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  1. Tricia,
    I was siting here in Delaware quietly pondering, and your name jumped up in my mind, as it has on occasion over the past 10 years. I usually don’t do a thing about it because I have not always been aware of the importance of instant thoughts, and I am trying to be more sensitive. So, I just jumped over to Google and looked to see if I could find you, and lo and behold, there you are several times over. Oh, my!

    I even listened to the first audio of the Be Perfect series on the way to work yesterday. I’ll put the others in the iPhone and use them as I have time on the drive to work. So much to listen to, so little time. But, at least I have heard your voice now. And seen your picture!

    I am still right where I was years ago. Nothing has changed for me, other than age. But, there have been some adventures, in Russia, and soon, I hope, in China.

    The website listed above is where I go on Sunday mornings, and if you look through it long enough you will see a number of messages I did. I can’t stand listening to my voice, so I trust they are still there. I took a hiatus in December, and soon hope to start back up with a look at the Church in Corinth, and what it looked like, and how it relates to us today.

    I am sorry to hear of the life changes you have been through, but I am glad to hear that you seem to have a positive outlook on them. I am glad to see you have not stopped, and you continue on. That is very scriptural: Press On! We are living in exciting times.

    You are now in my RSS, so I will be watching.

    Jeff Smith
    Bridgeville, DE, US


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