The Problem of Unanswered Prayer

How To Cope With Unanswered Prayer: The bulk of this post is from a website and magazine called “Just Between Us“. I found it useful so I wanted to share it with you. The reason is, lately I have struggled with the problem of prayers that seemingly go unanswered.

(I know little to nothing about the website this post comes from, nor its owners, so I encourage you to visit it for yourselves if you would like to know more.)

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Overcoming Doubts

Are you ever troubled by doubts? Do you ever puzzle over unanswered prayer, or events that just don’t seem to add up?

I haven’t been a regular doubter in my Christian life, thankfully. I seem to possess an ability to accept things in an almost childlike way, without constantly asking why or needing proof. Continue reading

Overcoming The Accuser

resist-the-devilWe all know we have a mortal enemy, the devil. We experience his attacks, temptations, accusations and lies all the time – and we also know that his activity will increase exponentially towards the End of the Age.

The bible doesn’t mince words in describing just how widespread, powerful and persuasive the latter-day deceptions will become, such that “even the very elect” could be deceived by them. Are we not already seeing deception spreading in almost every large church and ministry? As well as deception, the devil aims accusations and lies at us all the time.

But we have not yet reached the endgame of the devil’s plan, so we have to know HOW to stand firm. Continue reading

To all who seek to stand in desperate times

I will not lean
upon the arm of flesh
And down to Egypt
I will no longer go;
For I have seen
The Saviour’s loveliness,
And how He gave
His life to make me whole

Oh, I was trusting in what my strength could do
To win the battles of my life, to heal my soul;
But now I lay my body at His feet
And say, my God, make my sacrifice complete!

Although I trusted
in salvation long ago,
His righteousness
was the only part I’d seen
Oh I have been
So foolish and so slow
To understand
That He’s all-in-all to me

Oh I was trusting in what my faith could do,
Using the power of His Name to fight my foe
But now I lay down the weapons of my fight
And say, my Saviour, be the Victor of my life!

For many years
I have struggled in my mind
Seeking His help
And His healing for my need;
How can it be
That I was oh so blind
I did not see
His very life is health indeed!

Oh I was trusting in what my mind could know
Using my knowledge to cause His life to flow
But now I come empty-handed to His throne,
And say, my God, I trust in you alone!

You made Yourself
Of no account for me,
That You might give
Your life, Your love, Your grace,
Your health and strength,
Your entire ability,
To take my sin,
And my judgement in their place!

And now no longer do I call my life my own
He lives in me and I trust in Him alone;
For I have died, and my life is hid in Him
I’m crucified, and in Jesus born again!

Why should I prize,
Or seek to modify
That which is cursed
To be for ever foul?
I realise
The flesh is doomed to die
And if I live
In the flesh, my soul will rule.

Oh, it is Jesus who died and rose again
And only He is the Victor over sin;
Foolish my striving to make that victory mine
For eternal life is the sap of just one Vine

My thoughts, my prayers,
Now I lay them all to rest,
I know the ways
of the flesh are bound to fail;
So many years
I have missed the path that’s best
In which I die
And the life of God prevails!

And oh the joy that accompanies this release!
To know that He is my life, my strength, my peace!
I gladly turn from whatever feeds my soul
For in my spirit is the Life that makes me whole!

Come take my being
Become my life within;
I will not lean
On what is doomed to die;
I am believing
My life can now begin,
Be all my strength, Lord
On You I will rely

Oh Lord of all, how I praise Your love for me,
That caused You gladly to go to Calvary!
I leave my self at the place of Jesu’s shame
And walk away, in His life to live again!

(The full message that accompanies this poem is found on my website here)