Sick chain mail poem threatens death

We have just been the recipients of a sick death threat dressed up as an email from a friend. It’s one of those chain mail emails that you “must” send to everyone in your email box “or else bad things will happen to you” . They are nothing less than witchcraft curses, and I delete them, shred them and pray against their influences everytime I receive one.

Even Christians make the mistake of circulating the “cutsie” versions of these. The ones with a heart-wrenching story (bogus) and supposedly triumphant tale (fake) or sweet pictures to pull at your heart strings…and just like the devil sweetens the cup of poison just before you drink, you scroll to the bottom and read the part that demands you send it to ten friends “or else…”

These letters have been going for as long as I can remember. I used to receive the paper versions of them in the mail. Even then I would go out of my way to contradict what the letter demanded (and nothing happened as a result.) But in those days you were promised GOOD luck – you’d win money, marry the love of your life, go on a holiday or get your dream job – IF you obeyed the devil’s demands.

But today we saw the worst one ever. It’s a “poem”. I cannot tell you what the poem is because (you guessed it) I didn’t read it. BUT according to the text above it, this refusal will cost us our lives!! Yes, people who don’t read the poem will die or lose their loved ones in a horrible accident!

It’s a death threat of the sickest kind. If you delete this chain mail, neglect to read it or do not send it to the full five people, then you will DIE. Stories are given of people who failed to obey, including one woman who didn’t have five friends to send it to, and she died in a traffic accident the next day.

It makes me angry that people can be so foolish as to send these emails on, regardless of the message. There is a Facebook page for people who hate chainmail letters.  Join it here