The Woman of Revelation

The Woman of Revelation

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On the new Birthpangs website there are many archived articles from my former Banner Ministries website [CROSS+WORD] about the Toronto Blessing, Latter Rain, New World Order, Prosperity teaching (Word of Faith) and other miscellaneous subjects.

There are also NEW articles about the Coming of the Lord Jesus and the signs we see all around us today. [Click here for a list]

The Cross+Word Website

My previous website ( that contained many articles on false teaching was the work of my discernment ministry, Banner Ministries, and its newsletter “Mainstream” which mostly closed down in the year 2000. The website found at is an ARCHIVE of that material and my older material is found there.

 “” does not replace It is a new direction.

I still study the scriptures, gain insights that excite me, talk and write about them. I still look at the revivalists’ antics with disgust and dismay. But I no longer have a newsletter nor do I speak publicly.  I am retired both in body and spirit, and no longer have the mental abilities or staying-power to do as I once did.

My new concern (and it should be the concern of us all) is the soon-coming of our Lord and Saviour, and the preparations we all need to make to be ready for his coming.

I write as I am led, mainly about biblical prophecy and endtimes subjects, with devotional studies as well.

Where can Banner articles be found?

Most of the relevant old Banner articles are archived on the website. See the index page HERE

If there is anything beyond that you would like to have, please contact me (link in the menu).


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  1. Your work as been an important part in my own restoration and at one of the darkest hours of my life, reading your testimony gave me hope. I appreciate all of your honesty and hard work and now i am reaching out to others as well. Time is short and eternity is long…..thank you…..Kingsdaughter


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