Latter Rain Roots

The Fire Falls

The Fire Falls

Have you ever wondered where all the revivalism came from? Did the idea of dominion, a global rule of apostles and prophets, and the “falling fire” of the Holy Ghost spring up in the past decade, and if not, who started it and how did it come to be so popular?

Back in the 90’s I was asking the same questions. I researched the origins of the revival and drew up a chart to show some of the influences that fed into the Restoration/Renewal movements. In 1994 I published the chart, although at that time it had to be copied onto an A3 sheet of paper and send through the mail.

The Chart

LRchart whole-sml2

Today I decided that it was time at last to scan the chart and make it more widely available. Click the graphic to see the image, or download a larger version in a PDF here: Latter Rain Roots Chart

Not Finished Yet

I admit that this chart is far from complete.

Also, you need to realise that not ALL that is shown is heretical and unbiblical. Movements and names have been added as historical links to show the overall progress of the revivalist thinking.

Secondly, realise that this chart has not been updated since 1994, when the so-called “Toronto Blessing” arrived, largely as a culmination of all that had gone before, and using the same influences, beliefs and ministries as its basis.

One thing that may surprise readers who are more familiar with the current situation than its background, is the recurrence of familiar names such as Paul Cain and Ern Baxter (of the Lauderdale Five) who was William Branham’s Secretary from 1942-1953.


It may also be a surprise to learn that the current spate of pro-Catholic and Ecumenistic statements are far from new, having sprung from meetings in the early 1970’s, with the first Ecumenical Charismatic Conference (in Kansas, intriguingly!) in 1977. None of this is new!!! Look to the roots of the tree to discern the fruit.

Further to my post about the anniversaries due in 2017, on this page about the Catholic Charismatic Movement, we read:

CCR Golden Jubilee 2017: In response to the invitation of Pope Francis, ICCRS and Catholic Fraternity are organizing together the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Golden Jubilee event in 2017, in Rome, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church, which started during the “Duquesne Weekend” on February 17–18, 1967. The event will be starting on Wednesday May 31 with various activities happening in several locations in Rome, leading to the Pentecost Vigil on Saturday June 3 and the Eucharistic celebration on Sunday June 4, both in presence of the Holy Father Pope Francis. Registration to the event will begin in June 2016.

Why Not Include Others?

Bear in mind that this chart was specific to the more “dominionist/latter-rain” style teachings, so it did not include many Pentecostal offshoots such as healing and prophecy ministries, Word-of-Faith and so on.

In the 1980’s and early 90’s, these two movements were distinct and at one time the Word of Faith movement refused to work with the Restoration Movement. However, it was not long before the two merged, and now they are part of the same push for dominion.

The Future

I know that I need to press on and update this chart, but the task is so immense that it defeats me. Nevertheless, with your prayers, I will think about demonstrating the situation today with a more current “Family Tree”. I need to go backwards and forwards in time to stretch both ends of this chart.

I need to show that there is yet more ancient history behind dominion teachings, such as the Gnostics and Catholic Mystics, and much more recent heresy branching out from the old teachings.

However, until that time comes (if it ever does) I hope the Latter Rain Roots chart will be of help.

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One thought on “Latter Rain Roots

  1. Tricia — the chart is very helpful… Thanks for making it available! Charisma Magazine continues to highly tout the new apostles, prophets and Dominion leaders … I’m 3rd generation Pentecostal (67 yes old) and have been an Adult Bible teacher for over 30 years – primarily in Assemblies of God church – certification thru their Global University. I’ve been studying these abberrant movements for many years, and am appalled at the ground they are gaining. Thanks for your labor in the apologetics field — so appreciate your excellent materials and insights! (Praying for you and hope you can expand the chart!) God Bless you, Sharon Weatherly, Dayto n, Ohio


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