A Coming (Luciferic) Global Revival?

Great Awakening 2020

For a few days I have had a message burning in my heart, and today I was about to make a start on sharing that. That is when (coincidentally, if you believe in coincidences) I saw today’s video posted by the E5-11 ministry.

I had no intention of posting another video from the E5-11 ministry, but this one is a direct confirmation to me of the subject I was also covering. Its title is “Great Revival or Great Deception?”

I have posted that video below to share it with you, but what I have to say is perhaps even more urgent and important because it relates to a great evil that is about to be unleashed.

What if there IS a Revival?

Two days ago while in prayer, the Lord caused me to ask this question: “But what if there IS a Great Revival?” I don’t mean a genuine one – I don’t believe the bible speaks of any great global revival that will change the world before Jesus comes back.

What shocked me to the point of tears was the thought of a world-shaking false revival of spiritual power that is not from God, but nonetheless manages to persuade millions that it is biblical Christianity. How many would be deceived?

It would not be preaching of the true gospel, like previous revivals, but would mostly promote spiritual experiences, emotions, excitement, entertainment, and an infilling of power that is demonic, but all in the name of the Christian God.

Decades of Prophesies

I had long known that the false preachers such as Paul Cain and Bob Jones have pushed the idea of a massive revival, with so-called prophecies of entire cities turning to God, people falling on their knees in the streets, whole hospitals receiving healing and so forth, but I always scoffed and thought nothing of the kind can ever happen.

But what if God allows it?? What if God’s restraining hand is going to be pulled back to allow delusion to arise worldwide (but particularly in America.)?

What if the many pronouncements and prophesies about a “great revival” and “great awakening” actually result in a FALSE worldwide movement that many are led to believe is a Christian revival, although it will be the greatest religious deception every perpetrated?

The Coming of the ‘Spirit’ Amplified a Hundredfold

This revival would go beyond the Toronto Blessing, Brownsville, Lakeland, Florida, the New Apostolic Reformation and all the previous “outpourings” that have led to the watered-down false church system we see today.

It would incorporate the same spiritual deception and false signs and wonders, but would somehow be convincing enough to slot right in to the current demand for world-healing and restoration.

In this article about the False Fire, written in 2009 by Hank Hanegraaf, he says:

Christianity is undergoing a paradigm shift of major proportions — a shift from faith to feelings; from fact to fantasy; and from reason to esoteric revelation. This paradigm shift is what I call the Counterfeit Revival. Prophets of the Counterfeit Revival claim that a bloody civil war is going to polarize the entire Christian community. On one side will be those who embrace new revelations. On the other will be those who obstinately cling to reason. One “prophet” went so far as to say, “God is going to renovate the entire understanding of what Christianity is in the nations of the Earth….In twenty years there will be a totally different understanding of Christianity as we know it.” (Reference is to Mike Bickle, Overview of Corporate Long Term Vision (n.p.), 5 January 1986; audiotape.)

Bickle, alarmingly, was right. Today look around you and see the number of churches riddled with this teaching, and there indeed is a “different understanding of Christianity” that emphasises spiritual power and miracles, feelings and experiences along with prophecies and visions and dreams, and rarely referring to scripture.

How many today who claim to be Christian are prepared to walk the narrow way, and die to self, to take up their cross for Christ, instead of living the high life of self-indulgence and sin “in the name of Jesus”.

Forging Onwards to Revival

This new experience of Christianity is now coming out of the church buildings and onto the streets, preparing to reach the people in the world.

The masses have been mentally massaged to believe that they must rise up against evil powers that are about to take their freedom. If the Church is willing to show them the way, they will be only too happy to accept it.

One Bethel-affiliated group (to give one small example) gathered to demand “Let Us Worship” and as you see from their proclamation and website, they believe in a Great Revival.

I feel sure, reading between the lines, that they see the current times of chaos as a sign of the rebellion of Americans against the hidden “elite” and thus a perfect moment to introduce the Christian form of the Great Awakening that is being promoted to all who are persuaded to “go down the rabbit hole” and see everything in the world from a new angle.

I might add at this point, the new perspective they want you to adopt is that most beneficial to the introduction of a new world saviour who promises freedom and enlightenment for all.

We know him as the Antichrist. (Or, his religious counterpart, the False Prophet.)

“Bethel worship leader Sean Feucht seen here at the protest meeting in CA, is blending political activism with worship by holding outdoor worship gatherings throughout the U.S. in response to government regulations implemented because of COVID-19. (They are due to meet in Portland on August 8th.) [Source]

The 18th century Great Awakening was a religious one, and so I believe we are seeing the merging of two great ideals today: the Qanon [and conspiracy groups] concept of social reawakening and the idea of a religious reawakening. Becoming “enlightened” is the aim of BOTH.

This has nothing to do with the God of the bible!

Please take a quick look at this video promoting the Great Awakening which she explains in these words: “bringing in a massive cosmic shift – everything we have believed is going to be ?precipitated” (cannot hear this word – what do you think she said?)  But her meaning is completely clear. All reality as we perceive it will change as we awaken to the new-age “truth”, that we are in fact the only masters of the universe, and therefore must arise to heal our earth.

But I wonder if the luciferic new consciousness she talks about will also be available at the revival meetings, where you can receive the “fire” of the “spirit” just as they did at Brownsville, Bethel and many more centres of revival.

In saying that there is going to be a fundamental and global shift in consciousness, she is repeating almost word for word what false teacher Mike Bickle said in the 80’s about Christianity!!

How do you suppose satan is going to bring about a new world order without causing global mistrust in our present reality, and introducing the idea of a cosmic shift in our perception, so that black is white and white is black?

The Return 2020: A Great Revival? Or A Great Deception? [TEASER]

Within the video clips here, Alex Jones says “we are the ANTI Occult”. In other words, his side is the side of right and good, and justice, and freedom. He’s on the right side, the side of light! But this is the light from Lucifer that is now illuminating those who are ready for a “change in consciousness” a “spiritual awakening”, and “enlightenment” in preparation for the world’s renewal.

So Alex Jones is calling his followers to rise up, in a great movement of warriors who are prepared to give their very lives for what he says is “freedom from evil”, and get ready to kill as many of the elite as possible to cleanse America and the world from what he believes are secretive powers running everything behind the scenes.

Alex Jones Tells His Listeners to Get Ready to Die in Fight Against New World Order

Are you a warrior for this world and its healing, or a humble servant of the God who promised to return and judge all evil in his own way and in his own time?

The Great Awakening Origins

The Great Awakening was a religious revival that impacted the English colonies in America during the 1730s and 1740s. Many historians believe the Great Awakening had a lasting impact on various Christian denominations and American culture at large.

First Great Awakening
In the 1700s, a European philosophical movement known as the Enlightenment, or the Age of Reason, was making its way across the Atlantic Ocean to the American colonies. Enlightenment thinkers emphasized a scientific and logical view of the world, while downplaying religion.

The stage was set for a renewal of faith, and in the late 1720s, a revival began to take root as preachers altered their messages and re emphasized faith for salvation. Most historians consider Jonathan Edwards, a Northampton Anglican minister, one of the chief fathers of the Great Awakening. Edwards is credited for inspiring hundreds of conversions, which he documented in a book, “Narratives of Surprising Conversions.”

George Whitefield, a minister from Britain, also had a significant impact during the Great Awakening. In one year, Whitefield covered 5,000 miles in America and preached more than 350 times.

Second Awakening
In the 1790s, another religious revival, which became known as the Second Great Awakening, began in New England. This movement is typically regarded as less emotionally charged than the First Great Awakening. It led to the founding of several colleges, seminaries and mission societies.

A Third Great Awakening was said to span from the late 1850s to the early 20th century. Some scholars, however, disagree that this movement was ever a significant event.

Modern Day Awakening

But now the churches and “spiritual” people everywhere are using the term Great Awakening to mean something so far from biblical evangelism as to be “completely different”, just as Mike Bickle said.

The Church and the World are forging an alliance to try to bring about a new world, to “defeat the enemy” according to Alex Jones, and to overthrow the demons, principalities and powers in the heavenlies.

In the E511 video above,  you will hear that awakened people are to be the “salvation of our country”. But are we human beings supposed to bring salvation and political righteousness? NO! Only God can achieve universal righteousness.

They are proclaiming WAR. Is this how we are to change the world? Is this how evil is defeated?


I want you to read just one of the many statements by “enlightened” Christians of today. He is replying to a question and notice that he says God’s plan is NOT the Rapture but that everyone on the planet wakes up and welcomes the 1000 years of peace that WE (not God) create!

Are You Ready?

If you do not have a biblical foundation, if you do not personally KNOW and TRUST God, the Rock, how can you prevent yourself being swayed off balance and led into falsehood in the last days, when you are caused to doubt your version of reality??

The world will not only accept, but WORSHIP the god of these new ideas, and there will be nobody on the sidelines. Either you will accept the new world of “light” that is the wisdom of the ages as inspired by Lucifer the Lightbringer, OR you will cling to the will of God even unto death.

THERE IS NO MIDDLE PATH. You are either one of the “workers of light” who have received a new spirit of god-consciousness (that YOU are a god!! that YOU can bring about peace, harmony and goodwill for all) OR you are deeply and honestly committed to the God of Truth who is the world’s only hope.

Shake off the lies! Open your eyes! Come away from the deceivers on the Internet, and get into the word of God, and pray, pray, pray for wisdom, understanding and truth from GOD for your ongoing path.

Matthew 7:21-23
“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’

12 thoughts on “A Coming (Luciferic) Global Revival?

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  2. I’ve noticed a few videos on YouTube recently referring to the approach “Global Reset”.

    Ans a lot of the false prophetic nonsense being circulated about the US election outcome is promoting Trump as a saviour figure who will rid the US of abortion and also instigate national, then international revival.


  3. Yes, only those disciples who know His Voice that is in His Verses …. that compare every voice to the truths revealed in the Scriptures — After showing Himself to His disciples for 40 days after His resurrection, He ascended upward, into the clouds, and went to His Father. The angel declared to those watching as He went up into the clouds … Acts 1:9f

    9 After He had said this, they watched as He was taken up, and a cloud hid Him from their sight. 10 They were looking intently into the sky as He was going, when suddenly two men dressed in white stood beside them.

    11“Men of Galilee,” they said, “why do you stand here looking into the sky? This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen Him go into heaven.”……

    This is the way He will come for His church to remove us prior to the time of Jacob’s Trouble, the wrath of God being poured out upon all who refused the love of the TRUTH. Then, He will return WITH His bride to the earth …. where every eye will behold Him.

    This cosmic lie is indeed part of the strong delusion that these same New Age deceivers have spouted out since the 50’s.


    • “He will come for His church to remove us prior to the time of Jacob’s Trouble,”
      Hi Karen,

      Jacob’s Trouble, also known as the Great Tribulation.
      I have studied all of the rapture texts (removal of the church) and have found it will not occur before the tribulation. That is made most clear in Matt 24 and Mark 13 where it specifically says that the elect will be gathered after the tribulation.

      I’ve addressed all of the texts in an article on my blog here:


      I believe scripture refers to a either a post-trib or a pre-wrath rapture,but definitely not a pre-trib.

      Pre-wrath looks at believers being caught up prior to the Lord’s wrath being poured out onto the earth; the tribulation is not the Lord’s wrath, it is Satan making war on God’s people, including both the church and Israel (hence the term Jacob’s Trouble) leading to unprecedented martyrdom, and eventually Israel’s salvation through the recognition of their Messiah, Jesus.


  4. Hi Tricia,

    I subscribe to your blog and we have chatted in the comments. I have a question and I can’t seem to find it online.

    I’ve been studying Daniel and it seems that there are in fact 2 different “little horns” mentioned.

    The first comes from the goat, who I believe is Greece. This little horn I think represents Antiochus epiphanes.

    The second little horn appears on the 7 headed beast (which I believe is the same beast that John sees).

    I know the popular opinion is that its a single little horn, but they are on 2 different beasts. Greece is different from the fourth beast.

    Does this make sense? I would really appreciate your response and view because I don’t have anyone to go over this with that I trust (and who is able to respond)

    Thank you,


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  7. “Bethel worship leader Sean Feucht seen here at the protest meeting in CA, is blending political activism with worship by holding outdoor worship gatherings throughout the U.S. in response to government regulations implemented because of COVID-19

    One thing that seems to unite both extremes of “the church” is politics, particularly in the US.
    And the opposition to COVIC-19 restrictions is a clear example of that united thinking. As well as the extreme charismatic example cited above, at the opposite end of the spectrum is anti-charismatic John MacArthur insisting on holding services at his church despite the restrictions imposed by government.

    And not long ago on his blog, Bill Randles, very strong critic of Rodney Howard Browne, wrote to state his support of Browne’s stance regarding holding church services that saw Browne arrested.

    There needs to be strong wariness about that blend of religion and politics and the desire/expectation for politics to facilitate religious belief and practice.

    Reportedly the greatest revival ever seen is happening in China where the divide between politics and religion is very clear. The church there is thriving and growing BECAUSE their faith and the nation’s politics DON’T mix; because there is a clear political hostility against the church.

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  8. I seem to remember New Ager Barbara Marx Hubbard teaching her interpretation of Christ’s Second Coming, which is that he will “return” in some kind of worldwide, cosmic event where those who are ready will experience a “birth” of the Christ Consciousness within. In other words, Christ’s return occurs within us – it is not an actual physical return to Earth. This may be part of the reason they don’t believe in a rapture.


    • You’re exactly right. The NAR rejects the ‘rapture’, because they are post-millennial. And Bob Jones, speaking at Bill Johnson’s Bethel Church, claimed, Recently, the Lord spoke to me and said, “I’m coming IN my people–Christ in you, the hope of glory–I’m comin’ IN my people.” Jone’s usage of Colossians 1:27 is precisely how Alice Bailey uses it.

      And Marx Hubbard also has an equivalent Joel’s Army teaching, though she doesn’t call it by that name.

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