The Emotional Life of Jesus

What We Learn From The Emotional Life of Jesus

I’m watching the TV series “Jesus: His Life” on TV – I have reached episode four so far. I don’t totally recommend it, but you might like it. However, I am not here to promote the series but to explore some aspects of the life of Jesus that sprang out of it for me. Continue reading

A Terrible Fate to be Avoided at all Costs!

Removed From Danger

Removed From Danger

God put wonderful and astounding defences into the human beings he created. Even before birth, and from our first moments, we are able to defend ourselves from deadly threats because of the chemical, hormonal and psychological mechanisms that are encoded into our bodies and brains.

If threatened by overwhelming distress that raises blood pressure and heartbeat, and creates damaging levels of brain activity, the conscious body is capable of shutting down to preserve the essentials of life until the distress passes or is bearable.

Until the pain or threat is proportionate and can be processed by our minds and bodies, we avoid it. Perhaps some of you have experienced the emotional numbness that follows overwhelming grief or have fainted at bad news. This is the protective mechanism at work.

But what does that have to do with our spiritual lives or destiny?

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