Political Correctness: It’s Gone Too Far!

In looking for links to acccompany this article, I had way too many to share! This topic is everywhere! Why is nobody addressing this issue in a sensible and rational way – it’s yet another of those issues rammed down our throats by politically-correct numbskulls.

In other words the thought-police who throw their dummies out of the pram when they hear of anything disturbing their one-world love-fest in which we solve all our problems with a group hug.

These are the people who don’t turn a hair at offering twelve-year olds over-the-counter abortion tablets,  but run foaming at the mouth to the police when somebody is called “gay”. Even if that person IS “gay”, which kind of puts it into the realm of factual information rather than insult, does it not?

Equality? Don’t Make Me Laugh

Supposedly, we are all equal now (don’t make me laugh. Ever seen the size of a banker’s salary??). And equality has its disadvantages, like not being able to call somebody from Africa black any more. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but many Africans are black, that’s a fact of nature. But say so and you’re racist.

So the word black has fallen out of favour. We have to have CHALKboards now, coffee “without cream”, HEAVY clouds, an “unfortunate day” instead of a black day and of course nobody can be blackballed any more! It even seems (see links above) one school tried to change “Baa Baa Black Sheep” into “Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep” to reeducate the toddlers. Could it get any more ridiculous?

Doddery but Sane

I actually remember the “olden days” before this global propaganda for the New Age. We ate cooked breakfasts, cycled to work, used cash to buy things, bought fatty meat (gasp!) and delicious offal, and when there was an occasional immigrant living in the neighbourhood people were on the whole polite and respectful no matter what they thought.

We didn’t need a leaflet campaign to develop good manners, because we were brought up decently. Of course certain groups like “the Jews” were to my Dad and others of his age an object of scorn, even though he’d never met one, and if he had met one I’m sure he would have shaken his hand and greeted him warmly like anybody else. Certainly nobody shouted names in the street, and if you heard somebody being offensive about the “blacks” you corrected them.

I’ll go as far as to say (and why do I feel a frisson of fear when I do so?) that in those days the correct factual title of a “person of colour” was a “negro”, simply because that is a word that means “black” and it’s no different to somebody being yellow, brown or white. Since I don’t mind being called white, why should somebody else mind being called black? (OOOOh, I can hear the comments boxes beginning to heat up even now.)

Not being Gay is Now the Crime?

As far as the “gay” thing goes, no doubt homosexuality existed then as it always has done. But you wouldn’t know so. It was behind closed doors, no questions asked. Live and let live. Children didn’t know about such things, as is right. It was treated as a life-choice that was unhealthy and wrong, but – again – if that was your choice you got on with it.

But instead of a sexual deviation from the norm (I say this as a plain statement of fact) being tolerated, today it has to be elevated almost to cult status, praised, promoted, taught in schools, and no TV show is complete without at least one gay character. This goes far beyond tolerance. It’s an evangelical attitude to pushing homosexuality at every opportunity.

The same people, forgetting that tolerance cuts both ways, pillory without mercy any Christian who dares to be evangelical. Equality supposedly means we are all equal, but in this Animal Farm world of ours “some are more equal than others”.

Let a Christian quote something from the bible and you find out just how one-sided equality really is.

Gay lovers – far from being persecuted – are more protected than any other segment of western society, and they have won equal rights with any other group. They can have a civil marriage in a Register Office, adopt children, and receive financial aid as a couple, but that’s not enough. Now they want to redefine marriage for the rest of the country and be “married” as well, forcing every Church in the land legally to marry gay couples whether they like it or not. But as soon as a Church representative objects, there is a witch-hunt by the usual gay activists, being given any amount of airtime to claim they are being hated, oppressed and disadvantaged!

We have the Right to Disagree

Let’s get this straight. Racism, Sexism and all the other isms are wrong. They always have been wrong. The only difference now is that the people who do it are arrested, instead of being given the cold shoulder down the pub. Society used to find its own level, because some people were known to be loud-mouthed bigots and were shunned.

At the same time, if you happened to choose the path of loud-mouthed bigotry, that was up to YOU and nobody was going to put surveillance cameras on your house as a result.

Football Pitfalls

On British TV (although I never watch sport) the issue of the racist footballer was unavoidable. He was endlessly condemned, hauled before his peers, suspended from the game and fined a huge amount of money, and this piece of news was aired over and over again at a time when hundreds were dying in Syria. A tyrant shells his own people, but WE are totally preoccupied with what one man said to another in a rash heated moment during a game of football.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s upsetting that one person should call another THAT word (see, we can’t even say it now). But the word he used – in his own native land – wasn’t half as offensive as was made out, and one could argue that it’s commonly used by black people themselves. But I’m straying from my point.

Criminalising thought patterns, words and beliefs is very near to the religious persecution that we all know will come in its wake.

And in another such incident, a man was reported and subsequently arrested for a similar offense. Do the British police have nothing better to do, than searching countless hours of CCTV tapes for a man who “made a racist gesture” at a football match?

It was so mind-shatteringly offensive, apparently, that our eyes and ears had to be protected from knowing what it was! (Unlike the sexually explicit and blood-soaked drama on TV I might add).

I had to search the internet to find it was a “monkey-gesture”, you know, somebody scratching their sides like an ape. Come on! Can’t we act like grown-ups and spend our time (for instance) tracking down some of the people who steal and melt down our bronze war memorials?

And more to the point, isn’t this public outcry and baying for blood out of proportion? And isn’t it indicative of today’s world, where you do not have the freedom of thought or speech, even though you are NOT racist, or a bigot? Because a simple misunderstanding can lead to arrest and a criminal record too.

The Law Misused

Punishment was once reserved for those who had broken the law. That used to mean burglary, arson, murder, fraud and similar offenses. The arsonist was free to tell others what he thought of immigrants (like it or not) and until he lit a fire under them he wasn’t jailed.

Now a schoolgirl who complains that she can’t understand what her study mates are saying (because they are all speaking Urdu) is arrested, treated like a common criminal, and has to spend several hours in a cell not knowing what will happen to her. (see above link)

Hasn’t something gone terribly wrong? Why has this Government issued strict orders that teachers must log and report every “incident” that hints at homophobic, racist or other hate-crime offenses? In 2010 alone, more than 20,000 pupils aged 11 or younger were last year put on record for so-called hate crimes such as using the word ‘gaylord’.Some of them are even from nursery schools where children are no older than three.

Read more: Daily Mail Article

Once branded as a racist, with your name reported to the local authorities, this record can accompany you throughout your education, and later into your work experience. One chance remark by a child too young to understand the meaning of the words, may prove to be a millstone round his or her neck for life!

How can this be better than a simple reprimand by a parent or teacher? What message of “tolerance” does it present to a toddler, when his or her friends are disgraced and branded for playground backchat?

A child who is taunted as being “four-eyes” or “fatty” hits back by calling the bully a “homo” (because he heard the word used on TV) and is instantly a suspect in a criminal case! No longer can you just wince when you overhear talk in Macdonald’s about some “paki” shopkeeper who refused to sell them cigarettes – you are in fear that the police will be called and you’ll be summoned as a witness.

And it won’t stop here. Once the door is pushed open to the “hate-crime” house it will offer up more and more room to those who are intent on promoting their particular beliefs. They are determined to batter down any form of protest against their activities, good or bad.

Who is Really the Bigot?

Who gave these people authority to dictate what you and I think as we sit in the bath, or what we say when we chat to Auntie on the phone? The same people (usually atheists) who violently object to any kind of biblical legality or judgement, are prepared to condemn and criminalise anyone who disagrees with their twisted view of normality.

Notwithstanding what you and I think might be unbearably offensive, incorrect, one-sided, ill-informed and downright snitty – but up to this decade we still had the freedom to do it.

I find myself whispering when I comment on the news now! It’s got to me too!

IHOP’s New Breed Leaders

(A Report From Herescope/Discernment Research Ministry)

The very strange teachings about Bloodlines, New Breed, Elect Seed, New Order and Abortion in the history of the IHOP movement

  • “The best of every blood line”
  • “300,000 that will have a special measure of the Spirit”
  • “getting the next generation into the warfare”
  • ” the elect generation”
  • “leadership over the one billion” (Mike Bickle & Bob Jones)[1]

The IHOP (International House of Prayer) movement is now front and center stage as a national controversy continues to swirl around Texas Governor Rick Perry and his upcoming prayer rally The Response featuring prominent IHOP and NAR leaders as “endorsers.” The national media is scrambling to catch up with the significance of this event, and a few reporters are bungling it badly.[2]

In the meantime, The Response showed no signs of faltering, as James and Shirley Dobson, Max Lucado and Maine Governor Paul LePage added their weight to a new promo webpage for the event, “What Others are Saying.” This quasi-political prayer event continues to be controversial because of the potential political ambitions of Gov. Perry who, according to one reporter, “may be counting on apostles and prophets to help propel him to the White House.”[3] This same article recounts the attempts by the NAR and IHOP movements to bridge racial divides:

[Alice] Patterson’s aim, as she makes clear in her book [Bridging the Racial and Political Divide: How Godly Politics Can Transform a Nation], is getting black and brown evangelicals to vote Republican and support conservative causes. A major emphasis among the New Apostles is racial reconciliation and recruitment of minorities and women. The apostolic prayer networks often perform elaborate ceremonies in which participants dress up in historical garb and repent for racial sins.

The formula—overcoming racism to achieve multiracial fundamentalism—has caught on in the apostolic movement. Some term the approach the “Rainbow Right,” and in fact The Response has a high quotient of African-Americans, Latinos and Asian-Americans in leadership positions.

Lou Engle, for example, is making a big push to recruit black activists into the anti-abortion ranks. “We’re looking for the new breed of black prophets to arise and forgive us our baggage,” he said at Trinity Assemblies of God, “and then lead us out of victimization and into the healing of a nation, to stop the shedding of innocent blood.”[4]

What do these self-proclaimed apostles and prophets of IHOP and NAR mean when they talk about race and abortion? Do they mean what YOU think they mean? They have a long history of double-speak. You might think they are against abortion, for Israel, and against racism. But are they really? This group is noted for their clever use of language and unique terminology, especially the concoction of new doctrines. Note the terminology in the quotation above: “new breed.” And note the reference to “ceremonies” which supposedly repent of “racial sins.” These ceremonies are based on a Dominionist teaching called “Identificational Repentance” which puts more focus on ethnicity than language, a strange practice if one is concerned about spreading the Gospel.

From their inception these self-proclaimed prophets have articulated what they mean by these terminologies. They claim that they got their teachings from “God.” And what they actually believe should give any American truly concerned about race relations, the right to life, pro-Israel and freedom of religion pause for sober concern. Their agenda may be totally different than what appears on the surface. Like any cult, they may seem sincere. But they also have scary ambitions, which are both political and religious, and they fall far outside the American mainstream. And they intend to use the current young generation, what they call the “New Breed,” to achieve their political aims.

What follows are a series of quotations and excerpts from old Discernment Ministries newsletters. Discernment Ministries began publishing newsletters in May of 1990, chronicling the rise of the Kansas City group in particular.[5] The most important pieces of documentation are the graphic image exhibits that were common during the era when the Kansas City group merged with the Vineyard.

Exhibit A above this post is a poster that was for sale from Kansas City Fellowship two decades ago which depicts the “manchild” — a fair-skinned baby who represents the “New Breed” becoming “god-man.”

Exhibit B, alongside, the military knight in armor holding a blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby, represents the “New Breed” that is to become “Joel’s Army.”[6]


“The children are the best of all the generations that have ever been upon the face of the earth. . . those ELECTED SEEDS that will glorify Christ in the last days. .. they will move into things of the supernatural that no one has ever been in the Bible – They’ll move in it consistently. . . they themselves will be that generation that’s raised up to put death itself underneath their feet. . . . a church that has reached the full maturity of the god-man!” (Transcripts, Kansas City Fellowship, 1988 Interview Bob Jones with Mike Bickle).[7]


“…every time God ever planned to do anything, the devil would get wind of it and he’d go out there and try to head if off. . . when he knew how Moses was coming, what did he do to stop him. . .. he killed all the babies. What did he do when he figured that Jesus was going to be born at a certain time? He released a decree through the wicked ruler to kill all the babies. Don’t you see? And what’s he doing now? There’s mass mutilation and murder of thousands and millions of unborn babies. Abortions on every hand. So, you must know something’s coming up greater than Moses, greater than. . . even in Jesus’ day, because the Devil is trying to kill off the NEW BREED, he’s trying to kill off the Bride of Christ and he’s trying to kill the whole thing off, but the Lord has well planted this seed of the New Bride and the New Breed. . . . He’s about to open the womb and He’s about to give birth to this NEW THING. . . . when the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us we beheld the glories of the only begotten of the Father and when YOU begin to become that Word I want you to know the world will behold the glory of the Father and that’s what we’re waiting to see. . . I want you to know that we’re going to have some channeling one of these days, but it’s going to be channeled right out of the throne room of heaven.” (Paul Cain, speaking at the Vineyard Prophetic Conference in 1989)[8]


“Praise God, our Creator has a plan to restore order to His creation. Two thousand years ago He raised up a “fourth race” of man, descended from the Second Adam, Jesus Christ. This fourth race is a true super race which will fulfill God’s divine purpose to bring righteousness to earth. That super race was created to rule over every nation, every tongue, and every people on this planet. This fourth race… transcends the human body and time itself! God ordained that this earth be conquered and ruled by a super race of spiritual beings who are united by a single scarlet thread – the blood of Christ! God’s super race of man in our generation!” (Turnel Nelson, Destiny Image Digest)[9]


“God’s expressed intention of using the Seed of the woman to crush the head of satan (Gen. 3:15) clarifies His divine hope of generations… Satan’s purpose is to steal, to kill and to destroy our children. He is especially targeting the righteous seed. He is afraid that a godly generation will rise up to crush his head.”(Dr. Patricia Morgan, Destiny Image Digest)[10]


“….the Gospel of the Kingdom is not just the Word, it is the Word and power… until we get millions of Christians to have that incarnate Word come to them and them be the Incarnate Word… that’s the only way we’re going to see a nation turn to the Lord in a day…. God’s strange act is going to bring a New Order of things and bring a NEW BREED in and bring a transformation…. The nations will come to your light… you’re going to be the LIGHT OF DAY and the LIGHT OF LIFE. Capital L-I-G-H- T, Capital L-I-F-E. You’re going to be the Light of LIFE, just as Jesus stood on the Mount of Transfiguration and went through that Chrysalis Metamorphosis Stage and they saw Him shine – His raiment did shine – His whole being did shine brighter than the noon day sun and God’s going to have a whole company – a whole group of people that are going to be like that… Things are about to change… and when God begins to move in these last days, He’s going to shake the chains loose and there’s going to be a chain-reaction and people will die…. I tell you, God is going to have His army and they’re going to be a fearful bunch and they’re going to go into everyplace on the face of the earth….” (Paul Cain, KC “prophet” speaking at the Anaheim Vineyard “School For Prophecy)[11]


“There will be a special anointing released for mobilizing the army of the Lord…. There will be an impartation of strategic vision… to boldly march against the greatest strongholds of our time… This army of which Joel speaks is about to be revealed…. They will take cities. They will burst through the enemy’s strongholds and take houses (families). The very heavens and the earth are about to shake because of this great army… the time has come.”(Rick Joyner, advertising a conference)[12]


“It now appears that God is raising up a New Breed of leadership to do the ‘new thing’. This NEW BREED will be young and fresh, with a pioneering spirit – whether chronologically young or old in age. Last year I had the opportunity to meet several young men whom I believe represents this NEW BREED of leadership…We invite you to learn more about Mike Bickle, a part of God’s NEW BREED for the 90’s.”[13]

(For additional quotations see the Herescope post “The NEW BREED defined,” 2/03/06.)

Teachings about a New Order,[14] a New Breed, and a superior Race, are not new. They are actually very old. Combined they are very potent, and very disturbing. Discernment Ministries warned back in 1990, as the Kansas City movement began to rise in prominence with its association with Vineyard which spread these teachings throughout the evangelical world, that

This NEW BREED mentality is one of the most dangerous and divisive doctrines facing the Church. It threatens existing denominations and churches across the nation. Pastors, brace yourselves to face growing confusion as a result!

Again, it needs to be emphasized that this NEW BREED doctrine is the kernel thought that undergirds most of the known cults. Hitler, in the name of God was religiously obsessed with the idea of a NEW BREED of people, a PURE RACE, a NEW GENERATION and A NEW ORDER. Books and publications have attributed the rise of the Third Reich to the spirit of occultism. Many of the great theologians in Germany at that time gave Hitler’s “pure race” ideology theological cohesiveness. Amazingly we are now seeing history repeat itself. However the modern “prophets” interpret their NEW BREED of religion, the fact remains it is the same seed thought (elitism) that gave rise to Hitler’s THIRD REICH that plagued Germany and the world. It was this spirit of “elitism” that led to anti-Semitism. Nazism, the New Age Movement and the NEW BREED are one and the same: they are merely different manifestations of the same evil seed – “elitism”.

The NEW BREED spirit in Hitler’s day permeated the churches in Germany. One of the first things the NEW BREEDERS sought to do in support of their “elitist” race was to unite all the churches in Germany. With this NEW WAVE of “elitism” once again flooding the Church, it comes as no surprise to hear the apostate Church speaking of UNITING all the churches at the expense of SOUND DOCTRINE.[15]

Furthermore, Discernment Ministries warned back in 1990 about the rise of this “New Order” and explained in the November 1990 Discernment Newsletter that “THE NEW ORDER that is arising is, among other things, a REPLACEMENT for the Nation of Israel.”[16]

So what is the NAR/IHOP political action alliance agenda? Do we really know? We see the public facade, the Tea Party political rhetoric. But do Americans really understand the depths of bizarre occult ideas that lie barely beneath the surface — the fervent military heresies that are so powerful and seductive, engaging youth and political activists with the cause to fulfill their calling as a New Breed race, becoming a Joel’s Army marching in lockstep, to build a New Order Kingdom on earth?

The Truth:

These prophecies in the quotes above were said to come from God. But it should be noted that they expressly contradict God’s Word, the Bible. So which “God” is driving this movement? In June 1990, warning about the rise of this “New Breed” heresy, Travers and Jewel van der Merwe, writing for the Discernment Newsletter explained the biblical truth:

The whole NEW BREED concept is totally unscriptural. The only way they can attempt to prove their false doctrine is to twist, misquote or allegorize the Scriptures. According to the “prophets” all believers are not a part of the NEW BREED because it is reserved for a special quality of Christian in the last days. But Praise God, the Bible refutes this fallacy. On the contrary, it gives all believers the following assurance:

1. All believers are equal in Christ. Galatians 3:28.
2. All believers are new creatures. II Corinthians 5:17.
3. All believers are made righteous by faith, that is of grace. Romans 4:16.
4. All believers are of the seed of Abraham. Romans 4:16.
5. All believers were baptized into one body. I Corinthians 12:13.
6. All believers are members of the body of Christ. I Corinthians 12:14.
7. All believers are part of the ELECT. I Peter 1:2.
8. All believers are a CHOSEN GENERATION. I Peter 2:1, 2.
9. All believers are “born again.” John 3:3, 15.
10. All believers are lively stones and a holy priesthood. I Peter 2:5.

The word BREED is not found once in Scripture, much less the term A NEW BREED.[17]

1. Background documentation for understanding these teachings of the Kansas City group is the taped excerpts of a discussion between Mike Bickle and Bob Jones, which is transcribed at this Herescope post, 2/3/06, “The NEW BREED Defined,” http://herescope.blogspot.com/2006/02/new-breed-defined.html Note the focus on the New Breed generation.
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Ed. Note: Many of the quotation from this post can also be found in the document by Pastor Ernie Gruen, “Documentation of The Aberrant Practices and Teachings of Kansas City Fellowship (Grace Ministries),” http://www.deceptionbytes.com/AberrentPractices.pdf and many are also transcribed in the book Vengeance Is Ours: The Church In Dominion by Al Dager (Sword 1990). These and many other of the original recordings and pieces of documentation are in the possession of Discernment Ministries.

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