Why are TV presenters suddenly talking gibberish on air?

A very strange phenomenon has begun to affect TV presenters. Nobody knows what is influencing them. They appear fit and normal but are then unable to speak properly.

It started with Serene Branson and a stream of ‘gibberish’ as she appeared live at the Grammys ceremony in February. Since then, and almost inexplicably, more and more presenters are succumbing to ‘gibberish’ before their live audiences. What is going on?

In Branson’s case, armchair medics were quick to assert that she was possibly suffering a stroke on Live TV – something later ruled out by hospital medics. A rare form of migraine was cited as the most likely cause and at that point, the news hungry internet archived the incident as ‘one of those rare events’. Only now is it clear that it’s not so rare at all.

Alarmingly five differing presenters have now launched into ‘gibberish’ mode whilst presenting live.

It’s clearly not that they are forgetting their lines, it’s clearly not that they are simply ‘flunking things’- something is going on which makes them continue with poise and composure, yet the words coming from their mouths make no sense whatsoever.

Judge Judy became the latest victim just 48 hours ago. Recording of her popular TV show had to be ceased while she sought medical attention after speaking ‘gibberish’. Mark McAllister of Global Toronto News suffered the same fate before a third and fourth presenter found themselves making no sense whatsoever when trying to speak live on air.

See the videos for yourself HERE and determine whether this is indeed a ‘medical’ issue which is afflicting these poor reporters – or is there something more sinister going on?