Born Again – Again!

This is a strange title I know, but it refers to something in my life that was and is important, especially at this time in history. I will try to explain that in due course.

This is about surrender, commitment and trust. These are the vital elements of our faith in the finished work on the Cross. We are saved by our faith in who Jesus is and what he accomplished on our behalf, but faith is not faith unless it involves trust, commitment and surrender.

For many, and in some ways for me, absolute surrender was challenging.

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The Word and the Spirit – Our Anti-Virus Programs

AntivirusHere is a small analogy demonstrating a biblical truth. We need the written word of God but alongside that we need the inspiration and leading of the Holy Spirit. Both together develop understanding and discernment that avoids false teaching.

Like most people I have an anti-virus program on my computer. In fact I have more than one. The reason is, one of them does an excellent job of scanning my entire computer – when I choose to ask it to – and it takes a few hours but effectively comes up with anything that may be harmful.

The other program works interactively. It’s “always-on” in the background and runs silently while I work or browse the net. However, if there is anything dangerous that I try to download, view or use, up springs a big red alert box and it tells me to beware. It warns me of malware. It offers to remove the malware or virus for me, and of course I agree.

You will probably grasp what I’m going to say. The bible is like the first program. Fully-comprehensive, deep and packed with essential tools and information, the bible is the book we need every day. This is a manual procedure however. We have to “activate” the reading of the word of God, just as I have to manually activate my first anti-virus program, or else it won’t run. It will exist, be installed, but just sit there idle. Like a bible collecting dust on a shelf. Continue reading

Mission Impossible?

What are we aiming for?

Almost every modern enterprise, and many a ministry too, now feels the need to have a “mission statement” outlining the ultimate aim of their endeavour. This set me off thinking – what it the aim, the endgame, the goal of the work of ‘discernment ministries’ as we have been labelled by some?

It’s quite easy to look back and see the aim in the 80’s when the churches were first infiltrated and wooed by such aberrant doctrines as the New Age, Restoration, Dominion Theology, Prosperity Doctrine and suchlike.
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