They Will Seek To Kill You!


We have always known that persecution would arise before the return of our Lord, but now it seems closer than ever. And the greatest threat appears to be coming (as Jesus warned, and as the book of Revelation does seem to indicate) from other Christians.

Matthew 10: 21-25
“Brother will deliver up brother to death, and a father his child; and children will rise up against parents and cause them to be put to death. And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake. But he who endures to the end will be saved. …

“A disciple is not above his teacher, nor a servant above his master. It is enough for a disciple that he be like his teacher, and a servant like his master. If they have called the master of the house Beelzebub, how much more will they call those of his household!”.

Get Out, Get Armed, Kill People!

I never thought I would see a man on stage at a pseudo christian/political rally calling on Pastors and believers to “arm yourselves and go out and kill humans!” But that is just what I witnessed in this alarming video.

Wait for the clip of Scott McKay speaking:

‘We Need Battlefield Warriors’ he says

Scott McKay Calls for an Uprising

Here McKay warns the “corrupt government” that if they will not agree to stand down, leave office and “stop what they are doing” then all that there is left to offer is the blade of war.

He holds a tomahawk as he says this.

He says he’s been motivated by learning about the “kids, the trafficking, the tunnels” and so forth which intelligent discerning people know are the product of QAnon fictions designed to create unrest, suspicion and disorder in society – and they have done just that!

Yet, spurred on by these fantastical conspiracies, he aims to overturn the Government forces he believes are threatening America’s freedoms, and to transform the country once again into the idyllic, God-loving, right-wing paradise he believes it once was.

ReAwakening America:

The ReAwaken project has linked to megachurches, and has evangelical speakers such as this Pastor Artur Pawlowski at the Reawaken America tour who is calling for Christian “lions” to rise up and go out to fight for and obtain “freedom” which he interprets as political action to overthrow the evils of the elite.

This supposed “freedom” – to be fought for in very real terms, to the extent of a new civil war – is being justified using the bible. However, the bible never urges us to fight governments for political freedoms and “rights”. Even less does it teach armed rebellion.

Scott McKay who is seen on the video above raising up a kind of liberation militia can be heard urging people (especially Pastors) to “head out and take human lives“. [You can hear the quote at the 17.29 mark on the Rumbles video].

On one ReAwaken Tour platform he justifies his beliefs with biblical concepts and says the Angel Michael will come down in the latter day to slaughter people with his sword!

The Corporate Christ’s Role in Vengeance

Not only angels, but the Church itself, according to heretical teachings, has the mandate to cleanse the earth! This thinking has a long religious history. It teaches that Christians are destined to become “the christ” with the task of removing all evil from this earth in order to usher in the kingdom reign of God (within his people, as well as in the return of Jesus.)

The heresy has developed slowly over the decades, touching groups such as the Oneness, Fullness, Latter-Rain and Manifested Sons of God groups before transforming into the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) that we see today.

Quotes from the link above:
“The basis for these interpretations of Romans 8:19 is unsupported by careful exegesis. Some of the doctrines that have developed from these interpretations, such as the merging of Christ’s identity with the church, are pure heresy. We … would advise all believers to steer clear of this doctrine, as, being built upon an unscriptural base, there is no automatic check to keep its propagators from drifting into the further reaches of heresy, as has already happened in many cases.”

I would add an amen to that, since we see here that some are already taking the path of militant action and speaking of their role in the destruction of evil on earth!

Wesley Swift

One prominent Christian teacher of previous decades, Wesley A. Swift, is on record as stating that not only will the awake Christians become the christ on earth, but they will have the job of ridding the earth of all evil.

According to Swift, there are “brothers and sisters not yet embodied” who are “Watchers, ministering spirits, that guide the true Church. They are the army of heaven which will unite with the army of God on earth when they return at the manifestation of the sons of God to help execute judgment and establish the kingdom.

This will end in the death of the enemies of God, which prominently includes the Jews. These “sons on light” will usher in the “New Age,” the “Age of Aquarius,” in which the immortal sons of God will rule and reign with a rod of iron.

The sons and daughters of God, who make up one collective Christ, will come into a perfected, deified state through connecting with the Shekinah Glory, being clothed, or enveloped, with their spiritual bodies of light.

Read the full study on Wesley A. Swift here:

New Age Crossover

The New Age has been pushing these beliefs for decades, but now the churches are tagging along. There is a distinct merging of ideas – the ‘christ consciousness’ and the “ascension” of believers and eventually of the entire earth – so that all are working together to achieve enlightenment.

One website that incorporates both New Age and Christian ideas, “Stop World Control” is headed by false prophet David Sorensen. He believes that his mission on earth is:

“to open the eyes of millions of leaders in the nations of the world…The earth is meant to be a place of freedom, wholeness and joy for all people. Every force that wants to enslave mankind and make the earth one huge prison cell will ultimately fall, and those who have participated in these demonic schemes will pay the highest price.”

Prophets of Freedom

Even though Sorensen belongs to a church and is accepted as a “prophet”, he is contradicting the bible in every word of that statement. We know from scripture that millions will NOT turn to God, that the fate of the earth is NOT to be a place of freedom, wholeness and joy for all people” quite the reverse. But this is the message of enlightenment that is infecting all religions and effectively inspiring the world’s population.

The website this “prophet” supports (Stop World Control) promotes the New Age teachings of human ascension and conquering evil by “truth and love” (not, however, the truth and love of the God of the scriptures!).

“Humanity is rising up as a huge army of truth and love. This is an army of love for truth, love for humanity, love for the children, love for the earth, and hope for the future.”

“It’s the people of this world. The royal, divine, priceless, precious and extremely powerful people that have been called to transform humanity.”

They also say: “This army can’t be stopped by anyone or anything because it is not led by anything or anyone. It is an organic phenomenon, ignited by a force that isn’t controlled by any human means”. [NOT the power of the God we know, so what is this force?]

“Please join this army of light bearers …”

Do you know what the literal translation of “Lightbearer” is – LUCIFER!! Yes. They have appropriated the title of the Prince of Darkness himself, to offer light to the world. []

They Await Their Sainted Leader

Mike Lindell, a prominent spokesman for these movements, and a rabid supporter of Trump (to the extent of claiming he has one hundred percent positive “evidence” of voter fraud in the election) has promised that Trump will be reinstated (he does not specify how!) on August 13th. Later he seemed to amend this to September:

In November, after Democrat Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election, Lindell and other pro-Trump conspiracy theorists said that Trump would be reinstalled for a second term once evidence of voter fraud emerges.

When that prophecy failed, they claimed the military would stop Biden from assuming office on Inauguration Day. Then they said Biden would be removed by March. And when that didn’t happen, Lindell said Trump would be reinstated as president by August.

Lindell now claims that evidence of electoral fraud will be submitted to the Supreme Court after his symposium later this month, or perhaps in September. “We’ll be bringing our findings to the Supreme Court in late August or early September, some time after the cyber-symposium ends, and it proves it was an attack by China,” he said. [Source]

When Lindell first announced the August date, I said “that won’t happen” – just as I had said for all the other reinstatement dates, but far more important than these failed attempts to elevate Trump once again to the king’s throne of power are the implications for those who believe they MUST overturn what they see as an oppressive, secretive and murderous elite running the world.

When Trump does not return, and when their efforts fail over and over again, will they turn to violence as the answer?

As a bible-believing Christian I must also say, will they turn (perhaps unknowingly) to satanic forces to help them achieve their aim?

Messages From Beyond

Already, as we see from my previous blog article, they are “meeting christ” and seeing angels almost daily. How long before one high angel of satan promises to help them rid the world of evil, starting with anyone who disagrees with them. The door is then wide open for the coming of the False Prophet of the book of Revelation.

He will appear like a lamb (christ-like) but speak with the words inspired by the Dragon (Satan). Revelation 13:11 “Then I saw another beast, coming out of the Earth. He had two horns like a lamb, but he spoke like a dragon”.

He is the one who comes doing great miracles and wonders to deceive even the elect, if possible. It seems to me that large parts of the Church are already panting to hear his messages of “hope, restoration and awakening” for the world.

Disappointment Leads to Violence?

How long might it be before groups who are seeking “freedom” (politically) and especially pushing for the return of Trump as somehow being the only one who can achieve their endtimes goals, how long before they tire of waiting and being disappointed, as all of their predictions fail? Could they, in desperation, start to arm themselves to do the job they have been told is their Christian role?

That is why it is so disturbing to hear this new thinking coming into the groups of ultra right-wing and evangelical activists, literally and in reality speaking of killing people who do not go along with their beliefs!

Going Back to January 6th?

A MAGA rally organizer named Matt Braynard announces on Steve Bannon’s show that they will be “going back to the Capitol” on September 18th.

The former data chief for Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign has announced a protest next month at the nation’s Capitol — to rail on behalf of so-called “political prisoners” charged in the Jan. 6 insurrection.

“We’re going back to the Capitol, right where it started. And it’s going to be huge,” Matt Braynard told former White House strategist Steve Bannon as he announced the rally on Bannon’s podcast last week.

The article goes on to state the following: The protest, “Justice for J6,” has been set for Sept. 18 at the Capitol. It’s being orchestrated by the group Look Ahead America, headed by Braynard.


Will you be deceived? Does the prospect of freedom, unity, love, joy, spiritual enlightenment and earthly blessings motivate you to help overthrow all that stands in humanity’s way, or do you hold to the word of God that warns us of a Great Delusion?

There is no place for a middle road any more. Nobody can sit on the fence. Remember this: “a little leaven leavens the lump”. That means, it only takes a tiny bit of yeast to enter into a lump of dough and transform it into risen bread. Once you let the tiniest bit of deception into your mind and heart, and begin to yearn for what these false teachers promise, you are eventually going to became inflated with the entire conspiracy!

Don’t allow yourself to be fooled, not one little bit.

It will become harder and harder to resist the devil’s pleasantries. It will even become dangerous and we will suffer for holding fast to the word of God – yet THAT is our only safety and security in the days to come.

4 thoughts on “They Will Seek To Kill You!

  1. Jacob Prasch makes a good point in a recent video of his, something to this effect:

    The “you’re a danger to everyone if you don’t get vaccinated” accusation seems to be disproportionately applied to Christians more than any other group. It’s a kind of template for the coming mark of the beast. “You Christians won’t accept our new leader, who is here to help humanity rise above our problems? Then you are against humanity! And you need to be … uh… well….you just need to not be a hindrance anymore.”


  2. There’s been so much of this rubbish down the years. Try to disagree with this, even in the small groups of believers where one can usually discuss things in a reasonable manner, and it’s one extreme to the other. There may be a need to fight in the States the way things are going, to protect one’s own. It’s a different ball game. I can see ‘civil war’ here with the useful idiots spouting rubbish about how the un-vaccinated are going to kill everyone. The reliance on psudo-science, and the distraction from all the serious things going down. Trump did win, there was widespread corruption and cheating, but it’s part of the End. All things political now are corrupt. The ‘good guys’ are not going to win at this point.

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