבוּעַ‎ shāvûaʿa noun meaning “period of seven, week.” It does not mean “cycle” or “a Jubilee cycle of 49.”

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you, Tricia for another great article exposing some of the counterfeits (wolves in sheep’s clothing). I’ve never heard of those listed in your article because I’m more concerned with spending my time studying the truth (God’s Word). I have found that when one focuses on knowing the true, then the counterfeit jumps out as such. It is good, however, for people like you to bring such to our attention.

    Liked by 1 person

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