Born Again – Again!

This is a strange title I know, but it refers to something in my life that was and is important, especially at this time in history. I will try to explain that in due course.

This is about surrender, commitment and trust. These are the vital elements of our faith in the finished work on the Cross. We are saved by our faith in who Jesus is and what he accomplished on our behalf, but faith is not faith unless it involves trust, commitment and surrender.

For many, and in some ways for me, absolute surrender was challenging.

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The Rock of our Faith

devil-angelFor the past month or so I’ve been experiencing what I now believe to have been a spiritual battle. I also think it may have been necessary preparation, training camp if you will, that God allowed for a purpose.

Throughout my Christian life I haven’t been a person who has wavered in faith, or suffered real periods of doubt, thank the Lord. I think I’m one of those people who have the blessing of being naive and childlike in faith, and prepared to take things at face value. Continue reading