Our Protective Covering And How To Maintain It

duck-backGod shows us in the natural world all kinds of things that are an analogy of our own condition.

One of these is the natural protective covering of seabirds and similar species.

Animals, too, benefit from a special covering. For instance the wool of sheep is an insulation layer. Sheep wool keeps the body at an even temperature because it does not trap heat, meaning that in hot weather it keeps the animals cool and in cold weather it keeps them warm.

Without their covering, creatures quickly die from cold and wet. Seabirds and sea-dwelling creatures are doomed if they cannot maintain it. Cold-climate creatures have a full-body layer of blubber to keep away the cold; other species have thick fur. It’s no coincidence that many of these coverings are based upon or consist of OIL. (Whale oil from their blubber was once used in oil lamps.)  Continue reading