Submission or Demanding my Rights?

ArguingI’ve been watching a trend develop – perhaps it was always there but is now being encouraged – that we are justified in defending ourselves against any wrong, even to the point of violence or murder.

Instead of discussion we have immediate over-reaction, which then escalates into shouting, raging and sometimes physical violence as well.

It’s all about ME and MY RIGHTS!

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The Question of Obedience

told-offMuch is said of grace, but little of service! We rejoice in love, mercy and forgiveness, we delight in the blessings and privileges of knowing God, but some of us hold back from a commitment to obey.

Obeying God isn’t optional! How many of us enjoy being Christian up to the point of being commanded to do something that our flesh dislikes? How many of us think there’s a middle way between total commitment to God’s service, and throwing off the yoke entirely – a middle way that suits us, because we only serve God when we feel like it? But the rest of the time we feel free to do pretty-much as we please.

It’s a shock for many Christians to find out they are SERVANTS (and that word translated from the Greek in the bible is actually SLAVES!). If that comes as somewhat of a shock to you, you’re not alone. Continue reading