Map of Unrest, Country by Country

I was struck today by this news report HERE which gives a summary of the recent unrest, country by country, and the map at the very top looks eerily like the map on my website in the section where I shared an old dream of world events. You can compare the two maps and the additional comment about the Yemen (now coming up as the next area of unrest) at THIS PAGE

Something to Consider?

I’m not given to personal prophecies, visions or anything like that (although in the Holy Spirit they can happen) BUT, a couple of strange things happened to me recently, and instead of hanging onto them in private, I thought I’d put it “out there” just in case. If this is nothing, please ignore it.

During the night that turned out to be the new Jewish Year (Yom Kippur) for no reason I woke up and the Lord’s presence was strong. I felt uplifted, joyful and aware of God, and I began to praise Him. BUT I also felt there was a reason for it.

It was almost as if He was saying to me, this is a wake-up call. This year you need to keep close to ME and forsake everything else. Be sure to follow Me closely and put all your trust in Me.

Then, a week or so ago when I woke up I had for no reason at all a remnant of an image/dream in my mind. It was strange and unexpected and I can’t account for it. I was seeing three “objects” shaped slightly differently but I was given to understand they were armies in three different countries, and God was raising them up.

I felt like they were HIS (that is, of His choice and will) but later realised being “his” doesn’t mean they were GODLY armies. So either they were His servants or He was using them.

I felt they were somewhere in the Middle East. And that’s about it.