Overcoming Doubts

Are you ever troubled by doubts? Do you ever puzzle over unanswered prayer, or events that just don’t seem to add up?

I haven’t been a regular doubter in my Christian life, thankfully. I seem to possess an ability to accept things in an almost childlike way, without constantly asking why or needing proof. Continue reading

Atonement or Ransom?

There’s nothing that brings out the theological nerd in me more than unpicking the true meaning of a word in scripture, and this one is a doozy! Atonement!

For a start, it’s not really a biblical word, but was coined by the bible translators for a Hebrew word for which they felt there was no near English equivalent.

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The Emotional Life of Jesus

What We Learn From The Emotional Life of Jesus

I’m watching the TV series “Jesus: His Life” on TV – I have reached episode four so far. I don’t totally recommend it, but you might like it. However, I am not here to promote the series but to explore some aspects of the life of Jesus that sprang out of it for me. Continue reading

Is Jesus the Angel of the Lord?

Moses and the Burning Bush
Moses and the Burning Bush

Why did Jesus say several times that nobody has seen God, when plenty of people are recorded as having seen and heard God in the Bible ? John 6:46; John 1:18; John 5:37; also 1 John 4:12: “No one has seen God at ANY time; the only begotten God who is in the bosom of the Father, He has declared Him”.

There appears to be a contradiction, since Jesus said no man has ever seen or heard God, yet many times throughout the Old Testament, people DID see and hear God! Nonetheless, “You have never heard his voice, nor seen his form….” [John 5:37] Continue reading

The Angel Moved The Stone – But Why?

I write on the Saturday of Easter weekend (as the westernised version of events has it) and it is no coincidence I am sure that in my recent re-reading of the gospel of Matthew I arrived today at the final two chapters, the account of the trial, crucifixion and resurrection of the Son of God.

As always, the bible text itself corrects so many popular bible myths that have been introduced over the centuries. We must not base our beliefs on myths or religious paintings, but the word of God.

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The World In Chaos – A Christian Perspective

No doubt you are as troubled about world events as I am, especially as there seems no relief in sight.

And these days, praying isn’t so straightforward either, since we have less and less clarity on exactly what is the Lord’s intention (except for the obvious biblical prophecies.)

(Personally, I pray Lord, let YOUR will be done, and YOUR will prevail.)

Today on Twitter, Ron Perlman  addressed the current situation from his own patriotic American perspective, and it sparked off some thoughts for me. What he said was this: Continue reading

‘Church of Almighty God’ AKA “Eastern Lightning” Cult Warning

The Israeli Journalist, Eastern Lightning, and Why This Cult is Invading Israel With Propaganda (reposted)

An Israeli journalist who writes for many Israeli news sources , found my email address after he read my article on “Church of Almighty God” (cult) and wrote to me a few weeks ago. The reason for his call?  He is doing research on “Church of Almighty God’ AKA “Eastern Lightning.”  He had two questions for me – 1. Why were they targeting Israel? 2. Who is funding them?

We set up a time for us to talk on the phone.  We have been keeping in touch with one another about this cult. I have searched the Internet to try to discover the source of funding for the cult.  I’ve read that they have over 2 million members now. They are also in S. Korea.

I told the journalist that with this many members, they probably have the funds from their people.  He said that was very feasible.

Years ago, I wrote an article on “Church of Almighty God”  a very dangerous cult. Since then, this cult has over 50 aliases and at least as many different websites.  They are banned from China for killing a women in broad daylight. She refused to give her phone number to a cult member.

The leaders of this cult fled to NYC where they live to this day.  They use strong-arm techniques, sexual enticement, kidnapping and threats against families to recruit new members.  They are ruthless.

What do they  believe?

Church of Almighty God (CAG for the rest of this article) teach their members that Jesus Christ has already come back to earth as a Chinese woman.  We believe that the wife of the leader who lives in NYC now, is the women whom they say is Jesus Christ. They also go by the name Eastern Lightning.

Leaders of the Cult who moved to NYC

These people were targeting the home churches in China who are preaching the true Gospel of Christ. The government of China is being hostile to home groups, but at times they look the other way because these Christians are peaceful.

Why Israel?

The Israeli journalist told me that CAG has their literature all over Israel and it is translated into perfect Hebrew.  He explained to me that to get their propaganda translated into such perfect Hebrew is very costly.

I told him about the Hebrew Roots movement which is all over the world.  I said that perhaps the leaders of the cult felt that they would become more credible if they associated themselves with Hebrew Roots.

The journalist wrote back to me a few days later.  He said that he thought that I had figured out why the “invasion” of Israel.  He said that he found out that much of the cult’s energy was focused on Hebrew Roots people in Israel.

My First Encounter with CAG

About 4 years ago, I accepted an Asian lady as a FB friend. I began to have apprehensions about her.  She would message me at least five times a day saying that she REALLY needed to speak with me. She began to place pictures of an Asian choir on my page. Back then, I allowed people to put posts on my page.  The picture was very creepy. They looked like robots or maybe someone had photoshopped the pic.  It did not look normal.

One day, I asked her about her church. She told me that it was Church of Almighty God.  I began my research and was startled when I found out that they had murdered a Chinese woman in China before they were banned from that country.

I took this woman off my page (actually blocked her) and began writing articles about the cult.  I received very threatening messages on my Word Press site from members of the cult.  Of course, I did not allow their comments on my comment board.


Brethren, if you suspect that these cult members have worked their way onto your FB list of friends – you really do need to look carefully through your friends list.

Another thing that will protect you is to not make your friends list visible to others. You can find how to do this by clicking on the little wheel over your friends list and choose “hide friends list.”   These people love to find Christians who show their list of hundreds and hundreds of Christian friends. This makes their work much easier for them.

God is protecting us – we know this. But God also wants us to use  good, sound judgement.

Pray for those in the cult.  Pray for any Hebrew Roots people who are not grounded in God’s Word, and thus become vulnerable to cults.

I look forward to working with the Israeli journalist to find out all we can about CAG/Eastern Lightning. When this man finally finishes his research and writes his article, he said that he will share it with me.

At that time I will share it with my readers.

Shalom b’Yeshua

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