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sideways-pencilThis blog is an offshoot of the Website for Banner Ministries.

I am a long-serving Bible-believing Christian, concerned about false teaching and the coming signs of the End. I’m not working with or associated to anyone. What I have written is the product of my personal studies and research as a believer.

I was raised with a background of Primitive Methodism in England, joined the Anglican Church when I was saved (in the 1960’s) and have since then fellowshipped with Christians of many and no denominations.

I believe in salvation by grace, though faith; in the biblical gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit; I reject infant baptism, I use the King James Bible and the New King James, both of which are based upon the Textus Receptus group of documents. My eschatology is Futurist..

Since the mid-1980’s I have been researching and writing about false teachings in the Church. From 1982-2003 I wrote, printed and distributed several tracts, audio tapes and a newsletter called “Mainstream”. (Hard copies are no longer available; my only work now is the Website and Blog.)

From the 1990’s onwards, my research was placed on my original website CROSS+WORD (An acronym for Christian Research on Scriptural Subjects plus the Work of Researchers and Discernment Ministries.)  That website is still located at http://www.banner.org.uk/ and I still own that domain; however my newer work is on my new website at www.birthpangs.org.

More recently I have written about devotional issues, world events,  biblical studies and the endtimes and that is my current focus. I have not lost my sense of indignation at false teaching but that work is no longer for me; it is being done much more effectively by others on the Net.

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