Technology Close to Creating Hell on Earth

vr-headsetIf the title of this post alarms you, then I’m glad, because many people will shrug their shoulders and pass on.

However, I remember back in the early 90’s when Virtual Reality was first being touted as an exciting futuristic technology, I had an inkling of where things might go, even then.

Even back then, it was suggested that people could eventually don a VR headset and enter into an alternative 3D universe where their interaction with people and objects could be as near to reality as possible.
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Coming your way tonight: the new blood libel

Atheism dressed up as “theology”: the God haters are clamouring to applaud tonight’s ripping up of biblical truth in the form of the BBC’s new series presented by the atheist senior lecturer at the University of Exeter, Francesca Stavrakopoulou.

The first episode (Tuesday 15th from 9-10 on BBC2) is all about rubbishing David and his kingdom. Doubtless the same kind of sensationalised “archeology” and “new evidence” that we are used to seeing in such documentaries will support the conclusion she’s already reached, that the God of the bible only exists in the blinded eyes of those who worship him.

But who is this woman? One supporter praises her “excellent” work on “cultic child sacrifice to Yahweh” which sounds to me startlingly close to the age-old blood libel.  But maybe the world is ready for another heavy dose of anti-semitic lies to spark off the next round of pogroms? And as for the Christians, they are about to appear as foolish numbskulls who need pagans and atheists to correct their theological understanding.

Stavrakopoulou first appeared on television last year in Channel 4’s “The Bible: A History”, saying that Moses did not exist. (I remember trying to watch this series and recall how conceited she sounded.)

“The Bible’s Buried Secrets”, which begins tonight, is her first prime time series. Her published books include include “Baal and Asherah: Image, Sex, Power, and the Other” and “King Manasseh and Child Sacrifice: Biblical Distortions of Historical Realities”.

Her book “Blood ritual in the Hebrew Bible” again raises the spectre of the Blood Libel. Will it become the new “Protocols of Zion”?

She is “Secretary of the Society for Old Testament Study and a member of the European Association of Biblical Studies and the Society of Biblical Literature” so is clearly a voice of influence for those who need to denounce all that is holy and true.  In one short biography it is revealed it took her to the age of eleven to realise that Jesus was Jewish.  One wonders what would have happened if she’d actually paid attention at school like the rest of us.

Ms Stavrakopoulou’s big drum which she is bound to beat throughout this TV series is pluralism. That is, the God of the bible is about to be presented as simply one of a host of cultic gods worshipped in ancient Judea. Again, according to some “the fact that Yahweh once shared a bed with Mrs Yahweh (“Asherah”) is widely accepted by mainstream scholars as a part of orthodox religious belief”. Perhaps it is amongst the “religious” but not for those who know God. Let us pray the outcry will be loud and long against this destructive heresy!

Titus 1:15-16 – To the pure all things are pure, but to those who are defiled and unbelieving nothing is pure; but even their mind and conscience are defiled. They profess to know God, but in works they deny Him, being abominable, disobedient, and disqualified for every good work.

This Country is Going Digital (Postal?)

So, it’s happening. The great digital switchover from analogue TV to digital is being rolled out across the country as from now. It means anybody left with the old style five channels received via a roof aerial will be looking at a blank screen soon… unless that is, they take up the BBC offer (advert) that dropped through my letterbox this morning.

For the “standard option” which involves plonking a set-top box on your TV they will charge you £40. Other options range from £56 for a digi box and satellite dish (your only option if you have an old type aerial) to £874 for a TV and freesat LCD screen.

Once again the Beeb has found a way to advertise itself, reach a whole new customer base for its left-wing (Government sponsored) propaganda and sell mounds of equipment into the bargain.

It’s not enough that the BBC are milking £145.50 a year out of everyone in the country (those who own a colour TV, but how many do not?) for a license to own a TV in the first place. And it doesn’t stop there. Each room in a care home or similar establishment is charged £7.50 a year in the “concessionary” scheme, so if you have a Care Home with 25 rooms that’s £187.50 a year you have to find just to pay the BBC for being there.

More – if you are unfortunate enough to be running a hotel or company or boarding houses (etc) each with a TV, you will be charged a license for each one of them. So ten different locations = £1,455 a year to be found for the immense privilege of watching infantile comedy, gross reality shows, and politically-correct garbage.

Oh, but at least there are no adverts you cry! Yup, no adverts – well that is, only adverts for yet more BBC entertainment, and their website, and their services and — you get the picture….

But at the end of this month you may NOT “get the picture” at all, when it all goes digital. If you happen to be poor or elderly or disadvantaged and your only relaxation was a few hours watching the box, you can forget it. Find the money for a new TV or at least a set-top box or you’ll get nothing for your money from now on.

You’d think the billions of license money the BBC rake in (not to speak of their commercial activities) would provide enough for a free set-top box for those who don’t own a digital-ready TV. But no.

And reading their leaflet I grew ever more incensed at the level of information they have already gleaned on each and every person they contacted. It boldly states that they have already contacted “a number of public bodies including local authorities, Veterans Agency, and the DWP” to see if you are on benefits or disabled and they have contacted the TV Licensing Agency to see if you have a license.

If you reply to their form (which they urge you to do even if you don’t want them to call you) you will have to give even more personal information like your phone number, disabilities – including “depression” – whether you own your property and what type of property it is.

Am I the only one a tad upset about this?