Unable to Forgive?

We just had a sort-out and threw away a lot of things, and passed on others to the charity shop. Things that once meant a lot but are now unused. A car full of boxes was driven to the local tip, and there the boxes and their contents met their final end, never to be seen again.

Later on, back home, I was wondering what the word “forgive” actually meant, and looked it up online. I discovered that the concept of forgiveness was very similar to our clear-out. Continue reading

The Antichrist Church

This party's on fire

2 John 1:7 “For many deceivers have gone out into the world, those who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh. This is the deceiver and the antichrist.”

It’s time (again) to identify what the bible calls “antichrist” so as not to miss important clues about what’s happening right now – in the churches. Continue reading

Our Future Salvation

“The hour has come for you to wake from sleep. For salvation is nearer to us now than when we first believed” (Romans 13:11).

So – is there another and a greater salvation awaiting true Christians in the last days, or have we received everything that it is possible to receive, right here and now?

More importantly, is there a “salvation to come” in the future that the unwary, unrepentant, false, and blasphemers will lose – while those who “endure to the end” and “run the course” will attain to it?

That is what I want to examine.

Continue reading

Garden of Eden Re-Run

Image result for fruit in garden of eden

You probably thought the decision that faced Adam and Eve, God’s children, in their perfect Garden of Eden was a one-off didn’t you?

Once having made the wrong decision, that’s it for ever; mankind and the earth are forever changed, even despite the sacrifice of Jesus (the Second Adam) which opened the door to a return of fellowship with the Father. No more going back to that horrible choice.

But I contend that we are on the brink of a re-run, a reprise of the scenario in Eden, with eternal consequences! Let me explain. Continue reading

The Empty Chalkboard


You lie awake, tossing and turning, night after night the same;
Blaming yourself, but more so, those who are really to blame:
What they said and did to you, how cruel, mean and heartless,
Leaving you angry, sad, despairing, frustrated and totally hopeless.

Listing the slights and injuries they committed without shame once,
Against the meek and vulnerable, who bore it with all patience,
How they cut you deep inside, a trauma that cannot be healed,
Brooding pain and anger about raw wounds you have concealed. Continue reading

Inauguration Thoughts

saul-anointedI was recently led to start reading the book of Samuel. Unexpectedly I stumbled on scriptures that informed my thoughts about Friday’s Presidential Inauguration.

I should explain that this was part of my regular reading plan, not a deliberate policy. It happened, as they say, by chance.

I had come to the end of the book of Acts and intended to start Luke’s Gospel again, but in the meanwhile I came upon a verse in Samuel and then thought “why don’t I start Samuel instead?”

That was a week or so ago. All of this is to say, I believe I was led to read Samuel because the Presidential Inauguration was coming up on Friday this week (20th January). Continue reading

Jesus Our Morning Star

Psalm 130 “My soul waits for the Lord more than they that watch for the morning.”

barkaiHere (left) we see illustrated a Temple Priest of the first century AD responding to the signal that “Day Has Dawned!” that is, “BARKAI”.

A specially appointed priest was sent to a high point [the so-called pinnacle of the Temple] to watch for the day’s dawning on the horizon.

When he did, he cried Barkai! See my full article on my website for more details

At that point, the Temple superintendent told the priest chosen by lot to go get the lamb for the morning sacrifice. This was the official start of the feast-day service.

However, it is worth remembering that, at Yom Kippur, the preparations have been underway long before that as far as the priests are concerned, from midnight or earlier. It is the public ceremonies that are heralded at the dawn of the day. Continue reading