The Persistence of Error

Nothing is quite as powerful or resistant to change as belief. That is a good thing when the belief is founded on truth and God-given fact, such as the scriptures.

Although the devil comes up with seemingly irrefutable evidence to contradict God and his word – as he did when he tested the Lord Jesus in the desert – just like Jesus we can answer him with the bible truths that are everlasting and not susceptible to change or alteration.

On the other hand, when a firmly held belief is contrary to the facts, it becomes a snare from which it is difficult to escape.

Today, the day after the inauguration of a new American President, many who followed the QAnon “drops” and the declarations of so-called prophets are shaken (some to the point of rage) that what they believed – were confidently told – would happen before or at that event, did not occur.

Can Qanon Survive This Inauguration?

Even during the very Inauguration itself, when the military did NOT arrive with “sealed indictments” and orders from Trump to arrest Biden and most of the others gathered there, some believers were still saying be patient, have faith in the plan, wait, you will see, it’s going to happen, God won’t let us down, we must win.

Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance is what happens when something you have trusted for your very life, and staked your entire belief-structure and reputation upon, turns out to be wrong.

The shock is so great, a jarring of belief and reality, that many people would rather escape into fantasy than accept that they were wrong.

So, today the tales are spreading, that:

  • The Great Storm will happen in March instead
  • The Military wanted to wait a longer time to gather more evidence of crimes against “the left”
  • Trump is still President because Biden was sworn in eleven minutes before the official time of noon
  • America is a Republic so Biden cannot genuinely be its President
  • Trump will emerge like Lazarus after four days to a new reign; or after three days like Jesus.

This last resurrection fantasy (easily disproven after three days) is so close to making Trump a christ-like figure that it is disturbing in the extreme.

False Prophets Still Trusted

One of the worst aspects of this trust in “the plan” is the absolute and unshaken reliance on dreams, visions and declarations from a range of “prophets” in the Church and on the Internet.

List of Prophets who Got it Wrong

The video below by a Christian who (please listen to what he says) is NOT a liberal, but is concerned about what so-called prophets have been saying – and their prophecies have been believed so absolutely that Christians today are literally incapable of refuting them, or believing otherwise!

Truth and Right Behaviour, Not Self

My previous blog post also was not intended to be “political” – I am not an American, and as well as that, I am a Conservative (British version of Republican) and not a “liberal” – but I am still disturbed by unbiblical behaviour and false teaching.

Unbiblical attitudes and behaviour are wrong no matter from what political affiliation

That blog was about the followers of the false teachers and false prophets turning into cussing, hateful, violent critics when one of their own (in this case Jeremiah Johnson) repents of having spoken a false prophecy.

It doesn’t matter what president or leader they follow, if they cannot accept correction or contradiction then something is very wrong with their faith.

Have you ever noticed that it’s people with shaky strange beliefs (not just Christian, but across the spectrum) who react most violently and hatefully when someone contradicts them. They get enraged, spit out instant condemnation, make personal insults, call people ignorant liars, and then block them so they don’t have to hear the truth anymore!

This is not the behaviour of people who quietly and peacefully hold to a truth that stands the test of time. Jesus never acted in this way when faced with spiteful persecution. In many instances, he just walked away rather than dispute with those who were incapable of believing him.

Did he not advise, do not cast your pearls before swine? [Matthew 7:6]

Swine were unclean, and pearls were a symbol of the precious soul of man. Offering yourself and your faith unthinkingly to a person you know will abuse and reject you is not an act of God, it’s foolishness.

Isaiah’s Wisdom

I have been reading the book of Isaiah, and now I see reasons for being led there. It is emblematic of today’s situation in the churches and across the nations.

Just as in Isaiah’s day, God’s divine judgment is coming and in many ways has already arrived; the road is being laid out for evil and ungodliness to increase and for a final battle between an idolatrous humanity driven by self and satan, and those who trust in God alone.

It cannot be avoided. The bible shows us it is inevitable.

Those who teach that all evil will be exposed and overturned are not only wrong, but they are deceivers of the worst kind – they are giving false hope to those who ought to be thinking about repentance, instead of a glorious global revival.

Those likewise who teach that God must appoint his [or OUR] choice of leadership to change the ways of the nation, and to overthrow deception and criminal activity, are putting their money on the wrong horse entirely – since God has already told us that satanic leadership will increasingly rise up to enslave the entire world, persecute believers, and put an end to the Church if at all possible.

Does that mean we should throw up our hands in despairing surrender to evil, and stop praying for godly leaders? NO. Of course we should pray about elections and politicians.

 But God know what he is doing and how to achieve his will! God is concerned with the ongoing overall plan of world salvation (for those who accept him) and not individual and national safety at this time.

Why Was Israel Overthrown and Exiled?

In bible history we see that Israel, although the land and people of God, suffered defeat. Her people were invaded, overcome, and had to endure decades of forced slavery in a pagan country.

At that time two attitudes developed:

  1. a lack of trust in the will of God, even to the extent of blaming him for misfortune,
  2. a desire to run to foreign countries and powerful kings to ask for help, despite God’s warnings

What was slow to come, despite all the warnings of the prophets, was a turning from idols and a return to God in humble repentance for their unbelief. By idols, I mean trusting in anything other than God for blessing.

What displeased God most of all was NOT their leadership, their national habits, their laws, the crimes of the elite, the disadvantages of the poor.

No, what offended God most was their lack of simple FAITH and WORSHIP of God both in victory and in defeat, in provision and in privation, in good times or in bad, in happiness or in despair.

What offended God to the point of judgment was their failure to trust HIM. Instead of trusting and believing God – as they should have known to do – they put their trust in MEN, in KINGS, in THEIR OWN POWERS!

They insisted on their own safety, their own advancement, their own national pride at ANY cost, even to the extent of trusting flesh not God. After all, they thought, this is God’s nation, and we are God’s people, so he’s obliged to look after us – and if he doesn’t, it’s not our fault but his!

Do you see the parallels today?

Failure is not an option!! So they said and thought. The lying prophets reinforced this opinion and became popular and renowned (and no doubt received many gifts and donations in the process.) The prophets pandered to the pride and selfwill of the people, told them what they wanted to hear, and later on had to appear before God to answer for their heresy.

Meanwhile, those who rejected the lies and trusted in God, the genuine prophets of God whose words we can still read today in the bible, suffered ridicule, rejection and in many cases death.

Faith and Endurance Go Hand in Hand

I think walking with God is going to prove more difficult as time goes on, and those who refuse to be drawn into this worldly battle against some kind of perceived wrong are going to be labelled losers, deniers, faithless and defeatists.

In time, they will be despised and – when the ultimate champion of mankind arrives – they will be hated and driven away, many even to death. Yet this is not a defeat, but a victory! Jesus likewise died, but by doing so he opened the way to heaven and set the captives free.

Let’s follow in the footsteps of our Saviour, and no other road.

Let’s understand that Jesus could have chosen another way on earth, a way of national victory, the defeat of evil rulers, the overthrow of a corrupt regime. Jesus could have taken the land and become its earthly king and – as the devil suggested to him – ruled the nations easily and without harm to himself, all in order to bring peace and godliness. What could be better?

If we are to do as God commanded, in accepting the way of our Mentor and Head, we must have the same attitude as he did towards life and this earth.

The heavenly way is not the way of the world. Jesus demonstrated it by his refusal to accept earthly kingship. No matter how good it would be, it was not the Father’s will at that time.

  • What is GOOD is not necessarily what is RIGHT.

Let’s submit to the will of God and trust him alone for the days and years to come, believing God is not restrained from blessing and protecting his people no matter what politicians decide or do. After all, those who are Christians in China, Russia, Korea, and Muslim countries trust God regardless of their leadership. They do not deny God, blame God nor demand God do as they want.

Let’s be like them and trust that God is ABLE, regardless of our earthy situation.

3 thoughts on “The Persistence of Error

  1. Can you tell me if my name is still on your subscribe list. I haven’t received any for so long. Bless you Yvonne


  2. Tricia, you wrote:

    …God has already told us that satanic leadership will increasingly rise up to enslave the entire world, persecute believers, and put an end to the Church if at all possible.

    When I tell Christian friends–who don’t know much about prophecy–in order for them to prepare spiritually, I’m met with either (a) indifference (and perhaps cognitive dissonance), (b) “Oh, I’m ready” (when I feel certain they aren’t), or (c) some sort of hostility. On the latter, I have a few who refuse to read Revelation, which baffles me. I’m reminded of words by Jesus’ Disciples, which are appropriated here: This is a hard saying; who can accept it? (John 6:60).

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