The Dominion Agenda

There are many excellent blogs and youtubes and articles these days exposing error, and they all have their place. They usually examine in depth one of the many false teachers, pastors, “apostles” or prophets that proliferate all over the TV and Internet, not to speak of megachurches (especially in America.)

That’s much needed for anyone who is following a celebrity name or church, and doesn’t realise there’s something desperately wrong with what they are hearing, doing and believing. (But, I now have to ask, WHY don’t they know? I’ll leave that question hanging here.)

Individual Responsibility

Having commended all the hard work and dedication of those who expose the false teachers of today, I now have to suggest a different approach: teaching Christians WHY they are in error.

Grasping the underlying core doctrines and agenda of the current apostate church will expose them ALL, without knowing individual names. Having an understanding of true bible doctrine, AND at the same time seeing the apostasy in its fulness will cause the false teachers to stand out like broken lightbulbs. (See more on this below)

Warnings From the Past

In a brief digression, I have to say that in my own ministry (Banner Ministries UK) from the very beginning in the 1980’s I said I was there to expose false TEACHING/DOCTRINE and NOT people. In fact, I stated as much on my websites:

Not only is it impossible for me (or anyone) to know ALL the names, and keep track of all the new contenders, exposing each and every teaching as it comes along, but there’s another problem: what about if one of these teachers repents and leaves the false church?

What if I had written extensively about this person, only to discover later that I’d adversely affected his or her path to repentance?

Or conversely, what if I gave a clean bill of health to someone who was, at the time, an acceptable preacher, but who later fell into deception and led many astray? I would then be responsible for commending someone wrongly, and letting trusting Christians rely on my judgment, as it turns out, mistakenly! (I would not want that kind of responsibility).

YOU be the Judge

As well as this, I used to get a continual stream of emails asking me “what do you think about my Pastor, is he okay for me to follow” and they attend some unknown little fellowship in a back-of-beyond foreign place I’ve never heard of.

My reply has to be, I’ve no idea, I’ve never met or listened to your Pastor. But YOU have! You go there every week, how about YOU checking out what he says with the bible?

But they get offended at that. Apparently it’s MY job to know every Pastor and Teacher in the world, and be able to give a yes/no verdict on whether they are sound.

I hardly need to tell you, it’s IMPOSSIBLE for that to be the case, for me, or for anybody! It’s not MY job to act as the Holy Spirit in your life, and give you specific guidance on whether or not you should be in your church fellowship.

Here’s the thing, if you are FOLLOWING a man, you are already straying from the scriptures, because we are told to heed, obey and follow GOD alone, never men and women, no matter how wonderful and helpful they might be.

I remember saying at one of my meetings, following men and women is the bane of our lives, we need more than anything to get rooted in the WORD of GOD and then we will have discernment of good and evil in every instance. (That did not go down well!)

Stand Back to See the Whole Picture

Earlier I spoke about lightbulbs. So I want to refer to something that happened recently in the UK, as an illustration of this point.

During the Jubilee celebrations of the Queen, there was a truly fantastic light show in the sky created by hundreds of individual drones, coordinated into recognisable patterns. See what I mean in the youtube below. It was amazing.

If you’re standing on the ground seeing those drones from a distance, you see the image they make of course. But imagine you’re a bird flying next to just ONE drone, and you see that light on its own. You wouldn’t see the whole picture. You’d see just one thing.

THAT is what I’m saying here. If we concentrate on one leader, one church, one false teaching, we often do not see the whole picture that is forming up globally.

In order to view the overall plan and agenda, we need to stand back, and see what’s going on at a distance. See the image, not the individual drones!

Dominion – that is the plan.

I happened to be on Google the other day looking up “dominion” and instead of finding what I wanted I came across a whole bunch of very disturbing quotes that, for me, illustrated the trend and aims of today’s churches.

Here are some at random:

“Man was created to exercise power and designed to manage it, not to abuse it. The motivating purpose for the creation of humanity was to dominate the earth and its resources. It was the result of the Creator’s desire to extend His rulership from the supernatural realm to the physical realm. His plan and program was to do this through a family of spirit children He would call His sons and daughters.” [Source]

“…man is neither male nor female, but pure spirit…. the Creator stated: “let them” have dominion over the earth. That was a very critical statement, that contains the secret to the transfer of power and authority from God to man. … This is the foundation of divine delegation of responsibility for management and rulership over the earth to man. … The Lord God established man as the only legal authority on earth, with the power of attorney to act on His behalf.” [Source]

“Spiritual authority and Kingdom dominion are part of your spiritual inheritance. … understand the importance of being spiritually equipped to invade, occupy, influence, and take over everywhere. These resources will teach your authority as a believer and how to manifest the Kingdom of God.

THINGS COVERED [in his teaching series]

  • Restoring the culture of the Kingdom.
  • Ruling and reigning with Christ.
  • Walking in the governing anointing.
  • Manifesting the Kingdom.
  • God’s original intent for mankind.
  • The Genesis Mandate, invade, occupy, influence, and take over.
  • Subduing kingdoms and the systems of this world.” [Source]

“God is the God of gods … his children are gods. However, because of lack of understanding, a child of God who is a god could die or perish or fade out as men but…in fact, the gods rule over men. As God said: “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion…” [Source]

“The Dominion Mandate is our Universal right as regenerated man. The Scripture says: “And God said, let Us make man in Our Image, after Our Likeness and let them have dominion…” (Gen. 1:26). The Image of God is the Divine Nature (the Character of God) while the Likeness of God is Divine Functionality or the Wisdom of God. … The Christian believer possesses the Power of Attorney whereby we can fully represent God on Earth.” [Source]

New Age & Church on the Same Path?

Not only is this emphasis on dominion and divinity disturbing, but now church doctrine is merging with the new-age agenda of transformation! Recently I saw a (supposedly Christian) teaching that presented the numbers 666 as representing “divine wisdom, love, harmony, and transformation” instead of the hallmark of the devil himself!

But such distorted teachings HAVE to be presented to those who are going to accept the Great Deception, so that they willingly line up to worship the Beast and to take his mark!

See this just as an example:

NAR, Seven Mountains, Global Transformation?

Just a quick glance at a website speaking of the “Seven Mountains Mandate” reinforces the idea of dominion and rulership as a supposed Christian necessity in days to come:

“The Church must be a positive agent of change and transformation in the community. We are a Governmental Church – The saints must rise and take their place in the society as God’s agent…. if we are to make any significant impact and change in the community as a Church, then we must engage these Seven Mountains of societal spheres, and influence them for Christ and His kingdom, by so doing we can bring change and transformation to a nation.

“You let them become kings and serve God as priests, and they will rule on earth” – (Rev5:10 CEV).

“…kingship is the administration of God’s government and authority in you, and through you in the market-place and in these mountains. … We must assume our role as priests, and take our place on the throne as kings to rule. The priest will sit on the throne as king … it requires revelation and understanding for the involvement of a corporate people with a kingdom mindset to engage these Seven spheres.” [Source]

Does the above sound like the biblical plan of redemption?

Does the bible ever speak of the Church taking over this world and transforming it into a paradise, a “new eden”, where the majority of humanity bows its knee to God?

Does the bible teach that we are (on this earth) to be as kings to rule over mankind? NO.

But I’ll tell you who DOES have this in mind (and always has done) – it’s one who wants to be worshipped as a god, but has never been more than a fallen angel! It’s the one who will inspire the coming Beast kingdom on earth, the ultimate religious dictatorship beyond anything this world has ever seen.

The Last Empire

Forget the Roman Empire, and the so-called “Holy Roman Empire” that once ruled western society, this last days Empire will be global and supposedly “holy” beyond anything we have seen so far.

It will not only present for your acceptance the religion of choice for mankind, but that religion will be the most forward-looking, inclusive, powerfully transforming creed that we have EVER seen!

It will not seem EVIL, but supremely good and desirable.

Remember what Eve thought about the fruit that was offered to her, the fruit that ultimately doomed all mankind? She said it was attractive, good, tasty, and desirable to make you wise! The last days fruit isn’t going to be some sour maggot-ridden piece of dross, but the BEST thing mankind has ever seen, and then some!

It’s going to be – well, in essence, it will be the Seven-Mountains agenda, the New Reformation, the Global Reset, the Great Awakening and the last-days Revival all rolled into one!

Joining with Antichrist, Knowingly or Unknowingly

This is where we have to step back from the “lightshow”, stop looking at individual lights, and see the agenda as a whole.

The new churches and their leaders are being led into an apostate plan to rule the world for satan! This is what he’s always wanted, from day one – not just to be an invisible “god of this world”, but actually to rule it, govern its people, BE the king and god here on earth, worshipped and adored for all his powerful transformations at a time of great distress for all mankind.

The new churches don’t just have a mistaken agenda, a deceptive teaching… they actually (perhaps unknowingly) have an Antichrist plan in coming days, to rule the world and transform it into the kind of place unbelievers cherish and look for.

But do they know that what they are preparing is a stage for the ultimate false ‘god’ to use in his bid to reign over mankind?

Will they actually believe Antichrist is the return of the Messiah? It could be so!

Certainly this person, we know, will ultimately build and occupy a Temple for his own worship and will seat himself there “as god”.

Then not only Israel, but the Gentile religious world also, will forsake the true God who is their Father and Lord, and will prostitute themselves to another god, becoming a “harlot” instead of a faithful wife!

They will have been deceived by the GREAT Delusion spoken of by Paul in his warning letter, having swerved away from the love of biblical TRUTH in order to receive a LIE. (2 Thessalonians 2: 3-11)

Lord, grant that none of us will walk that path, and that we might avoid such a terrible fate!

4 thoughts on “The Dominion Agenda

  1. Excellent video playing on light to pay tribute to the Queen. Isn’t it amazing how drawn we are to light, physical and spiritual. Truth is the light we need most.


  2. I am seeing the overall big picture just by doing a google search on these three words combined “awaken arise dominion”. So many church conferences have the words awaken and or arise in the conference name. I noticed several teachings with thebwords awakeb, arise and the word or theme of dominion. Even in the Mormon church and Christian Science. The New Age uses the worda as well, though not so much dominion as transformation when I briefly scrolled through the search results. I always wondered “awaken and arise” to what? Apparently, to triumph and dominion. This is a false gospel of salvation.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes, Tricia, Excellent and so on target!
    Thank you very much for it and God bless you and your writing!


  4. Excellent Tricia! I have been realizing over the past few years, the ‘dominion agenda,’ and warning of this massive deception coming, as evangelicalism has been opening it’s doors to trojan horses, even as false churches arise as well, with a false gospel. The ‘gospel of the kingdom’ that ‘kingdom now’ people are proclaiming, is a false gospel. I’ve been studying this out for awhile now, the intricacies and massive delusion. Thank you Tricia. Keep writing! God bless. Daryl


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