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EclipseHello! This is the page for general comments.

By that, I mean anything you want to say in general and not specific to a post on the blog.

(Your blog comments should be added to the POSTS PAGE that you are reading, in the comments box there.)

Some of you have arrived at my blog via my website (which is and want to say something to me in general; or maybe you wanted to make a comment about the blog itself? Up to now there’s only been one page to do that, the HOME page.

Well, that wasn’t very tidy, and wasnt very accessible either. So I decided to create this page for general comments.

Leave them in the box below. And remember, this isn’t for comment on the posts! Nor for spam! Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Your Comments

  1. [Moved, as this is a general comment, not a post comment]
    Jesus saves Alleluia. My daughter had a dream recently which she said she doesn’t mind me sharing. It will encourage us all especially those who are outside and maybe feel lonely?

    Grace dreamt that there was a Christian conference on. Some of the Christians were camping in white tents in the middle of a wood and wolves came and attacked and some were devoured and some fled. The other Christians were in a building not unlike a manor and the wolves came and attacked and some were devoured and others fled. Finally she saw Christians sat at a long table. They were having a banquet and the table had a banner over it. There was a knowledge that the banner over them was Jesus. The wolves came to attack but she got an overwhelming sense that you should not fight them off but let them come and do what they wanted. When she let them attack she realised that they could do no harm and that they couldn’t actually touch or hurt her.

    This dream is remarkable more so by the fact that since forever she has never been one to recall dreams at all and yet this is still as strong now to her as when she had it. May the love of Christ bind us all and may even those who feel outsiders know that we are all in Christ together and He is in us.


  2. I so love Yeshua with all my heart. I do not yet understand all doctrine, but i take my eyes to Yeshua and I pray for him to personally teach me to learn more. As i have been now doing this for some considerable time, like today i find i am lead to places such as this, or good biblical teachers, or good biblical books, as well as the bible itself. As time has gone on I find that i am less happy with what others view as a good teaching in church or on the tv, so my heart is learning discernment. I grow in my love for Yeshua and i find that other interests in my life have taking less and less of my attention as i wish to spend as much time as i can with him or reading about him.
    Thank you for your websites and blogs, articles and observations which will i pray open many eyes and hearts to then be lead by Yeshua his Spirit the Father, our Father for then we can rest assured that our relationship with Him grows to become more real than those that we have with husbands, wives or indeed friends. Our hearts are to honour Him above all else, and in this time i find i have grown to know more that i had realised when for example i attend a bible study for i seem to see to a depth of love, as a standard and i find i am amazed at just how much i do know as it is revealed by the Spirit in ways that i can discern, at the correct levels, and at the correct times. Be blessed therefore Tricia for my heart as i read some of your articles was most comfortable…and i can testify that it has not been so with so many other so called teachers of the word. E.


  3. Thankyou for this comments page Tricia – I’m still learning my way around your site, but have found a number of your articles very helpful 🙂

    May you be blessed sister, as you continue to share – as you receive from Almighty God – signs and indications of just where we are in His timing.

    Although we currently live in NZ, we know that through His Holy Spirit we are united with so many around the world – under the headship of One Lord and Saviour, Christ Jesus.

    In His love,


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