Kat Kerr, the Pink-Haired Prophetess

I have been taken to Heaven since 1996, about three times a week; so if you want to multiply it, that’s probably how many times I’ve been, I’ve lost count…” [Quote from Divine Encounter II Disc 1 #10 by Kat Kerr]

For this article I am indebted to several writers, whose words I have collated and abridged. They are listed at the end of the post along with direct quotes from Kat Kerr’s videos and books. There you will also find links to a few of the many videos of Kat Kerr and her beliefs.

Heavenly Visits

Kat Kerr, as you probably already know, claims God takes her to Heaven all the time. She says that it began in 1996 and she visits Heaven at least three times a week. She goes back and forth on a regular basis.

Let’s take a look at some of the things she is saying.

1. Her picture of Heaven: Kerr paints heaven like a mystical Disney land with rollercoasters, golf courses, movie theatres and even a place to see what you look like with other skin colours. (See many more examples below).

2. Doctrine of Pre-Existence:  Kerr states that she sees little orbs that are spirits before they are born circling around the throne asking to be sent down to the earth.

3. Cultists and Unbelievers in Heaven: She says she has seen someone who is known to be a 33rd degree Freemason taken to heaven in a Chariot. And recently she claims she has seen Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson in heaven.

4. Unbiblical Statements: She states on the Patricia King show that the 12 elders before the throne are ancient beings – not human, not angel but something else? Aliens perhaps?

5. False prophecy of a Golden Age: This is her main message. She falsely claimed that from 2010 to 2025 there would be a golden age on the earth for Christians, that heaven would invade earth and God’s glory would completely cover the earth for a season. (This alone identifies her as a false prophet.)

Search the scriptures yourself and tell me if this is not a lie! The truth is that the world will grow more wicked, Christians will be persecuted and the devil will set up his kingdom here on earth (rev 13). After that God will judge the earth with fire (2 Peter 3:7), God’s glory will not consume the earth until the new heaven and new earth is made. (2 Peter 3:12-14)

6. Dominionism.  All of Kerr’s messages fall within the scope of one particular ideology. Dominionism/NAR which teaches that Christians will take over and rule the earth, establish righteousness, bring an end to evil and prepare the way for the eventual return of the Lord Jesus.  Click here to read what Dominionism is all about:


7. Focus only on Heaven & Glory: Kerr says that the foreword to her book was written by ‘scribe angels’. You can see part of that foreword on the Scribd website here.

Part of it (remember, written by angels!) says this, “Rejoice, Oh Earth, Rejoice! For Heaven is about to kiss you and when it does, the Fire of His Passion will consume every living being. He will forever leave His mark on the hearts of millions and they shall come to know Him as their Savior. Be thankful citizens of Earth that you are living in this day and hour, when the Glory of the Lord will cover the whole Earth.”

There is NO mention of Jesus there, all the focus is on heaven. She is taking focus off the written word and God’s living Word, Jesus.

Also, the false revival agenda is being pushed, to get everyone excited about a powerful “coming” of spiritual glory-fire and “passion” which will NOT be of the Holy Spirit of God.

Another Author Speaks Out

Robert Alan King was so offended by Kat Kerr that he took the time to cross reference everything she said. He wrote a book that has a chapter on her contradictions:

A Christian Rebuttal to Kat Kerr’s Revealing Heaven: An Eyewitness Account

Kat Kerr has many followers and appears on Christian TV and in seminars and conferences constantly. She has written at least two books. There is a powerful attraction in hearing about Heaven, and more and more prominent ministers are claiming to have visited there. BUT we need to beware of false prophets.

Kat may say many feel-good things, she may even say Jesus is Lord, but the truth is that she is deceived and leading others astray. She has been proven over and over to have spoken false “prophecies”.

We do not follow men and women, we trust in God alone. HIS word alone is trustworthy and cannot be contradicted. We must stay grounded in the word of God and keep our minds focused on God’s essential truths.

Disturbing Revelations of Kat Kerr’s Heaven

Some of Kat Kerr’s heaven experiences go like this:

  • Almighty God the father is a huge Caucasian man with a neat moustache on whom lap she sits while eating ice cream.
  • Jesus is a tattooed biker with his own brand new Harley Davison motor bike
  • Almighty God and Jesus regularly play golf up there
  • John Wayne is in heaven still masking cow boy moves, which Almighty God simply loves to watch when he gets time
  • The Mexican restaurants in heaven are very poplar so much so that God the Father and Jesus regularly eat out in one of them
  • Pizza in heaven are bigger than table tops
  • Santa Clause is alive in heaven and slipping down chimneys to give kids presents in a Christmas town
  • Christopher Reeves a committed atheist and superman actor is not in heaven teaching people how to fly like superman something he could not do while in the flesh
  • There is a chocolate milk water fall in heaven much bigger than our Niagara Falls down here
  • There is a whole town made of jello which kids run around eating as they go
  • The Holy Spirit is a cool dude blue in color very handsome and muscular who told dear Kat Kerr to dye her hair pink and call him cupid
  • The Rainbow surrounding the throne of God is made of jello from which the angels up there slide up and down eating at it as they go
  • Kids fly about on huge dragon flies
  • The heavenly helicopters wings are made out of flower petals
  • Michael Jackson, the Pope and Whitney Houston are up there still doing their thing
  • God has a time machine and took Kat Kerr on a long trip into the past where she saw the crucifixion of Christ.
  • Kat Kerr has been taking thousands of times into heaven , she even pops up there while shopping

There is no end to her nonsensical claims but this dangerous liar should be exposed for exactly what she is, a deliberate fraud, a fake charlatan making a huge amount of money dishonestly though selling her inane nonsense to desperate gullible people!
Alan McDougall
, on Quora

Kat Kerr’s Heaven: Believe It Or Not – Part.2

Kerr has some very strange additions to the Bible. For example in one room in heaven you “use faith to open the door”.

  • There is a screen on which she watched the creation of Genesis. She tells us that between verse 1 and 2 of Genesis 1, millions of years transpired and she watched how the dinosaurs roamed and the ice age came to be part of an earlier creation. At that time the sky was peach color, not blue.  (Jubilee Church #256)  Kat Kerr – God Left “Watcher Angels” Part One)
  • In the “countryside” referred to as the park in heaven “is where you can see every species of animal ever created; including the dinosaurs” (p.6 Revealing Heaven).
  • Pets that you love are in heaven (our guardian angel carries them). From pet fish to alligators and pigs.

Pre-Existence of Babies in Heaven

Kerr holds to the Doctrine of Pre-Existence using Jeremiah 1:4-5 incorrectly. That verse does not mean Jeremiah existed before his birth, it means that God foreknew him.

Kerr says humans have a pre-existence before birth and were once small spirits existing within God. She sees little orbs that are spirits before they are born circling around the throne asking to be sent down to the earth. Once He sends them to earth and they are placed in a womb at the time of conception; they become a living human being! (Revealing Heaven By Kat Kerr Volume 2 (Part 10) Chapt 7 Stones Of Fire – the Ancient Paths)

Kerr also states that Lucifer once walked inside God’s heart, amongst the ‘stones of fire’; these stones are inside God. She explains, Lucifer walked inside him, that he created music, the other angels could not. He had access to inside God, the other angels worshipped God as Lucifer was making the music.

She says, “Lucifer did resemble the Father because of the gemstones! He fell because he had access to go in and out whenever it pleased him, he became puffed up because of his beauty and his ability to create like God. It destroyed his chance of living in eternity with the Father and since he was a ‘created’ being, he could never repent from that sin!  He was kicked out of Heaven on a lightning bolt from God Himself”. (Question and answers: #256) Kat Kerr – God Left “Watcher Angels” Part One)

Babies and Children in Heaven

Kerr says there are nurseries in heaven where angels care for the millions of aborted and miscarried babies. The children play games, and “they even slide down real rainbows – little babies playing together with the bunnies, turtles and butterflies… The deer come and give them rides as do the kangaroos; they also ride on the turtles in the pond or swim with the goldfish under water.

“When it is time to return to the nurseries, dragonflies are sent to deliver the message. … They would land on the little baby’s hands and announce that it was time to return to the nurseries because Jesus was coming.

“There are testimonies of people being taken to Heaven and allowed to see their children. Most of the time, they looked exactly the same age as when they passed on to Heaven. If you lost a baby, that baby will be exactly the age you want it to be when you arrive yourself.”

Completely Bogus

No testimonies like this are from the Bible or the apostles. But she even contradicts herself, saying they will be the same age when they died, or, they can be any age YOU want them to be. Who decides this?

She states, “Learn how, because of the grace of God, you get a second chance to raise your baby in Heaven.” Kerr says, “We are all his children” (Interview with Patricia King)

This is untrue. What she is teaching is universalism, which is right out of the new age handbook. If we are ALL his children like Kerr says, then why are we sent on earth? To believe in Jesus? Then some become forsaken children because they do not believe? What’s the purpose of being born again if we all came from inside God?

The Bible has something very different to say on this:

John 1:12 “But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God.” Only those who receive Jesus BY THE GOSPEL become children of God. V.13 “who were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.” 

A Portal to See Loved Ones

Kerr writes “the spirit realm can see everything in our physical world, and through a portal you can watch your family. All you do is think about someone and God lets you see it from the portal on a balcony in a certain building.”

She says that we should say hello to these relatives because they are looking down from heaven. This promotes contact with those who have died (which is forbidden in the Bible).

Time Travel Back to the Resurrection

Kerr claims she was transported back to the resurrection scene and saw the empty tomb and Mary. She saw Jesus appear, and Mary runs over and Jesus says not to cling to him.

Then Jesus ascends to the third heaven and Kat goes up with him. There she sees some sort of ritual of an angel carrying Jesus’ blood in something, Jesus pours out his blood into some type of skillet, which makes a fizzing sound, as all these various sins are shown as words, like homosexuality, etc. as they go away. [Point 10. as described on Christian forums website]

Fake Miracles

Kerr holds up large fake gemstones in her meetings and says the gemstones that are in the vest of the high priest have fallen in churches all over the world for the last several years; they are coming from the heart of God. Gems are dropping because they represent the love of the father’s heart.

What is the Aim?

What is taking place with those who go to heaven and come back with testimonies that are not in the Bible?

A fresh revelation is being released for Christians to believe in; your present doctrine is adjusted. A new vision is developed and you then walk in it. The old doctrine of the Bible is to be overwhelmed by the new light of the New Age.

The New Doctrine is one of Dominion and Global Restoration.

As with other ministers today, Kerr preaches a soon-coming Kingdom on earth that will overthrow all evil and establish the Church as a ruling power, bringing in restoration of all things.

For example on one of her videos, she says “His power, his glory, is pouring into this city and make this a region of light. A fullness of time is coming we are already in new season earth, the days of greater glory are being manifested here (in Reno Nevada) in this region and all over the earth.” 

This sounds like every other false prophecy in the prophetic camp today. The same words are used over and over for different situations.

Not a Bible Revelation

There is no reason to transport anyone to heaven to tell us what it is like. Since biblical times we have been told to walk by FAITH (in the word already written), NOT BY SIGHT. God closed His teachings by the last revelation given by the Apostle John, the last living apostle. Whatever takes the place of the written word opposes God, and God hates it.

We know this because of what John says at the end of the book of Revelation that ends the revelations God gave to man. “For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:” (Rev 22:18)

In my opinion as a Born Again Christian we must expose lying heretics like Kat Kerr and remove them out of the Christian community.
[Written by Alan McDougall]



  • Kerr says, there are motorcycles with hyper-drive that you can use for travel in Heaven
  • Children ride on hoverboards (she even refers to the Jetson’s cartoon for what she saw in heaven).
  •  Jesus, in fact, has his own sooped up Harley Davidson Motorbike
  • In Kerr’s heaven there are “restaurants, art galleries, sports arenas, movie theatres and even an amusement park.
  • You do not need money to purchase‟ things, everything is free”
  • Food is not necessary but “we will eat in heaven without any weight gain.” 
  • Food is not from animals but made from light, and there are lots of restaurants to eat from.
  • You can go shopping in heaven.
  • You can put gifts in the mansions of those who are soon to arrive from the earth.
  • The angels have wings, and some of them ride the roller coaster.
  • God does make special places in heaven just for kids such as “jello land”.
  • “In Jello-land all the buildings, the streets. everything is made out of jello. all kinds of flavours.” (answering questions: #261)
  • There is a movie theatre in heaven where people play roles in the films; John Wayne is featured in one film, wielding a gun and chasing some villains (violence in heavens theatres?). one of the films is Star Wars, where swords are being wielded.
  • “some of the buildings in heaven aren’t even on the ground, they’re like up in the skies of heaven, you just float up there to them.” (question #249) Kat Kerr – the weather in heaven.
  • You learn to fly like Superman, taught by Christopher Reeves
  • In heaven, God gives you the desires of your heart, so if you wanted a horse on earth, you will get a huge stable in heaven; you will not have to feed them or clean them.

Meeting with the Father

Kerr has often been whisked away immediately into heaven, “talking to the Father as soon as I woke up and was telling him I wanted to know and see his heart. Although I was speaking symbolically, God took it literally.… before I could respond, he caught me up and I was standing on the third step down from his throne.” [from chapter 7, Stones of Fire – the ancient paths)

Even during a conversation with another person on earth she has been whisked away, and once saw Jesus playing a game of golf with one of the subjects of her book,  in his own backyard in heaven:

Kerr says, “There is golf in heaven? I asked them, but they did not answer me. Jesus and John both had tunic tops and loose pants on (I mention in an upcoming chapter that you do not wear your gowns and robes all the time, usually only to corporate gatherings and in the throne room). I realized that I was no longer at the church, but was now in heaven.” [from her book]

Kerr says, “both Holy Spirit and the angels told me that heaven is always increasing and adding new things for our enjoyment!” “flowers sing” and “change colour”. “in your mansion they grow out of the walls”.

Bizarre Revelations

Kerr explains some of her teachings she learned in heaven. Such as:

  • Our worship becomes a weapon as it passes right through Satan’s realm (the second heaven) on the way to the throne room. It sends spiritual missiles which do great damage to his property.
  • In the throne room of God “lightning comes from the father; it’s the only place you’ll find lightning in heaven. It’s like a million megawatts of love”. People actually run to get struck by that lightning.” [Question and Answers: #249 Kat Kerr – the weather in heaven].

Why would anyone still endorse Kat Kerr, after reading and hearing her continuous bizarre stories of ‘heaven?’ I hope these seem unbelievable to most, because they are! Nonetheless many prominent figures in the church, as you can see online, see no wrong here!

This is the condition of the church today, numerous leading ‘prophetic ministries and figures,’ endorsing these fantasies! If such blatant error cannot be discerned within the ‘prophetic camp,’ then those ministries are incapable of discerning the voice of the Lord!

Update Oct. 9, 2021 DIRECT QUOTES

From “Revealing Heaven” Kat Kerr’s book:

“The experiences mentioned in this book are not about me, nor were they for me. Never, during any of my visits did I know that one day I would write a book. That assignment came when Jesus appeared to me in my home and commissioned me to write about His home.

“Over several years, I was shown many fantastic places and things. During many of my trips to Heaven I was taken to the houses of the Redeemed who wanted to let their families know how God had blessed them. Sometimes I was shown children who had passed away and the relatives they were living with in Heaven. No child is ever left on their own. I had never met most of these people, nor did I know anything about them. At no time did I ever speak directly to them, but I was allowed to observe and hear their conversations.

“Upon returning to earth I was able to share with their loved ones what I had observed, which caused Heaven to become very real. It brought great hope and many times dispelled grief knowing that their loved ones were more alive in Heaven than they ever were on earth! You do not cease to exist, but it is like moving to the most fantastic place where everything you desired is already waiting for you.”

Lots Of Crazy Direct Quotes From Katt Kerr:

Kat Kerr Recounts Her First Encounter With Jesus | July 21 2021

Original article found here:

Youtube Video Exposing Kat Kerr

Original Article 2012 Updated Oct. 9, 2021 

http://letusreason.org/Pent66.htm Kat Kerr on Let Us Reason Website

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  2. My brain aches trying to read what this Kerr woman has written. What a load of rubbish, I’m glad you brought her to our attention. Makes me feel sick to think of all the people who she’s leading astray.

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